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  1. New song up, check it out https://soundcloud.com/ufo-lights/black-hole-architect
  2. New Reflection Dark Prog album out soon on glitchy tonic records https://soundcloud.com/gibbanez/the-art-of-magic-album-promo
  3. Hello, psynews' members, I have entered the Trance scene quite recently and find myself overwhelmed by the amount of content and subgenres. Concerning Goa/Psy, I have acquired a taste for Filteria's Lost In The Wild, Mindsphere's Patience for Heaven and Etnoscope. I am an avid listener of the intense, fast, aggressive goa/psy. In summary, music to dance to at the top of your heart whilst travelling between its endless layers. In the Progressive side of things, Neelix as a whole was somewhat pleasurable. Regarding Full on, Indra in general, 1200 Microgram's 1200 Mic's (its l
  4. ॐѰॐѰॐ ....................................................... listen & download: https://soundcloud.com/screamjack-psy11/screamjack-rubbish-raaga mixed by Screamjack Title: Rubbish Raaga 175 - 200 BPM Genre: Hi-Tech/Psycore Duration: 56 min ...................................................... ॐѰॐѰ
  5. Title: I accidentally a whole mix Dj: Psyankali Style: High Octane Dark Night Time Full On Psy Trance Tempo: 146 bpm Recording Date: 2013-12-17 Listen/download: https://soundcloud.com/psyankali/i-accidentally-a-whole-mix Tracklist: 1. Haraburda - Benzin 2. Wizack Twizack and Nevarakka - Paralyzed 3. ??? - ??? (after going through my cds in search for this track for about an hour without finding it, somebody else may identify it. thanks.) 4. Sidhartha - The Real Deal 5. Growling Mad Sex (Psysex with Bansi) - Imprint 6. Dissociactive - Cinder 7. Children of Paradi
  6. ॐѰॐѰॐ ....................................................... listen & download: https://soundcloud.com/screamjack-psy11/power-children Happy New Year to all Nymphs, Goblins, Humans, sentients, non-sentients, tables, chairs, speakers and everybody and everything else! Live it! mixed by Screamjack Title: (for the) Power Children 170 - 180 BPM Genre: Hi-Tech/Psycore Duration: 52 min ...................................................... ॐѰॐѰ
  7. So like the title mentions, what do you guys think of them? I love them a lot and can't wait for new things from them. Here is one of my favorites. Do you think we need more stuff like what they do? Any recommendations of stuff that's similar to them (can be like the song I posted or more darker stuff they have done)?
  8. Dysnomia project - Anomic Aphasia http://www.liquidseed.net/releases/lsd012-dysnomia-project-anomic-aphasia Dysnomia Project are Omni-tech & Isis slider from Greece-Crete , a psychedelic couple who make sounds tested on the dancefloor. This cyber but also organic flow keeps 28 min, 2 new and 2 older tracks together, are the introduction of Dysnomia Project. In a Digital jungle two strange allies from earth dancing and Screaming with psy frequencies ...kick and bass are there
  9. Hey ppl. Check out my new track 2kija - Quetzalcoatl Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-quetzalcoatl
  10. A ghoulishly eclectic, eighties versus oughties mix for Halloween night: http://bringthatbeachback.com/2013/10/31/monster-party/ Featuring Comateens, Brighton Trash Department, Savage Scream, A Flock Of Seagulls, Crying Orc, and more. You might say it belongs in the... CHILL room! Iahahahaha! ...ahem. Anyway, if you're into early 2000's darkpsy and proto trance with a bit of goth flavor, you might find this one amusing. Or you can come to my house and TP my CDJs. Up to you Length: 1:27:30 Mixed & recorded with Traktor, Pioneer CDJ-350, Pioneer DJM-600, Sony PCM-D
  11. Progressive Psytrance & Deep Psytrance Music..... N.A.S.A. the one man electronic music producer and performer from Copenhagen, Denmark has been in the music game perfecting his skills for almost 20 years now. Starting back in 1994 he launched his career producing psychedelic electronic based music. Being a long time member of the Danish music scene Mikkel Leonhardt Rasmussen aka N.A.S.A. began his career through an introduction into Goa Trance forming a duo project called Gnome Effect and expanding his solo career into the launch of N.A.S.A. His career has flourished to performing
