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  1. holy fuck that's even better than i had hoped for ! i'm serious green is my favorite color
  2. I have yet to hear a pad as godly and wide sounding as the one in the title track (around 9.48 if I'm right) Get's me every time
  3. This guide helped me a lot to understand EQ'ing. I posted it in the tutorial sticky too. Feel free to add my msn too, I might be able to help you out with some things
  4. The Prophecy by MFG you mean? Weren't they inspired by AP or something. Got this vague idea in my head that they were kinda AP's apprentices (slap me if this is bullshit) I prefer them over AP anyway cause they tend to sound less "fluffy"
  5. I don't listen to AP often. But when I do it's mostly tracks from trust in trance (Kabalah, Black & White, Utopia <3).. People Can Fly isn't that good imo .. ;D
  6. Damnit, I'm really interested in this. I fucking love Etnica and this artifact must be mineeeeeeeeeee. If I had any money () I'd probably pay like 500€ (excluding shipping) and no, I'm not kidding. Can't you just hold onto it a little longer till I get the cash
  7. Not too long ago I put some etnica-tracks on my friends' mp3 player (he's into hiphop / mainstream stuff) and he said he could enjoy it somewhat but he can't listen to it all the time cause it drives him crazy. It was okay as background music he said. Made me think about patience one has for music.. He (and most of my friends) really liked Hunab Ku - Matrix though
  8. thought about this too but yea... it's bullshit and all about taste
  9. worth it just for polaris 2
  10. What's so funny about that? His voice is like an arrow piercing my heart.
  11. Etnica - Monkey Business at the ending right now and oohhh shit
  12. I find myself agreeing with ophitoxaemia about new-school artists trying to hard. It's why I don't really like Filteria's Sky Input. I remember I was really thrilled when I heard it for the first time cause it sounded so wide and huge but I didn't really understand why everybody was comparing it to etnica/pleiadians and in the end I got bored of it. It just didn't have that same "feeling" for me. Hard to explain. Etnica's tunes feel calm and fierce at the same time. They make my <3 bounce faster They simply know very well how to arrange tracks. It's not just the melodies.. it's the whole.. buildup.. tribal rhythm, robotic intensity... ok...god.. I really hope some "new" old material comes out soon (gogo draeke <33) /end crazedfanmode Heliopolis I liked a lot more cause most songs had a clearer structure (reflected, mind expansion, rotate to vibrate) and I still listen to that one once in a while. It has less songs where the melodies sound like random arpeggio's following eachother up. (melody #1, melody #2, melody #3 etc.) It's why I placed it on #3, probably tied with Khetzal - Corolle That said, I do think Filteria is an amazing producer and I really hope his third album will be a bit more "crisp and clear" for me
  13. The Inscape and Pleiadians tracks on "The Truth Of Communication" are godly
  14. Khetzal - Avasari Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden if that counts
  15. What's "chopping" ?! Do you mean that gatingkinda effect on the vocals
  16. An interesting fact is that apparently the track "Nice Toy" was produced a lot earlier than in 1998. Quite amazing
  17. 1. RA - 9th 2. Goasia - From Other Spaces 3. Filteria - Heliopolis those for sure.. rest is meh.. and I'm not counting transdimensional as a suntrip release btw
  18. Very good guide on EQing http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...TOC9ubVhIRGc9PQ
  19. <33 oh yes ;((((((((((((( also kettel - halt him
  20. XpandoZ

    Ra - To Sirius

    "We can't snap you out of your fantasy" @_@ From: Total Recall !
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