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Found 9 results

  1. I had a goal almost 3 years ago that I wanted to run a half marathon. There were challenges along the way due to injury, where I had to miss the race I planned to run. Today I completed my first one, and I made this mix for me to listen to while I did it. This mix supplied a steady flow of electric energy that kept me holding a surprisingly fast pace (for myself) all the way through. These are some serious psybreaks, and they will blast out robot battle noises for just under 2 hours. Unfortunately, I ran out of mix before I ran out of race, but that's just something to work on Image credit to the amazing Markus Vogt: markusvogt.deviantart.com Hedflux - Non-Stop (Bad Tango Remix) [Luminus] Frequency Less - Time Paradox (Kwah Remix) [Rune] Roboteknic - Someplace Else [sub Element] Matskie - Mind Science [96kHz] Alter Form - Visionary (Frequency Less Remix) [Rune] Retroid & Alter Form - No Way Out [Ego Shot] Toefinger & Soulah - Reality Tunnel (Too Dusty Remix) [YellowFinger] Optobot - Atomic Energy (48K Remix) [sub Element] Blazer - Obsidian [black Hole] Jiro - Uncertain Future [Ego Shot] Neurodriver - Sidewinder (Sense Datum Remix) [broken Robot] Acidova - Dealer 2 (Optobot Remix) [sub Element] MartOpetEr - Irony (Too Dusty Remix) [broken Robot] Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon's Hunt (Quadrat Beat Remix) Audiohazard - Searching (Blazer Remix) [Perfecto] X-Dream - The 1st (Far Too Loud Re-fix) [soundcloud] Parallax Breakz - Abyss (ALT-A Remix) [VIM] Mariner - Orca (Retroid Remix) [sweet Science] Jiro - Come Back [Kindcrime] Chris Voro - Chimera [straight Up!] Audio:Hertz - My Enemy (Deformaty Remix) [Kick It] Enjoy! Soundcloud Link left-click to download: Ziptnf - Sentient Beings (1:45:38) 253.5MB ~320kbps
  2. ClockTail Records returns to the psychedelic world scene again with two night-blasting bombs for dancefloors all over the world.We are proud present to You duo *Syncrosphere* - is a project by Jovica Jovev aka Microverse and Vasko Kosturski aka Sceletone from Macedonia.After collaborating in many psy parties in Skopje, both of them decided to go in a totally different direction from their individual styles, and several months later, after perfecting the sound that they wanted - Syncrosphere came to life... So enjoy music, and support us in our next steps with future releases! Tracklist : 01-SYncrosphere - Trancecode [06.53] 02-SYncrosphere - The Signal [06.53] Artist: SYncrosphere Title: We Are Here Label: ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG005 Distribution: Beatspace Digital Release date: 12.05.2015 Cover Design by: Ice Cream From Saturn Mastered by: Angel Zdravkovski (Spirit Architect) Listen & Download: http://beatspace-clocktail.bandcamp.com/album/synchrosphere-we-are-here-clocktail-records-clockdg005
  3. ClockTail Records and Blagoja Kojchinovski also known as ONIRO from Skopje (Macedonia) proudly presents amazing digital release "Illusion Drops" lifts the veil of secrecy... Whole virtual galaxy for exploration. Music that envokes your inner creation. Rich, psychedelic, delicious, full with mystical, clubby, intergalactic stars stories, levels that vibrate trough the beats, careful entrances in the multidimensional experience. This high standard of musical production that we have in his sounds transforms the dance floor into platform open for journey. Intelligent rhythms, open minded state of constructing the melody, brain play, bit of forest, bit of jungle, perfect voices shown in the right time. Crunchy tones, space crystals, groovy, twisted line full of metaphors. Floating, liquid, powerful drives, mechanical, yet robotic, kinetic in some way but still melodic, perfectly alive. Oniro sound just start the funkadelic, digital tour around the galaxy, the unique elements that he creates, the ability to play with different, but own stories improves the cosmic pure bliss that the audience accept. Tracklist : 01-Oniro - Illusion Drops [06.46] 02-Oniro - Relative Distance [07.40] Artist: Oniro Title: Illusion Drops Label:ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG004 Distribution: Beatspace Digital Release date: 04.04.2015 Cover Design by: Elffuss & Ice Cream From Saturn Mastered by: Angel Zdravkovski (Spirit Architect) Review by: Mitko Gogov Listen & Download: http://www.beatspace.com/8676/Clocktail+Records/ONIRO/Illusion+Drops/detail.aspx
  4. This mix represents the last entry in the mathetmatic psytrance trilogy, and my final effort at blasting out some heavy duty psytrance. I think I'm going to take a much needed break after this mix. I originally started mixing because nobody else was playing what I wanted to hear. Right now I need to find new inspiration, because when I keep playing the same type of stuff every year, I can't stay interested. I've pumped out over 60 mixes in the past 6 years, and I felt that I might as well finish where I started. My very first mix was called Midnight Complex (it was terrible, don't bother listening) so the title pays some homage to that very first mix. I also find it highlights my overall taste; high variety, complexity, and energy. So I'm going out with a bang. This one is packed with the best psytrance I could find from 2014. Huge amounts of energy in this one, and I hope I'm sending you guys off right! I'm not retiring forever, you may see a mix or two pop up from me in the future but this is the end of Ziptnf for now. CPU & A-Team - Born Too High (SynSUN Remix) [Mainstage] Hyperactive vs Vibraddict - Hyper Addicted [Free Minds] Bliss - Stolen Mind [Nutek] Blastoyz - My Journey [EDM] Azax Bliss - The Bomb [Nutek] Brain Attack - Break The Show [Mechanik] Acidbrain - Made in Carvalhais [biomechanix] Dapanji & Brain Attack - Illusion [Mechanik] Brainwash vs Alienn - First Level of Storm [Fractal] Brainwash vs Alienn - Cooking Is Art [Kaos Krew] Psycho System - Abstract Sky [up!Noize] Counteractive & Noise Bomb - Crazy Athmosphere [Woorpz] Soundcloud link: Left-click to download: Ziptnf - Complex Mathematics (1:17:01) 177MB ~320kbps Thanks for all the support over the last 6 years! I had a blast! See you around! Enjoy!