  12. SPECTRALIS- FAR AWAY SPECTRUM EP01 Hi everybody we are proud to present the first of a long series of Pixan digital EP. The first of the "SPECTRUM SERIE" it's gonna be by one of the freshest and most promising member of the Pixan Family: Spectralis. Far away EP is a journey between crazy psy rhythms melodies. So enjoy this psylicious blasing three track....... OUT FRIDAY THE 4th OF OCTOBER!!! EP PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/elemental_audio/spectralis-far-away-preview-of
  13. there is a purpose, perceived as beyond our understanding, like we are not supposed to understand, but glimpses of fate, beyond coincidence toy with our submission, allowing us to see, then it gets too much, you gradually turn your back on what you saw, but somehow it will always make its way back, sacred reminders. sacred clues, like a mother nursing her child, controlling the essence of life as we drink from her mind. sometimes we experience instances as individual souls, situations that confuse us. until one day you have a relisation of what you were experiencing, like you had just become a
  14. DäRk - Paradoxal Euphoria | Megadroom Records Goa trance Album from Belgium. Megadroom records is finally official. The first production of DäRk is soon available. "This story begins in 1995 ... At the age of 12, DäRk makes her first musical compositions. To date several cassettes, Mini Discs and CD's have been produced by DäRk. Her inspiration has no limits. In 2010 DäRk decided to start producing a psychedelic album. The final result in 2013 is an album you will find to be very melodic and retro." Mastering : Overdream Distribution : Arabesque Distribution Tracks :
  15. --- OUT NOW --- OUT NOW --- OUT NOW --- ...THORN THERAPY... Compiled by Gargamel... Car Nr : 2TO6DR012 Release Date : June 2013 Compiled by : Gargamel Mastering : Vince LeBarde Artwork : moosgruen.at Distribution : 2To6 Records/Believe Digital 2to6 Records proudly presents this collection of tracks created by wellknown and appreciated Artists in the scene like Electrypnose, Karash, Airi, Terratech, Xabbu, Ectogasmics, Lab... ...Aswell as the new projects of some reputable psychedelic trance producers, named Silly Twit and Signal2Noise Ratio and last but no
  16. Previews: Download in MP3 and WAV: http://neurotrance.org/surupo-transcending-the-levels-of-consciousness Tracklist: 01 - Surupo - Frequencies in Motion (148 BPM) 02 - Surupo - Quantum Touch (144 BPM) 03 - Surupo - Noctis Somnium (150 BPM) Surupo is a dark, deep, ambient, forestial and atmospheric psychedelic trance project from Greece. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness is a debut mini album which explores the inherent limitations and with the powerfull basslines, driving rhythms with dark and spooky forest themes, helps you to transcend them. Mastered by Erofex with
  17. Undertaker – Night Stories Album: Night Stories Artist: Undertaker Genre: Full On, Twilight Size: 179MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Maniac Killa 02 - Anonymous Absolution 03 - Unhuman (Undertaker Remix) 04 - Uskyldig Offer 05 - 3 Days On Dark 06 - Nuclear Man 07 - Purple Haze (Undertaker Remix) 08 - Cyborg Rebelion 09 - Big Mentira 10 - Last Two Boys Scouts I listened to this album a few times and my favorite thing about it was the wonderfully solid baselines. This reminds me of Orca, another Full-On Night producer who plugs in some har
  18. Romeodark – Shadeflower Album: Shadeflower Artist: Romeodark Genre: Darkpsy, Forest, Psycore Size: 165MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - My Travel Into The Deep Sadness 02 - Snow Walkers 03 - Terra Of Cold 04 - Aural Hologram 05 - Crystal Save U 06 - Good Bye Night 07 - Hospitality 08 - Hysteria 09 - Intro 10 - Psynesthesia After listening to a lot of Psytrance, the typical intro with an expected forthcoming beat gets old after a while. I am always searching for that extra bit of spice to be added, craving a different mixture of heart throbb
  19. Just as our distant ancestors once lost themselves in the world of spirits and gods to the beat of the drum, and the flicker of firelight, so to shall you, this April. Xquizet Entertainment, Mercenary Audio, & The Psykids present a night of thundering beats, and vibes that reach into your very soul, and unleash the power within each of you. Join some of the Northwest's most skilled Psytrance DJs as they weave their psychedelic magic on the dancefloor. The Performers: Psykids ~ (Psytrance) (Seattle) Amiranu ~ (Spiritual Psytrance) (Skagit) The Venture Crew // Limitless Tal
  20. Hi all! I want to share my new project with you all! Hope you like it, and drop a comment, god or bad Link: https://soundcloud.com/some_guy_psy/going-bye-bye-snip /SomeGuy!
