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  1. Hey, I created last the a remix of the Mako Reactor theme from FF7. Hope you like it.
  2. Remix of the previous track to enter into the jagermeister competition. Added some vocals, removed some other stuff and added fx. Also tested out some new plugins, namely xbass 4000 from g-sonique. Very nice plugin which had very little time to test properly. will be testing out some other vst's and will post experiments as I finish them. I use Reason for sequencing and recently testing out some vst's in Reaper due to high amount of nice , free vsts all over the web. Any comment/ advice please welcome. Thank you https://soundcloud.com/grantstanleysa/questionable-intentionspsyklone-version
  3. There are some great releases available for a few bucks plus some pre-order releases you should not miss out on. All on our bandcamp page... Enjoy! http://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com
  4. Artist: The Empty Project Title: Double Shift Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP029 Genre: Progressive Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Release Date: June 04 2015 (Beatport Exclusive), June 11 2015 (Other Stores) Beatport Link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/double-shift/1543977 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Double Shift 2. Ecstacy 3. Dig This Release Info: Unimuse Records proudly presents the first EP from The Empty Project - Double Shift. The Empty Project is the progressive Psytrance project of Albin Appelqvist (AKA Empty Wheelchair). After two singles and a compilation under this project, he is now ready to unleash three mind blowing tracks with blasting vibes. The Empty Project is here to bring you psychedelic energy and progressive beats for all kinds of ravers and party people. The Empty Project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theemptyprojectofficial The Empty Project on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-empty-project
  5. HI All, here's my latest mix and entry to the Noisily 2015 DJ Competition to win a warm up set on one of their three stages, hope you enjoy. https://www.mixcloud.com/EqUiLibRriuM/noisily-festival-2015-dj-competition-equilibrrium/ Please like, share and favorite to help me be in with a chance. Look forward to receiving your comments/feedback. Full track list; 1.Intent by Trilingo 2.Mountain Mist by Flunxturion 2.0 3.True To Nature (Shik Stylko RM)by Astronivo 4.It Says by Comithex 5.Close To Me by Biolab & Vertex 6.Surprise, So nice by gaudium 7.Earth - Original Mix by Aerosspace 8.Straight Forward by Dropkick 9.Feels Like Acid by Aviation 10.Ant Sobriety Society by One Tasty Morsel
  6. I have been recently discovering the various psytrance artists on Spotify being pleasantly suprised with how much content they actually have. I have compiled and am still adding to a new playlist called Psytrance heaven which has all your favourite tracks you just DONT know yet!!! Click here : https://open.spotify.com/user/1297144911/playlist/73U73iZRduR4e85W7dQgSk Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your listening! Follow if you love it as theres going to always be more music coming in! Peace and Love xx
  7. ClockTail Records returns to the psychedelic world scene again with two night-blasting bombs for dancefloors all over the world.We are proud present to You duo *Syncrosphere* - is a project by Jovica Jovev aka Microverse and Vasko Kosturski aka Sceletone from Macedonia.After collaborating in many psy parties in Skopje, both of them decided to go in a totally different direction from their individual styles, and several months later, after perfecting the sound that they wanted - Syncrosphere came to life... So enjoy music, and support us in our next steps with future releases! Tracklist : 01-SYncrosphere - Trancecode [06.53] 02-SYncrosphere - The Signal [06.53] Artist: SYncrosphere Title: We Are Here Label: ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG005 Distribution: Beatspace Digital Release date: 12.05.2015 Cover Design by: Ice Cream From Saturn Mastered by: Angel Zdravkovski (Spirit Architect) Listen & Download: http://beatspace-clocktail.bandcamp.com/album/synchrosphere-we-are-here-clocktail-records-clockdg005
  8. Hi Folks, I have started a new Label, it's called 'Voodoo Voltage' and i am releasing quite a bit of new Nervasystem material through it. There is.... -New single 'Akin Antar' -New two track E.P. 'Diagonal Voltage' -A re-issue of the first two albums from Nervasystem (Mama Matrix Most Mysterious ((with Aether)) & 13 Amp Fusion) -..........& coming in the first weeks on February, two all-new full length albums, Nervasystem3 & Nervasystem4. N3 is experimental and weird, a real psychedelic journey, and N4 is dance floor. I have physical copies of the Nervasystem3 and 4 albums, so please get in touch if you would like.........(nerva@gmx.co.uk) I plan to release a compilation of collaborations later on in the year on Voodoo Voltage, with some very big names from the classic era of the music, and some new faces too, i think it will be quite an exciting release in psychedelic trance music. The emphasis with the label is to release the highest quality psychedelic music which has a unique personality and dissolves boundaries............ Love & Lashings of Frequency.......Drezz Soundcloud previews here>>> https://soundcloud.com/nervasystem Re:Volt page here>>> http://revoltdigital.co.uk/label/voodoo-voltage/
