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Found 2 results

  1. Host:- Velkommen all to our first edition of N N N NOrways Got Goa!!!!! Introducing your panel tonight, From the mountains of Torghatten and a lover of crazy spirally sounds... Thora!!! and from the foothills of Drammen, fan of hihats and cymbols, Vilmar! And Finally from Tromso, our celebrity judge, known for his outspoken feelings about basslines Carson!!! But first, some underage but overage entertainment ~ ~ V: Well that was very bland. C: As exciting as Potato T: Well right you two, we have some very serious talent coming out of Norway for tonight's competition. ~ H: It’s time to G G Goaway for Norgeeeeeeee "And" ~ H: First up Maan takes the stage, this individual is not here to waste time, started us off with electrified baselines and static whob whob’s. T: I must say, I am very impressed with the degree of Whomp's along with the melodic zippers of this track C: Well Thora, man-o'-man Maan is one to book mark for later 3 Hei Hei's for the man Maan V: I'm feeling wild about this one, that thick low, those beautiful high moments. I Didn't know Maan was such a boss...ah, scuse me mmhm, I mean Ombud. H: Well that leads us nicely into Phreak by Natures First performance of the evening. T: it sure does Manfreid our little host, I wonder what he has in store for us? C: Well Thora, if you didn't talk so much you might just find out V: Who knew there would be this much analog fury so early? I certainly didn’t but must say it is a treat. 2 serves of Lutefisk for our special little Phreak. T: Well awarded, for the Phreaks infectious bouncy style. I grant a piece of art commissioned by Mr Munch H: Well Thora and team, it’s time for Clementz to come in and boy does he come in with Voltage Control. V: More electrified baselines and vibrations so tectonic I’ve lost my glasses. T: Well for me Vilmar, I find Clementz to be particularly good when things are kept cool and not so in your face, this track masters that technique. V: A fiery tale that reminds me of the old gods, a damnh good track 2 Hei Hei’s from me H: Just look at the crowd H: Excitaxory, Did I pronounce that right Vilmar? Silver Spoon I know how to say, here to play. V: Shit rhyme dude.... Enunciation aside this sure is one heck of track C: Ja ja, it’s bright, and shiny, with more than a hint of space bleeps and bloops. T: A groovy, Space Odyssey type themed track, I must say that Excitaxory has me Excitaxed C: Thora just shut up with the puns V: Agreed close that ridiculous mouth of yours. T: … This is a family show. V: Bottom line, 3 Hei Hei’s. H: A new name to the scene, Armakuni with the boldly titled Descending Into Darkness. V:Bright Light and sparkled beginnings coming from big fellas Armakuni, I like the name, I like the Title, I like the style. T: Yes very groovy with metallic confabulations of melodies from light to dark. C: Metallic confabulated melodies? Jesus Thora just stop… Unlike that final melody that I wish would have never stopped. V: Seriously Thora... T: Well, Armakuni is here with one of my favourites of the night. A great track that eventually explodes into ecstasy and positive reinforcement as to why tonight has so far been so great. H: Strong Words! Microcosm is here to take us to the beyond with one that might sound familiar When We All Come Together. I love a positive title. T: Well this is one I’ve heard before, they say you can’t teach a dog new tricks, but you sure can edit a song to sound better. C: For once I have to agree with you T. V: Wait really? C: Listen to the track V, feel the strength and speed of all that aural energy. V: The leads were a bit sharp and intense, I appreciate the effort of you coming out here on stage for us Microcosm but for me it’s only 1 slice of Brunost. H: The crowd seems to disagree with you Vilmar. H: Moving right along, A talent, a name, a contender, Phobium who has come along tonight to dazzle you all with Shape is Everything T: I honestly wasn't expecting something so great to come our way so fast this evening. C: It's like the only common denominator is that all these artists have some connection to Norway. V: Norway and Goa, but what the fuck is going in Norway? Y'all eating magic over there? T: Something is going on over here and it nothing short of magic. H: Time for a new guest to join us on G G GOAS GOT NORGE. No wait, yes that’s right, N N NORGE's GOT GOA. Material Music with Shaktas V: Ooph that was stiff C: Material Musics first performance