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    making love with spiritual people - hippies really - in fact with anyone who i can lay my hands on, this side of the law - also have to be rich and prefarably have good teeth - and skin - breasts are a bonus but not necessary - feet also - and arms a coupla legs - maybe a rocket.<br />If you have any on these (or all) give me a tinkle (baybee) huff huff
  1. Ha ha - this is a cut & paste job but has to been read especially for those who hve seen "Last Hippy Standing" (or been to goa!!) Indian State of Goa Considers Renaming Itself Progressive ANJUNA, 6 JAN 2005 (REUTERS): Officials from the Indian state of Goa have neither confirmed nor denied reports that the local government is considering changing the area's name from Goa to Progressive. The name change comes after widespread apathy toward the area, becoming associated with what many perceive to be a "dead, placid, cliche of music." "The change has been a long time coming," said industry analyst 'Ravy' Dave 'Rave' McPherson 'Rave'. "The area of Goa has been looking to change its name to distance itself from that type of music, and with things the way they are at the moment, the timing looks ripe." According to Ott, Goa Trance was invented in 1994 by Ott. The music quickly spread through North London Kebabberies and Cottaging venues before snowballing out to the widespread traveller community. Moving to the Indian coastline, the previous name Chip Shop Trance was dropped in favour of Goa and thus the scene was born. Goa Trance is loved by wannabe hippies and cynical twats the world over. The fans, whose backgrounds range from middle class to upper middle class, travel up to a thousand miles for a good party -- where they stand around talking shit to each other, often barefoot. "It is no surprise to me that the Indian State of Goa wants to distance itself from this," continued 'Ravy' 'Rave' 'Rave On' 'Raver' McPherson. "The people of Goa have had enough, and I can see them easily making the jump to a new name." An unnamed source within the Goan local government was quoted as saying, "we're not sure yet. No decisions have been made. Personally I quite like progressive, but then thats because i'm getting a bit past it and find the likes of Freq more exciting than Space Tribe. We've also considered changing the name to coincide with more credible genres including Pipe and Slippers Trance, Porn Trance, Gay Porn Trance, and Clueless Candy Raver In Cyberdog Knockoff Crap Bought Down Eastville Market Trance."
  2. PROTOCULTURE - HOMEWORLD a very open track - half ambient half beaty trance - a good start off to any set IMO
  3. Heya PsyTwin!! Welcome!! Love the work - am a big fan o both o your works! The website is v.cool, with some brilliant music by marchello - any release dates on it btw? x senpsy
  4. "Zygote" is possibly my favorite track on this album!! Violin overload!!! Also really nice cover work!! I also heard a track which featured the folky melody from "Last Of The Mohicans" i think its called 'Promentory', but I dont know what the psy-trance versions called....will investigate tho!
  5. LOL! Thats gotta be the most romantic picture i've ever seen in my entire life. as for beatless ambient - theres a lot! Aes Dana fits in to this category i think.
  6. Ha Ha!! I just saw this and realised I was listening to it already!! Brilliant Album - Total Electric Universe - full force higher frequency psychoactive trance - listening to it on "small" speakers doesnt do this justice! I heard some tracks played on a flown rig and it was devastating affect on the trance floor! CRANK IT UP!!! MORE MORE!!
  7. ditto - nice one Basilisk However, does anyone remeber the set he played at 2002 Samothraki Dance Festival? It was the last set of the festival - such a shame...but still Great!!
  8. well imagine partying partying and the music reaches a build up in the track to which you know theres gonna be a crayzee drop - just at that point!! music stops and starts (no live feed) Its like a stutter of sound - i cant make it clearer than that sorry - you'll hear it, just get those hips a'swingin towards a psypartee A friend of mine reckons its most probably got something to do with the amount of data passing thru the computer, if its too much data, the programme cant handle it and will momentarily cut out (which i think is a bit shit really considering the quality of acts playing)
  9. Going to a few parties ive noticed that there is a pattern in sound cutting out just at the peak of a drop in a tune - and its not intentional - it seems to happen (in my mind) at the precise moment the crowd is about to release a huge surge of energy with the music - i.e. just at the point between the build up and a drop (its quite annoying as it messus up my rythym - and its happened at many clubs) Is this a regular occurance or is it technical....or, is it something to do with electro magnetic discharges collectively concentrated into a kind of brief Electro Magnetic Pulse (emp) generated and directed by the crowd? Or is this the outcome of an overactive imagination?? x
  10. I know this isnt psyambient but have you considered listening to some works by David Arkenstone? Give em a try! I got the Echos Of Egypt by Diane & David arkenstone and it did something to my brain - it chilled me out completely! it was very good ambience! Just nice atmospheric soundscapes - swirling - encompassing - open - free (sigh) aaand relaaaaax
  11. Hmmm - I bow before your intellect Eleria - well argued (for a draconian you certainly know your greek!) However we must go back to the initial question at hand "What Is Psy?" MIT wanted to know what we meant when we use the word "psy", he wanted our opinions - therefore he has asked us a particular question to which there can be a number of replies (I think by our own admissions we have shown that "Psy" can mean a great many things to a great many people, and not just from a time in the 50/60s - It has a long history as with any word - I think it is pertenant, as you mentioned, to show the connecting root of the word we use today - It gives a better understanding of why we use it (god bless those greeks) x
  12. Interesting opinions people...Youve enlightened me I always saw psychedelic as being what it meant - taken from the greek psyche = mind delic = light meaning light of the mind or enlightenment? If this is enlightenment - have i just had a psychedelic experience?? My opinion would be that almost anything / situation can be psychedelic - if your in the right frame of mind...
  14. A slight, yet, understandable misunderstanding dec0ding I was indeed saying SKAZIs' music is souless (and he looks rather like Jim Morrison might I add)... I was speaking from the third person indicative when I said "if an artist is doing something with no imagination, soul, then he HAS TO go back to the drawing board..." This applies to all musicians i think you'll find, Trance or no.
  15. IT IS STRANGE IMO that someone is hated so much for making music & even called the anti-christ for it!! (i keep that label for britney spears) I suppose if an artist is doing something with no imagination, soul, then he HAS TO go back to the drawing board - if he is a true artist. I think skazi is just catering to the masses (like jesus)!
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