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  1. the problem with him was that he was always a tad bit paranoid, i only had a cellphone number which doesnt work anymore... I am actually quite scared that something happened to him...
  2. So i know its not the right place to post anything like this, but I don't know where i should post it. Ive got a problem, many of you might know the forummember known as Reznik. I believe some people met him even in real life. Reznik and me used to be good friends, and i still would consider him one of the best friends ive had here in frankfurt. I didnt see him for over a year i think. I want to know if hes alive... If he is safe... he has had some difficulties with drugs... I dont know... If anyone knows anything id be more than overly thankful to hear about it. with best regards, mundo man
  3. No he was kinda old, and short haired, he wasnt slim either...
  4. It all started at about 11:30 on Saturday night. My buddies and I met up at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt... My one buddy brought some F├╝rst von Metternich (for all people that dont know it, its champagne, pretty good one too). My other buddy brought some nice white wine. So we drank some while going to the konsti for some hash. Unluckily the police did a razzia there so no men were to be found. So we took the underground line towards the Party... After getting out of the train we had to walk about 10 mins for Antagon, the "club" that hosted Fantasia 2007... So we paid the entrance got a stamp and went in there. After putting away our jackets we went into the crowd. So i started dancing:D So Reznik and me got all crazy, and couldnt stop dancing... The music was crazy cool, Laca303 did a nice job, even though she added a lot of guitars (or maybe thats just why). So in the meantime my other buddy went out of the crowd to chill a while (mainly to look for hash but you know) so he met this dutch dude... He later told me he smoked with him. After about 1:30 hours of dancing, reznik, my other buddy, and me went out of the club for the first time. We bought some hash of some kids and smoked up with this stonemason (his job not secret society) after discussing about arts, and getting high we got in again... I danced... And danced... and felt great... So my smoker buddy gets me to smoke with the dutch dude... I can tell you that was the best weed i smoked... IN. MY. LIFE. While dancing I noticed that the japanese djays, had just been dancing in front of me the whole time, so i was like woah... Well all in all i just had a great time, and I really enjoyed the scene, no rambos, no fuckers, just chillin people... Now i wanna go to another Goa
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