  9. ClockTail Records and Blagoja Kojchinovski also known as ONIRO from Skopje (Macedonia) proudly presents amazing digital release "Illusion Drops" lifts the veil of secrecy... Whole virtual galaxy for exploration. Music that envokes your inner creation. Rich, psychedelic, delicious, full with mystical, clubby, intergalactic stars stories, levels that vibrate trough the beats, careful entrances in the multidimensional experience. This high standard of musical production that we have in his sounds transforms the dance floor into platform open for journey. Intelligent rhythms, open minded state of constructing the melody, brain play, bit of forest, bit of jungle, perfect voices shown in the right time. Crunchy tones, space crystals, groovy, twisted line full of metaphors. Floating, liquid, powerful drives, mechanical, yet robotic, kinetic in some way but still melodic, perfectly alive. Oniro sound just start the funkadelic, digital tour around the galaxy, the unique elements that he creates, the ability to play with different, but own stories improves the cosmic pure bliss that the audience accept. Tracklist : 01-Oniro - Illusion Drops [06.46] 02-Oniro - Relative Distance [07.40] Artist: Oniro Title: Illusion Drops Label:ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG004 Distribution: Beatspace Digital Release date: 04.04.2015 Cover Design by: Elffuss & Ice Cream From Saturn Mastered by: Angel Zdravkovski (Spirit Architect) Review by: Mitko Gogov Listen & Download: http://www.beatspace.com/8676/Clocktail+Records/ONIRO/Illusion+Drops/detail.aspx
  10. Hello Humans. KobraVoltz Previously Known as WoozyBytes is a PsyTrance project born in the depths of Cyberspace. We're committed to bring you something different , where every track is a new and different journey. We will be releasing some of our tracks for free in mp3 128kbps only ( If you need better quality, send me a private msg, maybe we can sort something out ). Please feel free to download, share, comment, copy, broadcast, break it apart or trash it , see License Here. Also constructive criticism is always welcome. Please follow / like our pages if you enjoy our sound. We hope you enjoy. Here are the first 2 tracks ( more coming soon ). Peace
  11. Hello :-) I recently uploaded an older track of mine to my soundcloud. give it a listen. with its 136 bpm its slower than most of the "ritual to the light" album. as it is unmastered you might have to turn the speakers volume up a bit. greets
  12. Future Phat (In Between Dancefloors) Future Phat - a new foray into beat related tunes. Gone are the purely ambient tones of the Gamma album. Replaced by driving rhythms, providing a base for the cosmic sounds FTR has become known for. It has been commented that track six, 'with half a Panda (Cosmic Cave)' is the standout track on the Album. The last track 'Bounce' hints at the potential of what FTR is about to create next. kind regards FTR _____________________________________ Be it FTP or VDU, sensor driven or midi triggered - ZIP me up baby, I'm ready to drive. http://freetheradical.bandcamp.com _____________________________________
  13. www.goastore.com Psychedelic Trance Music Store International shipping and music download CD International shipping Free CD download MP3 Downloads .wav and .mp3 IDv3 Tagged files IDv3 Album Cover
  14. I recorded this a few nights ago, getting ready for the summer! Equipment used is an mc808, esx, x0xb0x, sh101, microkorg, and 2 kp3s. Hope you get a chance to listen and thanks in advance ! https://soundcloud.com/gadgetg/too-trippy-for-yall-gadgetg-live-hardware-performance
  15. The Universal Religion is simply LOVE. We are privileged to be part of this great time of change in history and, as messengers of love we are responsible for making this new world blossom. It is an exchange of ideas, music, dance, sharing of energy, positivity and emotions which only seem to spread and grow further when the festival finishes. If even a thousand people were to return to their lives after experiencing the power of Universal Religion, and each one lived with the same philosophy as during the festival, the world would slowly start to seem a borderless place. One where family and friendships transcend nations, language, color, age and even blood, where an entire generation will live true to the ideas of oneness, love and mutual respect. This is the idea of a universal religion—one that is inclusive, gets recreated and gathers strength every year, as new energies enters its space. After taking a break for 2014 we are absolutely Reborn with lot of energy shifts and realization. In the lap of the Himalayas we build an environment which brings together beautiful like-minded individuals, music devotees, creative artists and dance lovers from around the world! Come, discover the mystical mountains, and be part of this special experience where you can enjoy the infinite natural vistas while dancing to the beats of the top audio wizards from around the world We invite all participants to respect the festival rules and be in harmony with all people and the surrounding environment to enhance their own personal experience in Nepal. The positive energy of a single person has the ability to make a change, and we at Universal Religion want to infuse this positivity back into the earth and the world, and in our own small way, help it to heal. This year the main festival will take place from Friday 24th – Monday 27th of April 2015 and will go on non stop for 3 nights and 4 days . Come partake in the 9th Edition with quest for love and understanding, come follow and preach the Universal Religion the Re:Birth:Edition FULL DETAILS :- https://www.facebook.com/events/419972308155485/ OUR WEBSITE :- https://www.urnepal.com/
  16. Excuse the noobishness, also posted this link in the Free music section as it was a bit misleading. Here's a link to my Tswaing Crater Mix set, doing well on the Mixcloud charts at 12 and 19: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJChrisPalmer/chris-palmer-crater-2015-psy-set/ Hope you enjoy it! The tracklist is on Mixcloud.
