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Found 4 results

  1. As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, Bom Voyage is finally back to take off with the first event of its indoor season! This time we invite you to come along with us into a brand new location: ITW at the NDSM terrain. This warehouse converted into party place is reachable by the free NDSM ferry running until the middle of the night from the back of Amsterdam Central Station. As usual for Bom Voyage events, you can count on experiencing a good quality psychedelic night that is both creatively decorated and visually stimulated to accompany some of the best beats in the current Psytrance music trends! See you all there to enjoy great artists that top our list from the finest of Parvati Records, Zenon Records and more! Get ready, stay Psychedelic and Bom Voyage! ✰ LINE UP: HYPOGEO - Zenon Records, IT https://soundcloud.com/hypogeo https://www.facebook.com/hypogeo ONKEL DUNKEL - Parvati Records, DK https://soundcloud.com/onkeldunkel https://www.facebook.com/OnkelDunkelBook GRAPES OF WRATH - Parvati Records, DK http://parvati-records.com/product/music-shop/cd/grapes-of-wrath-meteloids-tits-on-fire/ TULPA - BioMechanix Records, LV https://soundcloud.com/tulpaa https://www.facebook.com/tulpaportal/timeline/ DOGO - Bom Voyage, Indali Records, NL https://soundcloud.com/dogarian https://www.facebook.com/dogo.psytrance THD - Kosmic Fusion, GR https://www.mixcloud.com/thomasdatsiadis/ https://www.facebook.com/Dj-ThD-346121665595982/timeline/ ✰ DECO: CENTIPEDE PRODUCTIONS, NL https://www.facebook.com/centipedeproductions LOCUS POCUS DECO, Ibiza / Amsterdam https://www.facebook.com/deco.locuspocus BOM VOYAGE TEAM, NL https://www.facebook.com/bomvoyageparty ✰ ANALOG PROJECTIONS: RandR, NL https://www.facebook.com/randr.projections ✰ VIDEO MAPPING: DOGARIAN & FRIENDS, NL ✰ LOCATION: ITW @ NDSM Address: TT. Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Location is situated at the NDSM terrain (free ferry behind Amsterdam Central Station) ✰ TICKETS: Early bird: € 11 (ex fee) - sold out Presale: € 14 (ex fee) - available Door: € 17,50 PRESALE ONLINE: https://shop.ticketscript.com/channel/web2/start-order/rid/9HWH9X66/language/nl FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/685490684929061/
  2. PSYTRANCE: BMI GOES INDIA - NL (OPENING ACT) http://www.bmi-music.nl/ BABAGOON - Sangoma Recs BR (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/babagoon BACK TO MARS & DOGO - Bom Voyage, EPP, Sangoma Recs BR/NL (DJ) https://www.facebook.com/bomvoyageparty FILT - Melting Runes Recs, Parasomnia Music DK (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/babeo FLOOTING GROOVES - Peak Recs, BlueHourSounds ZA/TR (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/flooting-grooves FLUOELF - Occulta Recs, Parasomnia Music SP (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/fluoelf GASPARD - Peak Recs, Sangoma Recs CH (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gaspardking GIDO - BlueHourSounds LT (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gido23 GOLLU - Parasomnia Recs, BackFlip Recs DK (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gollugollu GUBBOLOGY - Troll N Roll Recs, Visionary Shamanic Recs SW (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gubbology-1 JIMBO - Ruigoord, Goa NL (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/jimbobagginsz LUCAS - TIP Recs UK (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/djlucasobrien MARTIAN ARTS - TIP Recs GR (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/martianarts MELT - Insonitus Recs AU (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/melt-2 MIAZU & POLLY - Sangoma Recs FI (DJ) https://www.facebook.com/MiazuPolly MOOGLY - BoOM Shankar BE (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/djmoogly NAIMA - Sangoma Recs AT (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/naimafee NANOSPHERE - Broken Robot Recs UK (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/nanosphere NIKO - Talismat Recs, Goaproject IT (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/dj-nikod OBLIVIANT - Looney Moon Recs NL/AR (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/obliviant-1 PATARA - Parasomnia Music DE (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/patara POLO - Dutch Acid Family NL (DJ) https://www.mixcloud.com/dutchacidfamily RAOUL - BlueHourSounds, Maharetta Recs DE (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/xraoulx REFLECTION - Maia Brasil, Glitchy.Tonic.Recs AU (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gibbanez TULPA - BioMechanix Recs LV/NL (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/tulpaa ZEN - Iono Music NL (RETRO STYLE DJ SET) https://soundcloud.com/djzen-1 line up closed CHILL OUT: ALLIX - Cymatic Lab BR (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/allix AMBIENT DAAN - Independent NL (DJ) http://www.ambientdaan.nl BABA ROBIJN - Soma Project, Goa NL (DJ) https://www.mixcloud.com/BABAROBIJN/ BLIEPERTRONIC - Brak en Vaag NL (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/bliepertronic CRONNIMYTRA - BoOM Shankar NL (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/cronnic LUCAS - TIP Recs UK (downtempo DJ) DEVA TAMEESH - Goa Classics NL (DJ) www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Tameesh GLOBADELIC - Independent NL (DJ) HARMONIC FREQUENCY - NL (LIVE) http://www.harmonicfrequency.net HASHASHIN - Elektro Magnetik, Green Tree Recs BE (LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/hashashinchill INPHIKNIGHT - At Worlds End, Ruigoord NL (DJ) https://www.mixcloud.com/inphiknight/ IZZY - Kokopelli NL (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/izzydj KHALIL - Speakeasy Electroswing Collective CA (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/khalil-m REFLECTION - Maia Brasil, Glitchy.Tonic.Recs AU (downtempo LIVE) https://soundcloud.com/gibbanez RESI (in Dub) - Brak en Vaag, Psy Fi NL (DJ) SECOND HAND COWBOYS - Kokopelli NL (DJ duo) https://www.mixcloud.com/secondhandcowboy TOMAS BEATUNIQUE - BeatuniQue Connection NL (HANG set) https://www.mixcloud.com/tomas-beatunique TRALA LAMA - TCP/IP NL (DJ) http://www.mixcloud.com/Tralalama line up closed DECO TEAMS: CENTIPEDE PRODUCTIONS - NL https://www.facebook.com/centipedeproductions D.A.F. (DutchAcidFamily) - NL www.dutchacidfamily.nl FLOWERS OF LIFE - FI https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flowers-of-Life/276679255685360 http://www.flowersoflife.net/ LOCUS POCUS - ES/NL https://www.facebook.com/deco.locuspocus TRANSCEND TRADING - ZA/BE https://www.facebook.com/TranscendTrading http://www.transcend-trading.com/ PROJECTION ART: RANDR - NL https://www.facebook.com/randr.projections VERA TAN - NL http://www.verahoveling.org FRACTAL PORTAL - DE https://www.facebook.com/FractalPortal EXHIBITION: AJA WAALWIJK - NL FLYER ARTWORK: TULPA (Anna Martinova) - LV/NL https://www.facebook.com/tulpaportal TICKETS PRESALE: EUR 37 Online: www.ruigoord.nl/online-tickets Siberie: Brouwersgracht 11, 1015 GA Amsterdam De Supermarkt: Frederik Hendrikstraat 69-HS, 1052 HL Amsterdam TICKETS AT THE DOOR: EUR 42 LOCATION: Ruigoord 76 1047 HH Amsterdam The Netherlands
