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  1. 1/38.9 s as the delay (approximately 38.9 Hz being an E flat)......Thats interesting.... why does this happen ? can this also be avoided ? so we hear all the delayed instances at the same pitch while the delay time shortens ? Thanks
  2. Thats interesting to know...I always wondered why the pitch of drum samples sounds like its going higher as the notes get smaller and closer together....I do synthesize kicks and know that they are really fast downward pitch envelope on a sine wave that creates kicks...but I did not put 2 and 2 together ...Thanks Glitch is a cool plugin...It can do lots of stuff Sometimes there are some really nice free plugins available to us ... (on a side note...My status says 'Warn Status'...WHy is that ? I have not used this account for a few years and just started using it a few days ago, once again...is that the reason? )
  3. Yes..Essentially ...it is playing 32nd and 64th notes and other divisions etc...but rather than sequencing it...it sounds like its been done with retriggering ...because there are some odd divisions which are quite hard to sequence... Glitch does it well...along with pitch changes too... This is a much better example...listen to this at 34:25 onwards.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYX-zlY3kf0 anyway...there are many ways to do it I guess... Similar things can be done with a tape delay effect... Thanks
  4. HI...I will post a better example...But I think I figured it out... Use The VST plugin Glitch on a kick sample and use the retrigger effect... Here is what I came up with...for anybody else looking... http://yourlisten.co...rn=9yyptfnakdts http://illformed.org/plugins/glitch/
  5. They do not sound like sequenced kick drum fills of various lengths...16th notes, 32nd notes..64th etc......it sounds more like they are using some sort of plugin to do it..like a granular synth or like glitch or retrigger of some sort...I am able to come close..but I would like to know if any of You know exactly how its done... For Example at 1:36 thanks
  6. hi...nice morning track..but i wish there was a peak towards the end...a nice melody..like many astrix tracks.... that makes it sound soo sweet... unless u are looking for this sort of sound...i find it a bit like atmos... lots of nice sounds but no real melody/leading line
  7. hi..i'v been learning to play the piano/keybd on my own...with resources off the net... i got a program with my evolution midi kbd called piano teacher... you can open up a midi file in it... it shows you the keys to play and then waits till you play the right note before moving to the next.. it allows you to see left and right hand seperately... i'm sure there are other programs available like this one.. you will need a midi kbd with two or more octaves...but its really irritating if you have only two octaves...there are very few pieces that use only two... i have found that learning pieces this way(using midi)has made it much easier for me to learn... it also shows musical notation along with showing the notes on a virtual kbd....
  8. did u download all th files from the same site??? maybe the files are corrupted... if u downloaded from different places..then u got a problem...
  9. hi .. does anyone know how to make the sound of a mosquito buzzing by... also how to make the sound of an electric crackle..like an electric chair when its turned on.. i'd like to know how to do this in fruity or any free vst synth.. thanks
  10. hi... i feel that.. it is psychedelic because.. the entire frequency spectrum is filled up with different stuff going on in different frequency bands... there are many sound chains going on at the same time...different people at different times catch on to different chains... its like a carnival...so many things going on together that u dont really know what to look at... its very colourful...full of different timbres and textures... also alot of depth is created by using various dynamics,effects like reverb,panning...... also the tempo and repetitive rhythms and bassline that progress through the track with slight variations tend to be hypnotic and trance inducing.. ofcourse what also makes it psychedlic is your perception,your mind and also whatever u are on....
  11. try to get some more ram and a faster processor...(this worked for me) increase buffer size in asio settings (audio options) (if your sound card has this feature) there is an option in fruity called reset plugins on transport...un check it to get slightly better results..
  12. hi i found that while coming off a trip its a very different feeling to sit down and make music... it seems like even the slighest turn of a knob or the slightest adjustments can be felt and heard...since while on and while coming off a trip people tend to be more sensitive and perceptive.. also it took me alittle while to get into it... also try listening to the stuff u made earlier (some days earlier ) while on a trip..it sounds sooo different... u can kind of feel what is lacking...not just hear.. overall ..i dont thing u need to be on something everytime u wanna make music...but i do feel that to understand psy trance u need to have listened to it at some point under the influence of a psychedlic...
  13. hi.. does anyone have any tips on making psy trance leads using vst...like digital talk,parasense,psycho micro......... how do they get such grungy sounds ?? i dont really know how to explain it.. its almost like a texture... what are some good ways to create sounds for leads ?? the ones used for 1/4 ,8th,16th notes thank you..
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