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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, May I introduce you to a brand new label? www.DigitalReprints.co.uk Digital Reprints Records is dedicated on bringing intelligent electronic music from artists known for their unique sound aesthetics to the physical realm. Each release contains previously digitally only available tracks that deserve a place at a collectors music library.The Limited Edition releases are of high quality 8-panel digipacks with booklet and slipcase. The artwork will complement the music it encloses in an onomatopoetic way. ​ Printing of those releases is funded through Kickstarter and available exclusively to the backers of each project. Each release is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies. All backers will be credited in the booklet of the release. ​ If you want to be part of our community and to make sure that you'll be one of the few for our first release subscribe to our newsletter or just follow this thread. More info to follow soon
  2. Out Now - Physical Copy - Limited Availability Be Psychedelic have released their next compilation... "Be Psychedelic – Polish Scene Vol 2" is a limited edition compilation CD featuring 9 tracks from Polish artists with an exclusive bonus track "Computer Program" from psytrance legends, Pleiadians! Compiled by Be Psychedelic creator Dragon, "Be Psychedelic – Polish Scene Vol 2" is wrapped up nicely in hexagonal eco-pack covering with artwork design by Sati Design and mastering by Piotr Moondancer Stelmach. LIMITED CDs are available. Please visit the Be Psychedelic Facebook page link or the shop link below. Track Listing: 1. Sundial Aeon - The Dawn of Sensuality (110 BPM) - 7:42 2. Netsu - Subtelnie Niejestem (113 BPM) - 7:21 3. Rita Raga - Dawne Historie (115 BPM) - 7:30 4. MIRROR ME - REM Lounge (138 BPM) - 6:12 5. Sourone - Exo Phase (133 BPM) - 6:57 6. TRIPlets Together - Globaflyn 9142 BPM) -7:28 7. JaraLuca - Callisto (145 BPM) - 7:36 8. DJ PANZA - Feeling Good - (144 BPM) - 7:37 9. Crawfisher - Doorbell (150 BPM) - 9:04 + bonus track exclusive 10. Pleiadians - Computer Program (142 BPM) - 6:40 BUY YOUR COPY @ BE PSYCHEDELIC Featuring opening track, "Sundial Aeon - The Dawn of Sensuality" Bandcamp Digital Download Available Soon! Did you miss out on "Be Psychedelic - Polish Scene Vol 1"? Available below: https://bepsychedelic.bandcamp.com/album/va-polska-scena-vol-1
  3. “All I Know” is the latest EP release from Polish artist, singer and producer, Rita Raga. “All I Know” is an EP packed with three infusions of audio bliss as its original mix; psygressive mix and intro mix take over your audio sensory calming your mind with mystical atmospheres and metaphysical lyrics, subtle ethnic and psychedelic inspirations, intimate and divine vocals accompanied by electric guitar. Inspired by Rita Raga’s reflections on our place within the Universe and the duality of human nature – the contradictions which may confuse us, yet they define us. Buy | Listen @ Bandcamp: Click Here Buy | Listen @ Beatport: Click Here Rita Raga Social Media & Links: Facebook: Click Here Soundcloud: Click Here Mixcloud: Click Here Youtube: Click Here Bandcamp: Click Here
  4. Darkapuggla proudly presents a new album by Khooman. The new release features a combination of experimental psybient and downtempo, with its sound incorporating the best of twisted acid. This is Khooman’s second full-fledged album following his 2007 release, “Is a Flexible Liquid. Collector's edition: a USB flash drive in an exquisitely carved wooden box. 10 copies only The new album brings you the energy of a shamanic dance and the concentration of self-immersion. It takes you on an exciting journey through the primeval forest, where you will be greeted by its inhabitants, who are waiting to tell you their stories, share their magic powers and show you the way toward the light. Tracklist: Slow Down Out Of Nowhere Entrance Hex Out Of Time Cryptos Linguistic Truth Octo Toward The Light Sunlight Written&produced by Edward Mastered by Nick Klimenko Cover Artwork by Sergey Mychailov demo - buy - http://www.darkapuggla-records.com/releases.html
