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  1. Sup niggaz, I just made this track in the last few days: Please criticize every aspect of it. This is where the samples are from btw:
  2. I might make something. I mostly use Ableton's native synths and effects anyway.
  3. Nice to see you psyheads like doom if you want good funeral doom, listen to: skepticism monolithe btw, its not depressing ahab and for some more psychedelic stuff: dolorian oh btw you should also check avantgarde stuff like sleepytime gorilla museum, unexpect, arcturus and solefald. also anything you find here that isnt goa or ambient is probably metal http://www.last.fm/user/d123km4_157312
  4. some songs are very psy, while some are half psy and some aren't psy at all. very psy: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Synthetic+Dre...n/_/Plasma+Ring
  5. Speakers during the day and headphones during the night.
  6. I don't listen to much techno except Archae & Grovskopa(hard, industrial and kinda psychedelic and very complex techno ^^) Their best for me would be Cymatics.
  7. imo speedcore and extratone have a lot of unused potential. people should only focus on making it hypnotic and ambientish instead of aggressive and hateful. imagine droning ambient with a steady extratone beat. i always wanted to make that but i never got the right kick sound. let me know if by any chance ambient speedcore exists.
  8. If you think israeli fool on is bad, go check the charts and be convinced otherwise
  9. if someone says neo goa trance it makes me think of phi and slum.
  10. btw you should also check gustaf hildebrand for spacey dark ambient and sephiroth for some interesting drumming and dark ambient. vir unis is awesome as well.
  11. try some artists from http://www.helixes.org. zey are ze scary.
  12. Haha omg when we listen to 440hz music, we listen to nazi propaganda! Btw for those who haven't seen it there was a book on the subject posted here. oh and does anyone know how to change the tunning in ableton? it would be interesting to experiment with various alternative tunnings
  13. that is some pretty weird stuff that needs to be read. bookmarked
  14. medicine drum has lots of eastern and tribal influences
  15. thanks for the help ^^ I made some farts today. I'll have to work on them a bit tho ^^
  16. Well I was just wondering if someone could tell me how to make them psyfarts(the darkpsy leads every darkpsy artist uses). I just need the very basics so that I can play with it ^^
  17. I use it sometimes when it comes to song structures(like buildups with stuff added after 1,1,2,3,5 bars and so on). I also sometimes use it in rythms(like AbAbb or AbbbbAbb(where A is one sound and b another)) I tried using it with frequency ratios, but it sounded bad I always wanted to make a song where everything would somehow be connected to the ratio.
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