  3. DATE: 21 November 2014 23:00 - 08:00 Location: Amsterdam Warehouse - will be announced early November After the traditional free open air at the Droogbak on Kingsday, two stunning editions at the Toren and three smashing parties at the SugarFactory, we now go a step further and will create a totally unique experience on our next Bom Voyage event! This time we invite you to come with us into a new location at a warehouse in Amsterdam. This will be a one-time event, with a permit, longer hours, uniquely fresh decoration and a solid international and local line up with live acts and DJs that are currently playing at the most influential festivals in Europe, such as Boom, Ozora, MoDem, Lost Theory, Blackmoon, Freaqs of Nature, Psy-Fi, Antaris, Sonica, Solstice and more. Get ready to enter a new psychedelic realm and enjoy a variety of styles from Zenonesque & Progressive Psytrance, to uplifting Groovy Psychedelic music and Deep Forest sounds Stay Psychedelic and Bom Voyage! LINE UP: IANUARIA - BlueHourSounds AT, LIVE https://soundcloud.com/ianuaria https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ianuaria-official/256890477674121 FRECHBAX - Electric Power Pole Rec DE, LIVE https://soundcloud.com/frechbax https://www.facebook.com/frechbax NAIMA - BlueHourSounds / Sangoma Rec, AT https://soundcloud.com/naimafee https://www.facebook.com/NaimaDjane VAL VASHAR - Zenon Rec, HR https://soundcloud.com/val_vashar https://www.facebook.com/val.vashar HANUMAN - Maharetta Rec / Psyde Effect Rec, NL https://soundcloud.com/hanuman1 https://www.facebook.com/HanumanMaharetta BACK TO MARS - Electric Power Pole / Sangoma Rec, BR/ NL https://soundcloud.com/backtomars https://www.facebook.com/djbacktomars SOUND BY: SOUNDDream, NL (Funktion-One) https://www.facebook.com/SOUNDDream.nl DECO: CENTIPEDE PRODUCTIONS, NL https://www.facebook.com/centipedeproductions LOCUS POCUS DECO, Ibiza / Amsterdam https://www.facebook.com/deco.locuspocus BOM VOYAGE TEAM, NL https://www.facebook.com/bomvoyageparty WORLDBRIDGER, LV https://www.facebook.com/pages/WorldBridger/326196284207920 ANALOG PROJECTIONS: RandR, NL https://www.facebook.com/randr.projections VISUALS: VIKTOR FURIANI - Mosquito Massala crew FR/ IN https://www.facebook.com/samvida.nanda CHAISHOP: FLUOFARM, NL / FR ART EXPO: Anastasia Chaguidouline & Nils Kontz PERFORMERS: SOULFIRE, NL https://www.facebook.com/soulfirenetherlands LOCATION: Basisweg 57, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nearby Sloterdijk station. MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/xVbg8 TICKETS PRESALE: https://shop.ticketscript.com/channel/web2/start-order/rid/MXRP243E/language/nl Early bird: € 11 (ex fee) SOLD OUT Presale: € 12.50 (ex fee) Door: € 16 TICKETS PRESALE ALSO AT KOKOPELLI: Warmoestraat 12, Amsterdam. Keep an eye on https://www.facebook.com/events/314234428757852 for updates and cool news!
  4. Trancending - The Winter Solstice Edition - spine chillers downstairs: Whrikk (Sanaton rec) - live Ozmali (Ozmali rec) - live Odr (Treetrolla rec) - live Satyr (Forest of Eleusis) Krazy Kris (Real Vision Music) - chill fout upstairs: DJ Trala Lama (TCP/IP) DJ.Azepam (SPD solo set) fAtCaT DePousse (TCP/IP) DJ Izzy (www.izmarmusic.com) psychedelic forest trance & ambidelic chillout all night 4D Coordination Winter Solstice, 2011 Friday, December 23 from 22:00 till 06:00 Korsakoff Lijnbaansgracht 161 Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.korsakoffamsterdam.nl cloak & smoak rooms included click here for an online map click here svp to rsvp on fb entrance: donation Onlinear Resources ozmali.com izmarmusic.com satyrsatellites.com soundcloud.com/odr soundcloud.com/ozmali soundcloud.com/whrikk soundcloud.com/krzkrss soundcloud.com/satyr-barbarossa facebook.com/pages/DJ-Trala-Lama facebook.com/DJanefAtCaTdePousse soundcloud.com/singlepersonalitydisorder poster design by Whrikk - click the image for full page view
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