  5. Darkapuggla proudly presents a new album by Khooman. The new release features a combination of experimental psybient and downtempo, with its sound incorporating the best of twisted acid. This is Khooman’s second full-fledged album following his 2007 release, “Is a Flexible Liquid.”[/size] [/size] The new album brings you the energy of a shamanic dance and the concentration of self-immersion. It takes you on an exciting journey through the primeval forest, where you will be greeted by its inhabitants, who are waiting to tell you their stories, share their magic powers and show you the way toward the light. Listen Demo:
  6. --------------------------- F.S.I DANCE FESTIVAL 2016 Delphi Camp - Anemokampi - Galaxidi https://www.facebook.com/events/1006349742764532/ --------------------------- A Five-Day (19 - 23 August) Summer trip, between history (Ancient Delphi) and contemporary art, participation by the leading artists (Music, Art, Culture, Ecology) in a high and very well organised production and at an exceptional Beach Camp includes: Sea, Nature & excellent Facilities! [APOLLO (Main) STAGE] Opening Ceremony by: JUNO REACTOR (SoundSystem) Live Acts: AIOASKA ANASA ANIMATO ASTRAL PROJECTION ASTRIX ATMOS AVALON CYDELIX EGORYTHMIA ENARXIS JUNO REACTOR HI PROFILE JP ILLUSION KINGPINK LIQUID SOUL LOUD INNER STATE PROTONICA UPGRADE VINI VICI SESTO SENTO SIDE LINER SIRION SUN & more acts tba. Dj’s: ALEXAND3R ARGY ECHOSENCE CHRIS OBLIVION CHRISTO ZEN ELECTROPUNK NIKOS LIQUID LOVE N-IGMA OMNI-TECH XDIMENSION & more acts tba. [DIONYSUS (Club) STAGE] (Opening by Nicolas Dales Music - DownTownUnderGround) ALWAYS LATE ANALOG TRIP APNIA ARS DEMENTIS ATHOS CJ GIOVANNI DJ NAS DJ KUMO DIEGO VAROS DRY WET DUFFY D. PETROCHEILOS ISI JAY MADOX JON TSAMIS J MEGAS KONDAK KONSTANTINO SCAPE LIEM METRONOMES MICHAEL SAK MICRO KEL MIKEE MIKELE NADJA NICK A. NICK B. NICK JOJO NICOLAS DALES NIKKI GONZALES NOETIC CURVE OKTABEAT RONI IRON ROTTEN STYLE SETH SIMOS DANALIS SKINNY so S SPIROS PAPPAS SYSEX TECH1NE TONI MANGA TONIC D TRIXX V.ROX More Info: -----TICKET SALES & INFO UPDATES----- Online Ticket Sales: http://fsievents.net/presale.html 1st_Phase 60E until Wednesday 25/05 ----SOLD OUT------ 2nd_Phase 75E by end of JUNE Limited number of tickets* 3rd_Phase 90e till AUGUST 12th. #Gate_Price 100e Beach Camp. FREE entrance for CHILDREN under 12th yrs old* GENERAL INFO: (2 Shaded Camping Zones +1 Family next to Children's area): Festival BUSSES from Athens International Airport, center of Athens, Patra & Thessaloniki to the venue & back, REQUESTS for Shops, Art & Ecology organizations. Rental of small houses (6-14 persons) inside the Camp or rooms at the nearest hotel to the Festival Area. CONTACT: F.S.I. Dance+Concert inbox or info@fsievents.net or 0030 6977663948 For the 1st time in Greek Festival History: + 5 Days at a Full comfort Beach Camp + 40 Toilets (Not chemical / 20 male + 20 female) w/ 24h cleanliness* + 20 Showers (10 male + 10 female) w/ 24h cleanliness* + 2 Lifeguards (swimming pool & beach). + Beach area and swimming pool (extra charge area) + 32 friendly securities for your 24 hour safety + 2 female Guides for your help in camp & beach area + 24 hour first aid by (Doctor & Nurse) + Busses Festival Transport from the biggest Airport of Greece (EL. Venizelos, Athens) and the Centre of Athens, Thes/niki & Patra (3 biggest cities/states of Greece). + Nearby to Delphi Archaeological Site + Small houses inside the Festival area. + Book shops and Free Library + The Elite of International & National Artists + High quality of Sound & Lights System + Theamatic decoration by one of Europe's best team BOTN Decoration+Visuals team + Installations, Visuals & Live VJing by: Vj Nisidis & BOTn team. + 2 Shaded Camping Zones +1 Family Camping Area + Playground (Strictly Children's Area) + Art, Fire & Juggle Performers + Workshops, Yoga, Kiosks + Market Area + Restaurant with fresh Mediterranean Food + Tea & Coffee Shop w/ Panoramic Sea View + Free Car Parking Space.