of the night. Heavy kicks and intense pressurized potential that gets unleashed over and over across the sound spectrum. T: Ja, this track grows stronger and stronger, getting pretty wild and crazy at some points, maybe somewhat compressed? I don't know, i've literally never said that before.. V: Once again Thora, confusing everyone. Regardless, a very strong performance worthy of as many bottles of Aquavit as this person can carry. Well done Material Music H: This is that good deep sexy Clementz. My preferred side of Clementz, oh wait, I’m the host, not a judge. Introducing Toffere Enn Toget (1977 Edit)!!!! V: sheesh this guy?!? Well it’s the sexy deep styled Clementz track that I like. Such a painter of landscapes with his sounds. C: That’s Right V, tranced out music to the max. A stellar performance and the outfits were just wonderful. T: I agree, this track is pure big room trance type music that gets me feeling all fine. H: Whoooah-weeee, that was quite the thing alright, we should really all take a break and listen to a word from our sponsor Ringnes ~ "Solo, Save the world?" ""That's right everybody, Solo by Ringnes cool-drink will save the world"" """You don't want this to happen right?""" """"Come on kid, don't be like that, it aint that much, just ask your mum for some change and help the world""""" """""Solo"""""" """"""Save The World You Dick Kid"""""""" ~ H: Introduuuuuuuucing Vimana Shastra who has come tonight to present to you all, Tura. V: Thora are you really on your phone right about now! T: One sec, aaaand, done, sorry gang, just had to look this artist up and save the name. C: You don't say? You have the tracklist bro. I wont be needing that though, this song isn't leaving my head for a while. T: A performance that invokes an artist deep dive for sure.. V:3 Hei Hei's from each of us. H: Clementz Inside The Craft taking the stage C: Love seeing back here Clementz you ballsy busy boy. T: Well, in the words of all boy all Irish group The Wanted.... Glad you Came V: A damn good slow burning candle made of trance wax. Groovy, sweet-toothed and engulfing. C: Indeed, I wouldn't be able to put it any better than the the 5-grown-men-group-who-get-filmed-singing-&-dancing known as The Wanted.... Could This Be Love? H: Homegrown Life Forms is a surprise appearance for the night. No doubt he has been sent back by the aliens that abducted him for tonight's performance. T: Can some one fact check that please? C: Put a sock in it and relax to some groovy music wont you Thora. V: Well shit damn that's a deep groovy track. What's this all about then? This gonna be your thing huh? Gonna stick around or go back to your alien orgies? T: Just keep em coming Homegrown that was 4 Lutefisks and a signed copy of innovative-child-time-writer Roal Dahl's childhood classic The Giant Peach from me. H: Presenting a little known Angry Dwarf With Baobab (Echoes From Hamarr). V: *Gasp* My Ganapati! T: FUUUUUUUUUCK C: Settle down fellas, have a sip of Ringnes made Solo and allow me. C: Exciting, psychotic, lush, mad, and sweet. clueless as to why I haven't heard of Angry Dwarf before, I guess sometimes you just need that track. Coming in with something so far away from anything I was expecting. T: 3 Hei Hei's and the orignal 35" film roll of Classical Child writer Roahl Dahls motion hit Matilda. V: Give him the Other Giant Peach for that final act of glory. H: Phew, in swoops Clementz to pick up all this broken glass left over from Angry Dwarf with Distorted Angel. V: Well he does it well, A bright light filled driving force. T: Feel that build up, feel that energy. C: Well I feel that warm and cruisy low end and I feel that melodic honey. V: Not a drop of sweat to be seen, a 5 year pass to renowned golfing place Lofoten Links. H: Back to the stage comes one of our top performers of the evening, Material Music. Already holding 3 lutefisks and 3 hei hei's. T: What more could he possibly want with Omhu. C: How about a little applause for another special little performance. V: Made with 4 parts floaty, 3 parts trancedelic and 2 nips of lead chord melodic madness in this order. T: Shaken, and poured over clearly produced psychedelic fun. Omhu rules. H: Drum Pets remixed by Strangepork would like to, for the first time tonight present this belter Melt The Walls. C: Fantistic intro T: Then a great change up just after 3 minutes. V: And another only moments later. a building mountain of momentum that comes closer and closer together. C: Valleys closing in and oceans meetings, Worlds beginning and worlds ending, Melt The Walls takes you there. H: A little to real Carson... Introducing Phreak By Natures second blaster Reaching Out To Another Dimensions. T: Can you remember all the way back to his first song guys? All i remember is both were fantastic. C:You're a Terrible judge Thora, of course we remember the first track, we are judges. V: You're bringing the word into direpute T. C: This track was crazy good. A big bloody belting psychedelic boom boom show that I keep wanting to hear again and again. H: Trold - Torus Fields up next to see what he can wow the judges with. T: First of all. 