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Found 1 result

  1. :::: JAIPUR DREAMS :::: Rajasthan is the heart of opulent India, and Jaipur is its crowning jewel. The “pink city” is renowned for its majestic palaces, intense fragrances, glittering gemstones, and the expanse of desert beyond it - - where the psychedelic freaks meet. Tonight we transport you to the pink city of Jaipur for an unforgettable & o@metaforce_lifene-time-only visit to this magical outpost where the lives of princes, fairies, temple dancers, spice merchants, diamond cutters, hippies, sadhus, musicians, ayurvedic chemists, spiritual seekers, backpackers & Bollywood stars intermingle. KAYA PROJECT // HIBERNATION is the centerpiece of our evening. Being flown in direct from the UK for 1 special night, this incredible artist is preparing a live set of organic grooves & psychedelic boom that brings together the best of his organic side (KAYA PROJECT) and its electronic twin (HIBERNATION). Featuring RACHEL (SUKHUSH) on Flute, NAA KOSHIE on Violin, additional artists on Percussion, and the incomparable Bellydancing of the beautiful SERA SOLSTICE, this jam session will be a one-time-only experience - - - ALL for you. BUT: we don’t stop here. Stroll through our night market, where you can have your body adorned in exotic designs by the artists of TRANSFORMATIONAL BODYPAINTING, have your future told in the the cards by KAZANDRA or in the stars by NaOMi RUTH & browse through stalls of handmade tribal fashions, jewels & fantasies, courtesy of our most talented designers..... Visual delights will surround you, and DJs will be with you throughout your journey to keep you stomping and grooving until sunrise. DJ CECIL GREY will launch your journey with heartpounding tribal trance, we'll add a dose of progressive bliss and then VISHWAATMAAA will steer you home toward your psychedelic oasis, fast and furious. Be your own Jaipur Dream. Make yourself the scenery. Join us on a MetaForce excursion into psychedelic desert opulence and contribute your own interpretation of this magical land. To get the $15 travel price, DONATE ON-LINE BY Thursday 12/1/11 at http://www.6362MetaForce.net/ - - OR ENTER THE CITY GATES BEFORE 11:00pm. The price of travel on our later flights (post 11pm) increases to $25. You can also send us your name for a reduced-price RSVP list all night - Write to info@6362MetaForce.net - tell us you want to be on the Goahead Tripper Tribe flight, and you're there! ** This party is adult in nature but youthful in feeling. 21+ please! ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DETAILS: Date: Friday December 2nd Time: 9pm – 6am Location: The Morgan, 25 Bogart Street (corner of Varet), Brooklyn (near Morgan Ave L stop) Donation: $15 pre-sale/before 11pm/or all night on an RSVP list; $25 after 11pm 21+ only with photo ID LINE-UP: Kaya Project/Hibernation LIVE {{ featuring Rachel (flute), Naa Koshie (violin) additional artists on percussion, & Sera Solstice tribal bellydance }} DJ Vishwaatmaaa (6262MetaForce, NYC) DJ Cecil Grey (Knights of Pan, NYC) More DJs to come.... VISUAL ENVIRONMENT: Masha Pekurovsky ANJUNA-STYLE NIGHT MARKET: Featuring Transformational Bodypainting, tarot card reading by Kazandra, astrology by NaOMi Ruth {{all by donation}} & fashion, jewelry & fantasy creations..... ADDITIONAL ARTISTS - VENDERS - DETAILS - to be ADDED !! RSVP on Facebook :: http://www.facebook....233187076739497 Questions? info@6362MetaForce.net http://www.6362MetaForce.net/ http://www.kayaproject.com/ http://www.myspace.com/sebastiantaylor (Kaya Project/Hibernation) http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E3HlJaTAYA (Kaya Project/Hibernation) http://www.boldbellydance.com/ http://www.facebook.com/SuKhush http://soundcloud.com/vishwaatmaaa http://knightsofpan..../29/cecil-grey/ http://www.facebook....nalBodypainting
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