  7. GREENTREE RECORDS Proudly Presents: "PSYGASUS- EARTH. TEACH US MODESTY” Album OUT NOW!!! Realese Available at: http://www.beatspace.com/7934/GreenTree+Records/PSYGASUS/Earth+Teach+Us+Modesty/detail.aspx "Earth. Teach Us Modesty" is the new album from the atmospheric ambient trance band Psygasus. Three years after their, critically acclaimed, debut album “From Here To Eternity”, brothers Brent and Bjorn are excited to present their second full album to the world. The eight tracks on “Earth. Teach Us Modesty” is one big trip from the dark to the brighter sides in life. The doomy psychedelic atmosphere, filled up with a lot of live instruments, is telling an inspiring story of how Mother Earth steps in when we are making a mess of things. The title suggests that while we're living life to its fullest, we need to be mindful and respectful towards our planet's resources, because if we fail to do so, she'll show us modesty. She already is. More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/269853716511897/ Psygasus is a psychedelic ambient trance band from Belgium created by the brothers Brent Vanneste and Björn Vanbrabant. The project started in 2005 when Brent began experimenting with Reason and Ableton Live and when older brother Björn regulary visited goa parties, he brought the psychedelic moods with him and so the music started to grow. Brent takes the live shows to an other dimension with exotic snare instruments such as the sitar, heavily distorted guitars and his own voice. Björn takes care of the live percussions, backing vocals and live effects. Psygasus is spontaneity of the best quality, and within a given structure, there's room for improvisation and freedom. A trip that takes you from ambient to downtempo, from psytrance to darkpsy and pure goatrance. Tracklist: 1. Shaded Valley 2. Hypnotic Poison 3. Last Train To Babylon 4. Psychedelic Pee 5. Mighty Mindfuck 6. Cristaline 7. Black Samadhi 8. Swamp Of Sorrows GreenTree Records Networks: Website: https://www.GanjaTree.be/ Official FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/GreenTree.Records Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/greentree-records MySpace: https://myspace.com/ganjatreecrew BeatPort: http://www.beatport.com/label/ganja-tree-records/27991 You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GanjaTreeRecords
  8. 01 - Whodoes - Waves (85 BPM) 02 - Ktones - Fire (69 BPM) 03 - Dimmat - Aztec Trip (70 BPM) 04 - Rootkid - New Hope (70 BPM) 05 - Naturelement - Radio Astronomy (110 BPM) 06 - Oxya - Detective Poetry (120 BPM) 07 - Sonic Crime - Leaving (135 BPM) 08 - JP Illusion - Fade Out (80 BPM) 09 - 528hz Project - Drifting Spiral (100 BPM) 10 - Liveloula - Eternal Love (100 BPM) V/A Down the Fractal Dimension is a free download release A collaboration between Liquidseed Recordings and ᓮᖇᖇᙓᔕᕈᙓᙅ♈ᓰᐯᙓ ᗰᘮᔕᓮᙅ ᙢᓮﬡᖱᔕ . Is a musical act and experiment on collective and free compilation. The music is ambient, psydub ,downtempo psychedelia and is specified to spiritual awareness, collectivity and freedom. Catalytes for this Act are : Psyslot(ᓮᖇᖇᙓᔕᕈᙓᙅ♈ᓰᐯᙓ ᗰᘮᔕᓮᙅ ᙢᓮﬡᖱᔕ),Sonic Crime”(esad music), Maria liveloula and Acid lagos(liquidseed). We want to thank all the artists for this beautifull & great music,our friends and our families also want to say a big thanks to all the artists who sent us their music but couldn’t be in this compilation. for the end a GREAT thanks to Hakan Hisim who make this beautiful artwork on the cover (www.hakanhisim.net/) to Nick Piliouris (Sonic Crime) for the mastering @ ESAD Music Studio ……and special to YOU …spread it around freelly !! Down the Fractal Dimension V/A was released under a (CC BY-NC 4.0) free licence. LINK BELOW: http://irrespectivemusicminds.wordpress.com/ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/down-the-fractal-dimension
