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  1. DJ Cosmix & Etnica - The Moon Valley ( ( ( ( ( ( @___@ ) ) ) ) ) )
  2. Wow.. I didn't know about that wiki stuff. So anyone can add anything? It doesn't get a pending status so it can be checked or something? I still browse the site from time to time cause I can't live without it when I want to know a certain artist's discography etc. Also this shouldn't be there either: http://www.discogs.com/release/456208
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Goa Gil is a crazy old wannabe monk and should shave himself, no offense
  4. You kinda smell wierd..

  5. Hunab Ku - Matrix Holy shit... this is so fucking great. It's the first time I hear it and I already know I'll stick this one high up my imaginary top list. It's beautiful... fantasy... goa... <333
  6. Autechre, Squarepusher, Kettel, Boards Of Canada at least
  7. I can listen to any music while working on assignments and stuff. But not when I'm studying.. or it has to be a reallyyyyy chilled kind of tune with very few beats/kicks
  8. Aphex Twin - SAW Aphex Twin - SAWII Polygon Window - Surfing On Sinewaves Autechre - Incunabula Dreamfish - Dreamfish Kettel - My Dogan Secede - Tryshasla Actually everything in Sending Orb's catalog is beautiful Stuff from Ott, Future Sound Of London, Boards Of Canada, Squarepusher, Younger Brother.. It's all excellent
  9. Host is better!!! but yeah.. they're both great songs @_@
  10. XpandoZ

    RA - 9th

    Yeah... I found it hard to reply to this thread cause I don't really see myself as a good reviewer but this... is just perfect... I was like "wow... wtf" when I first heard it and I didn't know what to think of it BUT that's usually a good thing since most good albums/songs tend to have that effect on me and just grow and grow. I have to say that this album is just GODLY. It's just... an example of how the "newschool" goatrance should sound like. It's also one of the few suntrip albums I will purchase (next to transdimensional)
  11. Yea, it's awesome. I fell in love with the pads
  12. Holy shit, that gallery... is that the guy from this ancient picture? I've always wondered how the hell you eat that
  13. Goa doesn't have 2 minute breaks in which the OMGEPICMELODY arises to take you higher and higher
  14. Aphex Twin - Cliffs First time I heard this on Aphex Twin - SAW2 it became my favorite ambient album next to Polygon Window (though that's more IDM) and Dreamfish
  15. This one made me rofl when I first saw it. Classic. Though I'm not really hating Tiësto And he's fucking tweaking an andromeda at the very start of the movie
  16. Yea, ofcourse the oldschool goa is all about melodies but the ones I mentioned really stand out imo. The ending of Technossomy - V.T.O.L. is sick as well
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