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  1. Helloooo I finished a new track and uploaded it, to contribute to the trippyness of this world. Feel free to give your feedback. Enjoy :-)
  2. ah wow, my music so fast... sounds good actually :-)
  3. Thx mallenaut. I am sometimes trying to put some setar or tar in my tracks, somtimes santur, as i also play a little bit of classical persian music. till now i didnt realy manage to do it in a good way, cause it somehow didnt fit in my story of the electronic music and the sonic properties of these instruments are somehow difficult to fit into my style. but maybe one day i will find a way to do it that it makes sense. of course i only gonna do it, if it feels and sounds really good in the endresult...
  4. Hey, for the ones who didnt see it yet. I made a second album and its out on Ektoplazm. Its pretty much the same style as ritual to the light: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/qiujan-jahan-e-qiu
  5. It means World/Universe, both :-) "the world of qiu" in the end would mean the same. "qiu" is the shortcut from qiumars / kiumars, my second forename. the albumtitle just describes that i am sharing a part of my world/universe with this album. in english it sounded a bit weird to me as an albumtitle, so i chose to give it a farsi title.
  6. Hello :-) I finished my second album and it is now available as a free downlad on Ektoplazm. Maybe u know "Ritual To The Light", my first album. This album is the same style, same concept, just different tracks. I hope u enjoy. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/qiujan-jahan-e-qiu
  7. I like the composition. its an unuasual track, but composition vise for my taste much more interesting and trippy than many other things i have heard. i like how the track develops from kind of alien talks or so into epic melodic finishing. very well done. the mixdown need some work though.on my labtop speaker e.g. i dont hear the kick at all. ive put other speakers then and realised, that ur kick is only moving in the deeper frequencies. this can be improved quite easy if you choose or make a kick with a bit more klick sound as well. same goes for the bass, also dont hear it well.
  8. it probably sounds strange cause the scale doesnt exist in western music. as said its from the indian raga (melodic mode) purya danasri, so an indian "scale". my album was more on the faster side of my music. i actually also have many older slower unreleased tracks... in one point i will surely try to release them as well.
  9. Here after a long while a new track of mine. Its named after the Raga "Purya Danasri". Enjoy
  10. Here is a new track of mine. This time its not psytrance, but its got the vibe :-) It is in a 5/8 rhythm, so the groove feels very different from most other electronic music.
  11. Wow, supernice :-) melodic as it is not seen often anymore these days, where people seem to be afraid of melodies...
  12. Here a very long preview of a new track of mine, enjoy :-)
  13. hey branefreeze i am actually thinking about putting the mastered version of this one to my next release.. not sure yet though. anyway it will take a little while till the next release, but it will come for sure. surley one day i will put unreleased tracks for free download as well.
  14. Hello :-) I recently uploaded an older track of mine to my soundcloud. give it a listen. with its 136 bpm its slower than most of the "ritual to the light" album. as it is unmastered you might have to turn the speakers volume up a bit. greets
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