  9. Support Bluetech's kickstarter project! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/815591074/bluetech-spacehop-chronicles-vol-1
  10. New free Full Circle compilation is out now at Bandcamp, Ektoplazm and Soundcloud. When a cycle comes to an end, a new beginning emerges and it comes to form a full circle. Time is circular, space is circular, and you come to full circle when you realize that all life around you is also within you. The circle is the symbol of the cosmos and the totality of manifest creation. Very large and very small things in nature tend to be spherical. Full Circle is a downtempo dub compilation dedicated to our ancestors, ancient civilizations, life, Mother Earth, and the Universe. https://soundcloud.com/eardreammusic http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/full-circle http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/full-circle Press ¨Buy Now¨ and enter 0 Euros/Dollars, then you will be able to download in Bandcamp. If you are in the position and would like to support us by donating the amount you want, if would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! EARDREAM MUSIC GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC NETWORK
  11. MOKA MAFIA - Prologue EP [Free-Spirit Records] Track Listing: 1] Charas and Chilum Pt1 2] Charas and Chilum Pt2 3] Moonflares Listen to Samples http://soundcloud.com/mononegro buy on Beatport Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 17/07/2012 General Release 31/07/2012 Genre: Ambient / Down Tempo / Chill Out / Psydub Cat No: FRS0032EP Worldwide distribution by INgrooves, San Franciso, CA Tel: +1 415 489 7000 http://www.INgrooves.com/ ***************************************************************************************************** :: P.R. by DMG :: There is a bit of politics regarding chillaxing - who can do it, how much you are entitled to, how to go about it and even what to wear when doing so – but those discussions end when coming across a Moka Mafia release. Such is the lushness of his down-tempo ambience that all arguments, and not just the chillaxing one, wilt to a state of nothingness. For Moka Mafia is another upstanding citizen of the island nation that is Free-Spirit Records, which sits proudly in the middle of the ocean of all things psychedelic, and the EP, Prologue, a fine example of the (other)worldliness he brings to the check-in counter when choosing to transverse our universality. Consisting of three tracks of which there is a consistency in mood and encompassing the diversity of influences that the modern psy-trancer has access to. From dub-reggae to asiatic spiritualism, soothing flute melodies - performed by Alberto "Negro" Ramon - and even some foot stomping havin-it, these and other elements float in the nearness without ever fully taking over so that the listener can be taken to a destination of their own construction. Each one differing according to what they are endeavouring to achieve. But hey isn’t that whole point of chillaxing, to strive for a certain state of being in which an individual can then lose themself? Works for me, how about you try it for yourself! **************************************************************************************************** :: Moka Mafia Bio :: Moka Mafia is the downtempo production project of Sardinian born DJ, Mononegro. He is a self trained pianist and played keyboards in several bands with a varied range of styles including experimental, psychedelic, folk, hip-hop, rock, metal and punk in his native Sardinia from the age of 17. After buying his first Atari computer running Cubase he started writing electronic ambient music on his own and