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  1. Just a short note here to put the record straight before rumours start spreading around. The CD received by Louis8D was by no means a pirate copy, it was a promotional copy that Psyshop had received from Wirikuta (our distributor). This was not directed to moni as an insult or anything, but just to make it clear for everybody that Psyshop is not selling pirated copies of anything. Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  2. Hi everybody! I've been in contact with Psyshop and it appears to me that Louis8D was mistakingly sent a promo copy of Blissful Moments. How it got there is nothing that I can answer, I'm going to request our distributor (Wirikuta Distrbution) for more information concerning this. They got a batch of promotional CD's to be used for promo purposes. All the best, Kalle! / Tranceform
  3. Hi everybody! As some of you already have said, the retail version of Blissful Moments is NOT a CD-R with black and white cover. The promos have a sticker on the CD's stating "PROMO" ("Various Artists: Blissful Moments. Tranceform Records. TFMCD001. PROMO" to be precise), I'd like to know whether the copy you got from Psyshop has that sticker? If not, I'm suspecting it to be a pirate copy. I ask you to contact Psyshop and ask them to replace the CD, the version you've gotten is not a proper retail version. Kind Regards, Kalle / Tranceform
  4. The idea was to release a track called "Dangerous Dinosaurs", but then we decided to take "Riot Fuel" instead - anarcy in the UK? I believe that you're also familiar with Filteria, aren't you? . Scanglow is a solo-project by Pauli of former Poly 61. ProSect has also released some material (also under his other moniker, Sound Field). To cut a long story short, some new artists and some artists who have released stuff before as well . The MP3-clips will be online on our site shortly, we're renewing our website (a completely new structure based on a true CMS, so look forward to more frequent updates in the future!) and we're going to put them online when the new site gets ready, the gfx are currently being finished but everything else is pretty much in place. Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  5. This is a very good, and needed, topic. I'd also like to add that everytime people see words "Skazi", "GMS", "Infected Mushroom", whatever - it does NOT mean that the discussion needs to be flooded with no-brainer comments ("Everytime I hear that music I want to puke" etc.). People would just need to understand that there is bad full-on and there is good full-on, there is bad goa-trance and there is good goa-trance. Terrorising a discussion concerning a specific artist by just bashing the artist/style won't do any good to anybody, least to your own public image . Regards, Kalle! / Tranceform
  6. This is a cool compilation. Every track has a killer bassline, a killer melody and a killer kickdrum Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  7. I'd recommend you not to buy a shitty mixer, DJX-700 isn't nice even for bedroom-DJ'ing. I'd also investigate the possibility of buying used equipment, occasionally there are really good stuff being sold for quite low prices.. Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  8. Here's the tracklisting for those of you who want to know! 1. Prosect - Mentally Confused (Israel) 2. Soliptic - Riot Fuel (UK) 3. Filteria - Burn (Sweden) 4. Psy-by-wire - Cleaning Device (Sweden) 5. Luminescent - Belltower (Finland) 6. Filteria - Math Is God Is Math (Sweden) 7. Dreamweaver - Penta (Sweden) 8. Alt Anesis - Busy Little Bees (Israel) 9. Scanglow - Thrashed (Finland) Have fun! Kalle! / Tranceform
  9. Big up for Rik for providing us with such a great site! It's really nice to have one site where you can enjoy so much really good artwork! Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  10. I have Pioneer CDJ-800's myself and I'm pretty happy with them. If Pioneer CDJ-200 would've been in the market when I bought CD-players I probably would've gone for them since I appreciate the compact design (I'm not really looking for the vinyl feeling like some people are). I appreciate the loop function so CDJ-100 was not an option. I've played on a dozen different players and as a general advice I'd tell to stay away from Gemini, Reloop etc. Based on my experience they are a pain to use (the buttons don't react quickly enough) and they even have shitty DA-converters which results in bad sound quality. And they are the kind of players that you can't bring to a party since every decent DJ will refuse to play with them. If you buy anything from Denon or Pioneer, I'd say that you can't go totally wrong If you're looking for turntables, the most-tested and best-known option is naturally Technics SL-1200MK2. I've heard that the new MK5 model has an inaccurate pitch control that flutters (!!). The Vestax PDX-2000 and from there upwards are really great! I believe that other manufacturers make good stuff nowadays too (Numark TTX-1 etc.), however I don't have any personal experience with them. If I was to buy a new set of turntables now (I bought mine in 1997 when SL-1200mk2 was the only reasonable option on the market) I'd skip the Technics SL-1200mk2 and go for Vestax PDX-2000. I just love the accuracy they have, the pitch is a lot more linear than Technics' pitch and the platter feels better. Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  11. I used to have a Behringer VMX-300 for around two years and I have to say that it is very good considering the price. However, I think that it is pretty much the only Behringer DJ-mixer that isn't completely crap, three friends of mine bought the DJX-700 (Pioneer DJM-600 clone) and they've all either returned it to the store or sold it within 4 months - I was really amazed to hear that it was crap since it was released after VMX-300 . Nowadays I have a Tascam X-9 which I like a lot, I could hear the difference between it and VMX-300 right away, especially the high-end is a lot clearer. It's also packed with all kinds of features and you really need to read the manual if you want to master this mixer (a lot of different things hidden in the menus). The basic interface is intuitive, it's pretty much the same as Pioneer DJM-500/600. Tascam X-9 is no longer available at stores - it wasn't apparently that much of a success since they dropped the price at all retail outlets with about 50% last spring (the RRP was around 1100 eur originally, I got mine for 570 eur including S&H from Germany to Finland ). Considering Pioneer DJM-500/600, I'd tell you to never buy that. The sound quality is just awful, it is a known fact that the sound gets distorted below the 0-level and the sound in general is very plastic. You might not hear this if you're playing at home, but when you heard it being used with a big sound system you can hear it right away - and so will your ears, 95% of all DJ's don't know a shit about sound quality and when the mixer doesn't compensate their mistakes people usually get to leave parties with ringing ears etc. You can ask any professional sound technician what their opinion on DJM-500/600 is if you don't believe me Pioneer DJM-500/600 is a good choice I'd say if you're about to play only at home, but considering the price you can get a lot better mixers for the same money. I read a review of DJM-707 and it had the same defects in sound quality, I don't know about the DJM-1000 though - it atleast OUGHT TO have a decent sound quality since it costs around 2400 euros. To sum it up, I'd look at mixers from Rodec, Ecler, Allen&Heath if I was about to buy a mixer now Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  12. Hi everybody! No, the cover Prosect posted is not a fake. It's the first preview of the cover, so now you know what it'll look like. As far as the music is concerned, most of the tracks are waiting to be mastered at 4CN Studios - Tim Schuldt will be doing the mastering, and based on one of the mastered tracks I received a couple days ago I can assure you that it'll sound really good . But please, do not send him e-mails trying to hurry him up, since I'm waiting for a couple tracks to be sent out for mastering . Hope you're all well! Kalle!
  13. If Matenda is something you like, I'd advice you to check out 12 Moons (from Sweden as well). Both are really good stuff, especially when you can choose whether to dance or to just listen . Worth checking out is also pretty much the whole Midijum Records catalogue, they've released a lot of good material too.
  14. You've just received e-mail! Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
  15. Sorry everybody, the track _IS_ actually the one by Jupiter8000. For those of you who didn't know it already, Jupiter8000 and Electric Universe is the same guy (Boris Blenn). I have both "Cosmic Experience" and "Twisted Bliss" albums, but I remembered wrong. Sorry for causing confusion Cheers, Kalle! / Tranceform
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