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  1. Hi everyone ! You can listen to my new track on the following two links... Comments are welcome http://www.myspace.com/ajnasound http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ajna/149915658387952 See you soon !! Ajna
  2. Thanks a lot for your kind comments !! @ Imba : a special thanks because of your everytime support and happy that you like my music @ Spicy RolL : thank you for your sincerity, that's right that other people told me the same thing about my kick and bassline... I'm trying to find my own style, i like the beauty of goa melodies, the atmosphere, the spiritual side but i also trying to have a dynamic track (with power), so maybe that's why my kick & bass seem as full-on style @ Suntelia : Hey my siberian bro, happy to see you there
  3. Hi boyzz and girlzz !! My new track is on Myspace and Facebook, so please listen and make some comments !! http://www.myspace.com/ajnasound http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Ajna/149915658387952 Have a good day everyone ! Ajna
  4. Hello happy people !! You can listen to my new track on Myspace Your comments are welcome ! Peace & Love Ajna
  5. Thanks a lot for those who took some time to make a reply ) It gave me some more energy to continue music ! But damn, is there only few people who listen to melodic Goa Trance ? Please don't be shy and post comments brothers ! Peace & Love Ajna
  6. Hello everybody ! You can listen to my new track on Myspace I still need your comments !! Thanks a lot to my friends Vassilis and Elias Gits for their friendship and help. I also want to thank Danche Milevska (I'm sure you understand) and to all the persons who were here for me (they will recognized themselves) Sending U goa vibes from France... Peace & Love Ajna P.S : Btw my track Mother Gaia will be released on next V/A Pure Planet 4 by Kagdila Records
  7. At first, I wish U all a happy new year 2009 !! I hope that this year will be filled with beautiful Goa melodies :-) You can listen some extracts of my new track "Mother Gaia" on http://www.myspace.com/ajnasound I dedicate this one to my friend Vassilis (Cosmogenesis), and I want also to thank my friends Vertical Smile (Cédric), Kaze no Koe (Méric), Agneton (Elias), and Bobby from Aerosis...Thank U so much for your help and support.... Please post some feedback in order to help me to improve myself... See ya' soon !! Ajna
  8. Hi Goa Trance lovers !!! I would like to present you my first track "The Art of Happiness" You can listen some extracts here... http://www.myspace.com/ajnasound Please give me your opinions...I need your feedback to progress... Peace ! Ajna
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