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  1. Hey guys, I finally finished my remix of Current Value's track 'Dark Rain'. Tried this time something different. Hope you like it, and if you have any suggestion, I will try to work on that on the next tune, because I haven't any nerves to work on that remix anymore.^^
  2. Votes: 01. Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 02. One Arc Degree - The Tree Maiden (feat. Georgia Irakli) 03. Mellow Sonic - Psychokinesis 04. Phobium - Orbital Resonance 05. BlackStarrFinale - Siege Of Phobos 06. Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 07. Imba - Serbian 604 Revolution 08. Space Elves - Out There 09. Veasna - Termination Shock 10. Fiery Dawn - Kundalini
  3. Hey, I created last the a remix of the Mako Reactor theme from FF7. Hope you like it.
  4. Hey guys. Got a new release on Ektoplazm! Albumpreview: Xenofish returns to Ektoplazm with his fifth album, Enhancer, jointly produced by fellow German producer Mellow Sonic. Whereas previous works strayed more into psychedelic drum ‘n bass territory this one marks a return to high-energy psychedelic trance without completely abandoning breakbeat influences. True to form for these artists the sound of the release is characterized by haunting twilight melodies and strong science fiction atmospheres. Mastering and artwork by Christian Becker. Here the downloadlink: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-mellow-sonic-enhancer Wish you all a happy new year!
  5. Hey guys, I got yesterday a new release on Ektoplazm. This time a bit more themed album with dark psytrance sound. Check it out here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-lune
  6. Hey guys, today I got my second release on Ektoplazm! It's a mix between drum and bass and psychedelic atmospheres. You can download it on Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-decoder Just leave some comments and say what do you think about the whole release.
  7. Hmm yeah, these two tunes sounds like the same. Same bassline, similar sounds. Okay, the arrangment is a bit different but thats it. I mean, the quality is for three month very impressive, but you should try to find your style. Just don't use the some psysounds over and over. I mean, its psytrance, so freak out at the sounds.
  8. The idea behind the tunes is nice, but you should work on your mix. Sometimes, the sounds are unrecognizeable and the sub booming on my monitor, but the sounds are nice. Just improve this, and everything will be fine. Just try to find the right volume for each sound and don't use a limiter on the master until the mastering process (the track should be at -6db or so without plugins on the DAW).
  9. Sounds okay to me. I miss some atmospheric sound, but these are often missing in this genre. Also, replace the crashsound. It doenst fit to the rest of the sounds.
  10. Hey guys! I will show you on psynews my first release on Ektoplazm. It's called Encoder and comes with seven tracks of myself and one feature with Cybernetika. These tracks are my works between 2010-2011, so a bit older. My newer tunes can you find on Soundcloud. Here is a link for a preview and the free download of my album: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-encoder I know, the mastering isn't the best, but I tried my best to do it. Just leave your comments here and have fun. You want more? Just go on my Soundcloud and check some tracks. http://soundcloud.com/xenofish PS: A new release is also planned, with more Drum and Bass and experiementell tunes.
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