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  1. " ANTIDOTE 1.0 " EP ( Serum Records) SR001EP Track Listing: 1) Psy Warrior .: Re-Birth :. 2) Indishanti .: Gingee Hill :. 3) Psyva .: Galactic :. Buy here : Beatport Release : http://pro.beatport.com/release/antidote-1-0/1657535 Junodownload Release : http://www.junodownload.com/products/psy-warrior-psyva-indishanti-antidote-1-0/2955281-02/ Listen to samples http://soundcloud.com/official-serum-records Mastered by Tim Schuldt 4CN Studios Boltestr. 38-40 Bochum / Germany http://www.4cn-studios.com/ Artwork by Aumega http://www.facebook.
  2. Hi there ! You could listen my new track ( full version ) " Mose Song " I made this one to thank Mose who has created the graphics of my psytrance album. I know she loves progressive, hehehe http://soundcloud.com/indishanti-music/mose-song-full-track Other tracks from my Proggy project " Indishanti " : http://soundcloud.com/indishanti-music Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/indishantimusic I promise you an indian trip ;-) Love & light
  3. Hi Freaks, i'm proud to present you my new progressive project named Indishanti ! http://soundcloud.com/indishanti-music http://www.facebook....indishantimusic Wish you all a good listen Love & light All comments are welcome
  4. Hi Freaks, i'm proud to present you my new progressive project named Indishanti ! http://soundcloud.com/indishanti-music http://www.facebook.com/indishantimusic Wish you all a good listen Love & light
  5. Hi there ! I'm proud to present you my Live played this week-end at Transendance party. https://soundcloud.com/shalys-album-athvika/shalys-live-2013-1-h-30 You could comment, share if you like and get your own copy of tracks to support my project. Cheers
  6. Link : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/geo/geo1dw158.html
  7. Hi there ! In few weeks my new Ep " Carpe Diem " will out on Geomagnetic Tv with 4 tracks This is the teaser : https://soundcloud.com/shalys-album-athvika/ep-carpe-diem-teaser Enjoy and share if you like
  8. Hey Frank, i sent you the link to download it for your Radio ;-) Cheers
  9. Hi there ! I put my last dj set on soundcloud, hope you'll have a good trip https://soundcloud.com/shalys/shalys-set-genesis Cheers Greetings from France
  10. Hi there ! I would like to thanks everyone for the support. My album was : Rank #20 on Psyshop Rank #8 on Beatport Release Thank you so much I wish you a beautiful summer Cheers Lolo aka Shalys
  11. Available on Beatport ;-) http://www.beatport.com/release/athvika/1046533
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