  17. Horrordelic proudly presents their new album, a friends compilation with Holix. URL: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hor/hor1cd006.html 10 tracks and 4 Bonus tracks for download, all in the psychedelic forest realm. Original psychedelic artwork by talented Artist Sebastian Gallegos (Mexico), Digipack CD package. Mattias Lindholm aka Holix (Stockholm, Sweden) a Psychedelic Dark-Forest wizard from the north, invite friends over for psychedelic blasts and experiences. You are invited to share this experience. Mastering by Anomalistic Records (USA). Join us into the Powerful Forest Experience, let go and let's Rock! Sampler: Tracklist: 1. Sacrament HOLIX AND INPROGRESS 2. Unexpected Journey HOLIX, SEVEN DARK AND SPRUCE 3. Forests And Deserts HOLIX AND CTHULHU 4. Prayer HOLIX AND CYKO 5. Silent Scream HOLIX, YATA-GARASU AND GURGAMESH 6. Pakawulu HOLIX AND SEVEN DARK 7. Third Eye HOLIX AND NYKRONDS 8. Fifth Element HOLIX AND ASHIANA 9. Kerberos HOLIX AND MOTORBRAIN 10. Why So Serious HOLIX AND DARK ELEMENT + 4 Exclusive downloads, link inside cover...
  18. Amazing news!!! Global Sect Music with Goabom.com open psychedelic Shop! T-shirts and hoodies for space fractal freaks http://globalsect.ru/shop/wear 100% russian quality, good prices and double СD VA Space Of Power for first 40 buyers! When you buy our wear you help make our upcoming VA more powerful! Enjoy
  19. So here´s my third track, all feedback is welcome.
  20. Artist: Koatl Title: Human Mode Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP026 Genre: Full On Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Release Date: February 18 2015 (Beatport Exclusive), February 25 2015 (Other Stores) Beatport Link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/human-mode/1470789 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Galactic Armony 2. Melodic Mind 3. NN Release Info: Unimuse Records are proud to present the new EP from Koatl - Human Mode. Koatl is a full on psytrance project by Luis Mejía from Mexico. His productions can be described as Solid, strong beats and powerful atmospheric sounds and have had his music featured on labels such as Speedsound Records, Goa Records and Zombster Records. In this new EP we get 3 amazingly crafted tracks: "Galactic Armony", "Melodic Mind" and "NN". All which has their own uniqe style and brings strong emotions and excitement Koatl on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/koatl_live Koatl on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koatl/699264830111023?fref=ts
  21. Hello! (I cant post on travel section) So.. Im moving to Italy cause of family.. I plan to stay for a couple of years to learn italian, and take some art course, and find a job hopefully MY question is::: where in Italy is a good place to live? Things to consider could be - a youthful city/town - good nightlife (psy-trance, dubsptep - alternative culture - nice nature surrounding the town - good for studying art hm... good food i guess everywhere how about organic shops? what else... hmmm... friendly and sexy people =^.^= And people that talke like thise.. hehe =p Grazie , Thank you!
  22. Trance Radio Streams Online (Vocal, Psy, Goa, Epic, Full-on, Uplifting). Listen here: http://mars-fm.blogspot.com/p/trance.html
  23. Here is my new psy Trance track "Space Avionics" hope you like it! feel free to comment thanks
  24. Hey, guys not sure if anyone of you have seen this yet but apparently Nervasystem has gotten something new on discogs from the Voodoo Voltage label. Not only that but it's Voodoo Voltage first release! Tracklist: 1. Diagonal Voltage 2. From The Future Anyone else excited/have more news?
  25. Hi, folks! The new Psytrance Winter Mix 2015 is out now and for free Download! https://soundcloud.com/chrizzlix/chrizzlix-psytrance-mix-2015-free-download Open for bookings! Contact me via Facebook Fore more information and music visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Chrizzlix-Sun-Department-Rec/262928287092653?sk=timeline
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