collaborating with other likeminded musicians alongside playing with bands. In 1997 he moved to London and discovered the psychedelic party scene through Pendragon at the Brixton Academy and was inspired by the chill out rooms at parties such as Chichime, Astral Phoenix, Return To The Source and Fairy Tales to name a few. He began DJing in 2003 with his first set at Chichime and he has since DJ'd regularly in the London club and squat scene. He later started collaborating with Alberto, a conservatory trained flutist from Bogota (Colombia), who he met in London while playing at a jam session in a pub with some common friends and began to set up his own studio, once again immersing himself into the writing process. He describes his music style as psychedelic ambient, dub and downtempo. ***************************************************************************************************** :: Booking Opportunities :: We are always looking for quality promoters and production crews worldwide to host Free Spirit CD Release Parties and also Free Spirit Records Label parties. If you are interested, please contact bridget@free-spiritrecords.com at Free Spirit to discuss what’s on offer. www.free-spiritrecords.com info@free-spiritrecords.com
  12. We are proud to announce our third ep. Tor.Ma - What I Feel When You Sleep. Not only is Tor.Ma a good friend of ours but he is also a well known producer who has released with labels such as: Iono Music, Beats and Pieces and ...many others with his other project Tor.Ma in Dub. This ep is a pleasant voyage in to hipnotic atmospheric spacial deep and dubby electronic soundscapes. The epilogue is a feeling of beautiful positive vibes. Three tracks that reflect the evolution of this fine artist. 1.- Feeling Like 2.- Pineapple Trip 3.- While you Sleep Buy It : http://eardreammusic...-when-you-sleep Enjoy! Cover photo by: COCHLEA, Design by: Daniel Emba. Mastering by: Juan Cristobal Ribes at Balance Audio Mastering Studio. :: ALSO ON EARDREAM MUSIC :: OCELOT - Violet Rays Of Light http://eardreammusic...t-rays-of-light Eardream Records Bandcamp | http://www.junodownl...ght/1873288-02/ Juno Download | DIGITALIS / HIBERNATION - Singularity EP http://eardreammusic...-singularity-ep Eardream Bandcamp | http://www.junodownl...-ep/1760693-02/ Juno Download | :: FREE DOWNLOADS :: V.A FAMILY TREE http://eardreammusic...v-a-family-tree V.A NATURAL INTELLIGENCE http://eardreammusic...al-intelligence EARDREAM MUSIC GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC NETWORK. www.eardreammusic.com info@eardreammusic.com THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!
  13. Trancending - The Winter Solstice Edition - spine chillers downstairs: Whrikk (Sanaton rec) - live Ozmali (Ozmali rec) - live Odr (Treetrolla rec) - live Satyr (Forest of Eleusis) Krazy Kris (Real Vision Music) - chill fout upstairs: DJ Trala Lama (TCP/IP) DJ.Azepam (SPD solo set) fAtCaT DePousse (TCP/IP) DJ Izzy (www.izmarmusic.com) psychedelic forest trance & ambidelic chillout all night 4D Coordination Winter Solstice, 2011 Friday, December 23 from 22:00 till 06:00 Korsakoff Lijnbaansgracht 161 Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.korsakoffamsterdam.nl cloak & smoak rooms included click here for an online map click here svp to rsvp on fb entrance: donation Onlinear Resources ozmali.com izmarmusic.com satyrsatellites.com soundcloud.com/odr soundcloud.com/ozmali soundcloud.com/whrikk soundcloud.com/krzkrss soundcloud.com/satyr-barbarossa facebook.com/pages/DJ-Trala-Lama facebook.com/DJanefAtCaTdePousse soundcloud.com/singlepersonalitydisorder poster design by Whrikk - click the image for full page view
