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  1. Whenever I (try to) make music I usually start with a melody first :drama: Screw the drumtrack and rhythm etc. A melody can basically make or break a track for me and all my favorite tracks have melodies in them. The absolute best for me must be the ending of Transwave - Code S9 (that screaming, crying sound), followed by Etnica - Monkey Business (the part in the middle) and Transwave - The Rezwalker (how the hell do you come up with that). After that come most of the other popular Etnica/Pleiadians/Transwave/MFG/AP tracks in no particular order. Oddly enough, I never really liked Trip Tonite. It's an okay track but most of the others do much more for me. Now give me some songs I don't have :clapping:
  2. Red Herring... (L) trippyyy and hypnotic...
  3. XpandoZ

    Etnica - Alien Protein

    Have to say that party droid was the song that got me into Etnica. I remember it so clear lol I was sitting on the train to Amsterdam. I was completely mesmerized during the 4:27 minute mark and I grunted when the conductor tapped my shoulder, waking me from my trance @_@
  4. Where's Transwave? I'm mad at you!!
  5. Verrry nice! I dig the melody at 0:58 :posford: It's what I'm always looking for in goa What are you gonna do with this track? Cause I'd love to have the full version
  6. Arghhhhh.. most annoying thing in the world I'm actually making music (or well.. trying) during 50% of my spare time and I just have to quit immediately if I'm in that "mood" again. When nothing comes out. And yeah.. being stoned used to do wonders lol. Maybe I should bring some stuff from Amsterdam next time I go home in the weekend. Being drunk doesn't do wonders though. I *think* my sound pwns when I'm composing drunk and then I'm like wtf the next day
  7. Can't choose between Transwave - Helium and Etnica - Alien Protein
  8. Keep dreaming.. like me Yeah, when I compare this album to Alien Protein or Equator it's really something different. This is more relaxed and that makes it sound slower but at the same time deeper and more hypnotic. Infinite Dreams and Moon Influence are superb tracks (and I'm not even talking about the godly Mystical Appearance, you should get this CD just for that track) By the way, am I the only one who thinks the tracknames for #3 and #4 are switched? Vicky's Dream always makes me think of the Gili's Voyage and the Ketu Remix doesn't sound anything like it.
  9. I've been listening to this one a lot lately.. mainly because of Boarding Pass To Balagan. It has that inca/maya "fluffyness" I'm always looking for in Etnica tracks. I don't think it's on any other comp/CD except for this one and the Pleiadians EP. Ciberland also has this very special sound. That, and together with immortal tracks like The Rezwalker and Cycles Of Life makes me want to have this CD badly. Favorites: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10
  10. Yeah, technique 1 is how it should be done.. man.. midi-mapping is just the part I hate about cubase
  11. Wow, I was just thinking about buying a controller and I see this topic EmeraldChaos kinda nails it.. I had my eye on the axiom49 at first but it didn't "feel" right.. I don't like the rattling of those knobs either. Fortunately there was an Akai MPK49 standing next to it and I immediately loved it. Definitely recommended (if a little extra spending doesn't bother you :<) Edit: lol that post was useless I think it's important to add that I've played around without a midi controller for a long time and that I sometimes feel that I really need one! When I get an idea in my head and I'm too slow to insert it in a note editor for example :< Somebody mentioned that you can jam along to your beat or whatever, that's very useful too cause it makes you develop your ideas faster. So yeah.. I can't really say it's a must for musicproducing but it'll definitely change the way you make your music (in a good way!)
  12. XpandoZ

    Ott - Skylon

    Wow.. I thought I was the only one who found Ott's style too "polished" .. like everything is too perfect that it's boring (Haven't listened to skylon yet though)
  13. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional Hallucinogen - Twisted Etnica - Alien Protein ! Ra - To Sirius and ofcourse Pleiadians - IFO but that's like a holy grail to me Not really original, but they are the ones to pop up in my mind first
  14. code s9 !! :wank: beautiful beautiful beautiful track
  15. I'm going to get a job this summer so I can finally afford this spaceship :drama: :
  16. Pan on the stove! Egg in the pan! Salt on the egg! Egg in my mouth! Good thing you did a another session or I would've never noticed this thread! This is so great :posford:
  17. Registered just to say how much ass this kicks! Keep it up
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