'i'm the terrible judge?' You guys haven't given an award out since the Omhu Cocktail analogy. Torus Fields though; Super thick badumba kicks and a groovy rhythm on top. C: Then a melody of bliss and pleasure. V: For the audiences at home this is really something to be here live. T: Lucky fella's indeed. This track goes into infinity and makes me instantly interested in increments of inebriation from this infectious installation of music. C:...Dude, nice. H: OK IT"S TIME FOR ANOTHER WORD FROM OUR SPONSERS! ~ *National Icons* **Rakfisk** ***Processed Petroleum Oil*** ****Gustav Vigeland**** *****More Hot Women****** *******And The Guy You Need To Get Past For Those Women******* ********Come and visit the shores of the Norse******** *********Authorized by Norwegian Ombudsman of National Affairs********* ~ H: Velkommen Tilbake! We are back and Psylosopher is taking the limelight with Aphorism, a dark and moody slow banger to help you all calm down from the chaos so far. T: That’s no calming piece. It’s broody dawg, good broody. C: Maybe you’re a wimp? I think the whole schtick of this track is groovy and hypnotic. Especially that final melody. V: Come now, just revel in the slow moovy melodies of Aphorism. This would fit nicely in any downtempo-midtempo set that needs a little under the covers fumble. Reminds me of some tracks from the VA - Spiritual Doping. T: Not a favorite tonight maybe a bit different, I know I know, we should celebrate differences and all. Sheesh, I get it. Aphorism has its own edge which I have to respect. H: Protostar One hitting us with Quantum energy T: Taking to the stage like a kitten in milk. C: Or a Bunyip under Trollfjord. V: Might have lost our audience with that one you two. Yet another hypnotic electro banger that aims to please. Smooth and waxy, like a lot of tracks tonight it really builds into something larger than the sum of its part. That final build and explosion of energy is just so sweet. H: Next up, a name we have seen before (but not tonight) here to take the stage and our hearts, the beautiful Aion with Synergetic T: Using words and Acid to get us in the Zone. C: Ja ja, More Goa than what i've heard from Aion before, more badass. V: That low end metallic vibration is beautiful T: A great great track with spirals of zippity fun. C: The crowdo-meter is high after this one. *H: Ah, wrong feed there guys.* H: Now I know everyone here has been looking forward to this moment. It's Raaaa! With his rendition of Escaping Gravity. C: Oh jeepers, I didn't know if this was going to be old school Ra or new School Ra but I also didn't mind which. V: Well yikes, I wanted old school Ra and it's what he brought along. Melodic floating and sparkling track. T: A step down from some of the psychotic music we have heard, it's time to relax and drift off into the cosmos with these Norwegian maestro's. C: All agreeing on 3 Hei Hei's and a 3 minds full of Kos. V & T: Agreed! H: Oh well guess whats next. Goalien is here right here right now with track Ayahuasca T: Takes balls to give a track such a potent name V: Tell that to the guys over at progressive-psytrance-music.com. C: I Was expecting more Nitzho here, some of the inbetween bits here and there dont catch me, but then all of a sudden, explosion. I should have known this would come. T: Hard banging trance that I tip my hat too and award the sole rights to Edvard Munch's 'Man With A schlongle' H: Material Music just wont stop, so here is A Noble Prize C: Hot tamili it's an organic piece. Lovely intro and sounds T: And then boom boom pow we get big hard trance coming at us. V: A first half of calm surrender and then a second act of the exact opposite. T: Another stand out and reason to give this artist more attention, bravo Material Music. 