  14. :::: JAIPUR DREAMS :::: Rajasthan is the heart of opulent India, and Jaipur is its crowning jewel. The “pink city” is renowned for its majestic palaces, intense fragrances, glittering gemstones, and the expanse of desert beyond it - - where the psychedelic freaks meet. Tonight we transport you to the pink city of Jaipur for an unforgettable & o@metaforce_lifene-time-only visit to this magical outpost where the lives of princes, fairies, temple dancers, spice merchants, diamond cutters, hippies, sadhus, musicians, ayurvedic chemists, spiritual seekers, backpackers & Bollywood stars intermingle. KAYA PROJECT // HIBERNATION is the centerpiece of our evening. Being flown in direct from the UK for 1 special night, this incredible artist is preparing a live set of organic grooves & psychedelic boom that brings together the best of his organic side (KAYA PROJECT) and its electronic twin (HIBERNATION). Featuring RACHEL (SUKHUSH) on Flute, NAA KOSHIE on Violin, additional artists on Percussion, and the incomparable Bellydancing of the beautiful SERA SOLSTICE, this jam session will be a one-time-only experience - - - ALL for you. BUT: we don’t stop here. Stroll through our night market, where you can have your body adorned in exotic designs by the artists of TRANSFORMATIONAL BODYPAINTING, have your future told in the the cards by KAZANDRA or in the stars by NaOMi RUTH & browse through stalls of handmade tribal fashions, jewels & fantasies, courtesy of our most talented designers..... Visual delights will surround you, and DJs will be with you throughout your journey to keep you stomping and grooving until sunrise. DJ CECIL GREY will launch your journey with heartpounding tribal trance, we'll add a dose of progressive bliss and then VISHWAATMAAA will steer you home toward your psychedelic oasis, fast and furious. Be your own Jaipur Dream. Make yourself the scenery. Join us on a MetaForce excursion into psychedelic desert opulence and contribute your own interpretation of this magical land. To get the $15 travel price, DONATE ON-LINE BY Thursday 12/1/11 at http://www.6362MetaForce.net/ - - OR ENTER THE CITY GATES BEFORE 11:00pm. The price of travel on our later flights (post 11pm) increases to $25. You can also send us your name for a reduced-price RSVP list all night - Write to info@6362MetaForce.net - tell us you want to be on the Goahead Tripper Tribe flight, and you're there! ** This party is adult in nature but youthful in feeling. 21+ please! ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DETAILS: Date: Friday December 2nd Time: 9pm – 6am Location: The Morgan, 25 Bogart Street (corner of Varet), Brooklyn (near Morgan Ave L stop) Donation: $15 pre-sale/before 11pm/or all night on an RSVP list; $25 after 11pm 21+ only with photo ID LINE-UP: Kaya Project/Hibernation LIVE {{ featuring Rachel (flute), Naa Koshie (violin) additional artists on percussion, & Sera Solstice tribal bellydance }} DJ Vishwaatmaaa (6262MetaForce, NYC) DJ Cecil Grey (Knights of Pan, NYC) More DJs to come.... VISUAL ENVIRONMENT: Masha Pekurovsky ANJUNA-STYLE NIGHT MARKET: Featuring Transformational Bodypainting, tarot card reading by Kazandra, astrology by NaOMi Ruth {{all by donation}} & fashion, jewelry & fantasy creations..... ADDITIONAL ARTISTS - VENDERS - DETAILS - to be ADDED !! RSVP on Facebook :: http://www.facebook....233187076739497 Questions? info@6362MetaForce.net http://www.6362MetaForce.net/ http://www.kayaproject.com/ http://www.myspace.com/sebastiantaylor (Kaya Project/Hibernation) http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E3HlJaTAYA (Kaya Project/Hibernation) http://www.boldbellydance.com/ http://www.facebook.com/SuKhush http://soundcloud.com/vishwaatmaaa http://knightsofpan..../29/cecil-grey/ http://www.facebook....nalBodypainting
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