  21. Tempo 1: 01 - Secret Mist - Other Sides 02 - Tyamat - Holding Hands 03 - Kujata - Ancients 04 - Honds - Nivel 0 05 - Chronopium - Divina Madre 06 - Mexkline - Robot can find Love 07 - Angkor - Strange Galaxy 08 - Yidhakick - Dark Warriors 09 - Trinaural - Autoexec.Bat Tempo 2: 01 - Misko - PikProcess 02 - Bizarre Frequency - Draguila Times 03 - Ajahni - Ufo´s Landing 04 - ZY - Fuck The System 05 - Soospicey - Furry Chudda 06 - Hector Miller - Ayahuasca 07 - Binasephira - Docemasunoninguno 08 - Yoshua E.M. - I am other 09 - Aghori Tantrik - Amavasya Tapasya Downl
  22. Artist: Various Title: The Technosopher's Stone Label: Glitchy.Tonic.Records Date: August, 2011 01 - Xenoscapes - The Fern Dimension (128 BPM) 02 - Brujo's Bowl - Techno Trousers (135 BPM) 03 - Psilocybe Vibe - Rhododendron (130 BPM) 04 - Dharana - The Pit (135 BPM) 05 - Radioactive.Cake - Human Body Part Industry (132 BPM) 06 - Loagsta - Delivery (132 BPM) 07 - Carnivorous Vuduist - Nebel Des Krieges (125 BPM) 08 - Nikroma - Forest Freq (128 BPM) 09 - Sporangia - Endospore (134 BPM) 10 - Zeitgeist - Technokrates (130 BPM) 11 - SourOne - Neurosynaptic Malfunktion (126 BPM) 12 - Paracoz
  23. I'm starting a new topic here as an introduction to a second phase of my work/vision of nowdays Goa trance music and art. As some of you know, I've been involved with this kind of music with Neogoa net-label /website and all of that stuff was published and released through Ektoplazm website for free. During the last year we released and published 10 hours of Goa Trance and Ambient music that has been presented on 5 compilations and 7 EP's. In 2012, with Graviton project I'm gonna try to deliver high quality Goa Trance and Ambient music with strong focus on darker/sci-fi themes. At this mo
  24. After a year of intense work and the success of the VA - Forest Beings II,we are incredibly happy to bring this to reality! 9 living pieces representing the true essence of Biijah, psychedelic spores from alien nature growing in your mind. Plants, Minerals, Animals and Humans, ask your self, do you really know where we all come from? °Alien Seeds Harvesters° 01 - Cromaniac VS Drakphaser 02 - Hallucinated Hologram 03 - Zero 04 - Jötunn 05 - Meerkut 06 - Drakphaser 07 - Atomental 08 - NoizeBug 09 - The Grobians https://soundcloud.com/biijah-records/sets/va-alien-seeds LIMITED PRINTING! local
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