  5. Hello Psy Lovers !!!! My name is Gal & I am a Psychedelic Producer ! I was Born in Vilnius , Lithuania in 1987 & Today I'm Living & composing in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel ... I Spent a year in the " Yoav Gera - SOUND " institute in Tel-Aviv ... Combining some music skills & rythimn techniques to bring you some AgressivE BeatS to the table !!! Go In & HaVe A Listen ... -=BooM=- Enjoy !!!!! https://soundcloud.com/p5ionix
  6. This mix is definitely my strongest effort in showcasing the most complex psytrance I could find with the maximum level of energy possible. I listened to and sorted through thousands of tracks to prepare for this mix; the artists I selected are far and above the best producers of full-power psytrance. To finish out the year, I'm laying the hammer down with my most intense mix yet. Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [Nutek] Freeze & Punchline - Electrical Signals [Nutek] Vibraddict & Sycmos - Up & Down [b.A.B.A] Underbeat & Masticate - Elephant [DNA] Bliss - Stay Sharp [Nutek] CPU & Biogenesis - BreakBots [Nutek] Dapanji & Mystical Complex & Programind - Bass Download [Phantasm] Brain Driver & Jaws Underground - Next Generation [infractive Digital] Damage vs Wired - Fight The Aliens [Terror Lab] Azax Syndrom & Dapanji - Wake Me Up [Drive] Brainwash & Magneto - I Have a Voice [Fractal] BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad [Geomagnetic] Brainwash - The Rebel [Fractal] Iron Madness & Dapanji - Radio Head [biomechanix] Ziptnf - Fractal Geometry (1:06:38) 153MB ~320kbps Play it loud, folks. Thanks for all the support for the past 4 years! Not stopping anytime soon!
  7. In this mix, I look to take down the oppressive king of psybreaks (go check out my buddy Dave King!!!) with my own arsenal of weapons. Enjoy an hour and a half of overwhelming strength. Kiwa - Drop Control [High Grade] Robosapiens - Bodies (Hedflux Remix) [Dead Famous] Abdomen Burst - Epinphrine (Hedflux Remix) [scarcity] Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehog (Unconscious Mind Remix) [Logariddim] Beta & Karl Sav - Iron Peach [Arya] Beta & Hironimus Bosch - Reality Grinds [AUX] Hedflux & Neurodriver - Energy Vibration [broken Robot] Acidova - Break The Dream (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Rune] Kaba - More Oxygen (Matskie Remix) [Divergence] Aj Myst & Red Ant - Dune (Too Dusty Remix) [Perfecto] Too Dusty - Push Up The Bass (Blazer Remix) [Hard & Hits] Blazer - Pulse [Houseplanet] Sonic Element & Trance Arts - Reformation (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro] Aggresivnes - Futurasia (Blazer Remix) [Perfecto] Far Too Loud - Rock That Beat [Funkatech] Parallax Breakz & M Spark - Sun (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot] Destroyers & Aggresivnes - Freshquim (Identity Revealed Mix) [The Pooty Club] Kid Panel - Sunglasses [Hard & Hits] Yreane - Double Talking Jive (Kid Panel Remix) [Kick It] Odissi & Arma - Ostem [Arya] Ziptnf - Robot Supremacy (1:28:35) 202MB ~320kbps Image credit to Jessada Nuy.
  8. ॐѰॐѰॐ ....................................................... listen & download: http://soundcloud.com/aliengelato/alien-gelato-darkness-weds mixed by AlieN geLaTo Title: Darkness Weds Light 170 - 190 BPM Genre: Hi-Tech/Psycore Duration: 1 hr ...................................................... ॐѰॐѰ
  9. Artist: Funky Dragon Title: Modern Emotions EP Label: Iono Music Date: February, 2012 1. Day of Insomnia 2. Modern Emotions 3. Sundown Answers Because Iono has an outstanding track record with me, I feel that whatever they release is worth checking out. This is Serbian Igor Zuzulovic with a short 3 track digital EP. He has released 2 previous albums The Algol and Massive, but I have never heard them. Now Iono is known for their layers of melody and deep atmosphere creation, but this is different. First of all it's not subtle. Day of Insomnia is a post apocalyptic ripper of a track that also shows it's funky percussive side. This is a high speed chase in a tank that doesn't try to avoid cars...it crushes them. The beat is a pumping closed fist punch instead of the smooth transitions usually found from their artists. Second, while there are melodies, they take a back seat to the effects and storming nature of the beat. Modern Emotions is another track that is thick with dark atmosphere and bigger than Shaq beats. Like looking into the grand canyon, but instead of rock it's the remains of a ravaged city. The break really drives that point home for me. The final track begins with a staggered feel, but then after the cinematic break returns to 4/4 time. Same powerful dark vibe with maybe a little more melody. One of the reasons I love this music is that you can dig as deep as you want to go to find things that you may have missed. There are loads of effects to sort through...layers upon layers of sound. Different than most Iono releases, it is a fresh change of pace that can be enjoyed if you're a fan of electronic music. Igor didn't knock on the door here...he blew it off it's hinges. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
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