1 all inclusive 9-Day Scandinavia, Russia & Baltic cruise from our kind sponsors Norwegian Cruise Line. H: Another relentless trancer back for another show, it's Clementz – Surrender to the Universe T: This is the in your face Clementz that unfortunately doesn't rock my socks off. V: I have to unwillingly agree, It has all the things i like about Clementz but that in your face lead is a bit much at this point. C: I love the opera voices in the back ground and about everything from the 4 minute mark. H: Alright lets see if something a little bit newer from our Microcosm team can do the trick for Thora this time around with Right on Time and on Another Place in Outer Space (Phreak By Nature Mix) T: Back for another gander. This track hits me right in the sweet spot. C: The perfect version of a Microcosm track. Man I wish I could hear more of this. V: Forget Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran, This is the real Perfect Symphony T: For that final sexy, groovy act I offer a life time association with the 47 different Norwegian national parks scattered around this fine part of the world. H: Lemurians up nextoooooo with his new rendition? properly presented? remastered? and renamed track Not Expected T: I'll take properly presented & renamed. Personally I have to say mr Lemurian, that was beyond stellar, it was insteller. C: Ummmm, You could have said interstellar? That would have been way cooler. V: Boooom! Baby, this is one of my favorite performances of the evening. T: He even says the words and it still takes you by surprise. C: Just have a look at the crowd they loved it! H: Oh no, we aren't done yet. Like the final bite of a 28 slice pizza we present Ion Vader!!! Introducing his hit Harmonic Defiance (Bonus Track). T: Smooth and cruisy. C: There was really no need to give this evening some downtempo number. Finish high and strong. V: I like the energy and final vibe that the producers over at Kali Earth Records have left us with. T: A strong track too, and a familiar name I was not aware was from the land of the Giants. Fjords that is. H: Folks, Members of the no longer human species, that is the show tonight. Full of bravado, power and a form of hubris that I can't help but respect. I like to think that I haven't formed this opinion because I think the gang over at KER are cool dudes, but this is the comp. I think it's fantastic, Mariquesart gorgeous artwork, the entire crowd funded build up to it, the actual talent, the crazy wonderful and weird side of trance music. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/goagilde-norways-got-goatrance Artist: Various Title: Goagilde (Norways Got Goa Trance) Label: Kali Earth Records Date: December 28, 2019 Tracklist 1. Maan - Reed Voyage 06:46 2. Phreak By Nature - Lit the Fuse 08:14 3. Clementz - Voltage Control 06:23 4. Excitaxory - Silver Spoon 08:22 5. Armakuni - Descend Upon 07:00 6. Microcosm - When We All Come Together (edit) 08:37 7. Phobium - Shape is Everything 09:17 8. Material Music - Omhu 11:53 9. Clementz - Tøffere enn Toget (1977 edit) 08:11 10. Vimana Shastra - Tura 07:28 11. Clementz - Inside the Craft 08:57 12. Homegrown Lifeform - Terraforming 07:45 13. Angry Dwarf - Baobab (Echoes from Hamarr) 10:33 14. Clementz - Distorted Angel 06:40 15. Material Music - Shaktas 10:54 16. Drum Pets - Melt the Walls (Strangepork Remix) 09:07 17. Phreak By Nature - Reaching Out To Another Dimension 18. Trold - Torus Fields 10:18 19. Psyolopher - Aphorism 07:36 20. Protostar One - Quantum Energy 08:34 21. Aion - Synergetic 08:24 22. Ra - Escaping Gravity 09:35 23. Goalien - Ayahuasca 09:31 24. Material Music - A Noble Prize 08:32 25. Clementz - Surrender to the Universe 08:20 26. Microcosm - Right on Time and on Another Place in Outer Space (Phreak By Nature Mix) 08:01 27. Lemurians - Not Expected 07:18 28. Ion Vader - Harmonic Defiance (Bonus Track)
  2. Hello every body, KER (Kali Earth Records) is a record label that also do managing of artists and dj’s through XXPSY management. In essence, XXPSY can help you release your music on to other bigger and more established record companies that agrees with you music. Btw. We (ref. Label-head) also have 10 years of solid experience in event arranging, and festival work, including stage management. Check out our web page http://kaliearthrecords.com/material-music/ for more information where you also will find a contact form and more "snax". So far this is the only XXPSY released artist: - MATERIAL MUSIC https://www.discogs.com/artist/6209821-Material-Music , XXPSY
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