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Found 9 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Trance Mix 5 Label: BMI Records Date: 1995 1. Hallucinogen - LSD 2. Akasha - Ace of Wands 3. Moog - Euromotors 4. Baas Complex - Sample Your Mind 5. Moondust - Are We Alone 6. Slinky Wizard - Wizard 7. Union Jack - Cactus 8. Binary Xperience - Penguin 9. Digital Island - Cosmic Ocean Is this what I think it is? No...it can't be... Retro video game Centipede emanating from a floating pedestal sink amidst the barren Arizona desert? That's right. Trance Mix 5 *cacophonous crescendo!!!!!* What else could it be? Now the first thing you're probably going to notice is the opening track. Never heard it myself, but people say it has potential so I'll give it a listen. Most likely won't amount to much. After that things are not what they appear. Baas Complex is merely the mind behind Color Box with a sinister if not repetitive track. Just FYI though...I try not to mix my swirling goa with samples of deficit reduction and job creation. Kills the mood. Moondust is just those crazy Germans from X-dream. Plus one Cosmix. And Digital Island? Oh, Boris...I'd know you anywhere. Nice thumping beat and Om Shivaya chants. So after the dust has settled what you have is LSD and some of the greatest names in goa trance releasing one off tracks under different project names. It can sound a little dated, but after all it is early goa trance. They're not half bad (nor would I expect them to be) and it's probably why this compilation is so valuable. Well that and the super cool cover. *snicker* Is that an Ivan Richpa original early work? Mdk
  2. Artist: Various (Kinda) Title: Goa Exit Label: Subliminal Records Date: 1995 1. Martin Cooper - Fly In The Rajastan 2. Tomahawk - Xingu 3. Spectral - Trans O 10 C 4. Guarana Cupana - Red Aum 5. Zig Zag - Juno Transportation 6. Guarana Cupana - Syrinx 7. Martin Cooper - 303 Keops 8. Zig Zag - Global Subject 9. Tomahawk - Plastic Form Ok no secret this is mostly all the same guy. Most of his most memorable music was produced under the project Asia 2001 with a slew of great albums. Hell Suntrip just re-released one of his and goa trance's highest achievements with Psykadelia. This is some of his earlier work and like a lot of goa music from back then it sounds dated and thin. The tracks have plenty of good ideas and melodies, but the technology simply might not have been there to make this a standout. A couple of tracks benefited from remastering on Avatar's Amnesia back in 2005. If you're looking for some of his best work check that out.
  3. Hi ! Can someone ID this track pleaaaaaase cheers
  4. Artist: Various Title: Nataraja Label: POF Music Date: 1995 1. Joking Sphinx - Cralacoffo 2. Blue Planet Corporation - Antidote 3. Danshi-Denshi - Tikitatum 4. Man of the Last 3rd- No Name 5. Prana - Mugen 6. Synchro - Colourblind Shellfish 7. Amanite FX - The Secret of Mana 8. Magnetic Pulstar - Pulse (Man of the Last 3rd Mix) 9. Emmanuel Top - Tri Cid Ladies and gentlemen here we have proof that not everything goa trance related from 1995 was worth a sh*t. Antidote is the obvious star here, but all the people reading this already have that track. So what else? I suppose a wink and a nod towards Tikitatum and the Secret of Mana are warranted, but after that it's slim pickings. The majority of this compilation seemed offended that I was awake. Since I'm shelling out honorable mentions, one has to go to Emmanuel Top for making one of the most boring tracks I've heard in quite some time. Kudos sir. The only way this would be worth saving is if the edges of the disc were super sharp. And you were a ninja who left his throwing stars at a Starbucks waiting for your Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip. I have no idea what that gibberish means. I found it on the interwebz. Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: The Sound of Goa Trance Label: SDR Music Date: 1995 1. Octopus - The Art of Trance 2. Adventure Trip One - Lords of Octagon 3. Uniform Planet (Orbit Trance) - GGE 4. It's Our Future - AWeX 5. Luna Music - Luna Music 6. Plastic Gourd - Quietman 7. Desert Sun - Adrenalin Drum 8. Pyramid Night - Silver Pyramid 9. Ultraviolet - Monosphere 10. New E-Volution - Adrenalin Drum I don't have any pants on. Sh*t. I work out. I mean I plan to, you know...plan to actually think about working out. But in the mean time. None. While that lovely image is swirling in your head I'll tell you why. For the first time in I don't know how many years I'm all by myself. Kids are at the grandparents, wife at work...I can do anything I want. There are things I have to do, but you just know that I will put them off until the absolute last minute. Never heard of this label nor most of the artists featured. I know Adrenalin Drum and the track Octopus. Well the MWNN mix anyway. So what you get is some cool acid trance (Adventure Trip One), acid trance with a bit of a house vibe (It's Our Future...they beat the hell out of that sample), exceedingly long and uneventful acid trance (Luna Music), some REALLY long and loud acid trance (Plastic Gourd), some sneaky and bubbly goa (Desert Sun), some progressive trancey goa (New E-Volution), and some filler. So...nothing really to write home about. I love the growl of a 303 as much as the next guy, but I need more. This was an album where the Discogs rating was close to spot on. Some good acid trance, but not the best the genre has to offer. But you'll always have that image of me with no pants. Your welcome. Mdk
  6. Artist: Anopheles Title: Deep Moon EP Label: Polytox Records Date: 1995 1. Deep Moon 2. Gothic Elevator 3. Experience Magic This obscure EP was reviewed by Draeke himself on Discogs almost 6 and a half years ago and while I wasn't as taken with it as he was, I can appreciate it. Anopheles was Frank Meyer and Sam Tyson and they each continued to make music separately, but this was their only release as a project. 95 is almost 20 years ago and this shows it's age a bit. Of course trance 2 decades ago was much different than it is now. It's tribal in nature (regardless of speed) and the percussive touches in Gothic Elevator are appealing. Very entrancing. The midtempo Experience Magic is also a smooth track with soft flute melodies that float above sharp goa stabs. Not bad. Mdk
  7. Artist: Syb Unity Nettwerk Title: Mind Rider / Source of Life EP Label: Aquarius Date: 1995 1. Mind Rider (11:29) 2. Source of Life (11:01) Kris Kylven is a stranger to nobody who frequents this forum. Responsible for the unparalleled dark goa trance epic Ultimate Experience (which was recently re-released with awesome updates) he obviously didn't start out that way. One of his other projects was Syb Unity Nettwerk which to be honest sounded a lot like UX. This is one of his earlier releases and boy does it show. Mind Rider flirts with the industrial side of things with crunchy guitars lurking in the background as goa leads roll in waves. Both tracks are very thin and monotonous to me with Source of Life being the most boring. The production is rather sparse to say the least, but this was 2 years before he gave us the Ultimate Experience. Far from his best work, but it does give a little idea where he was heading. Only for collectors and completionists. Mdk
  8. Artist: Adrenalin Drum Title: The Israel EP Label: Spirit Zone Recordings Date: 1995 1. Harddome 2. The Hypnotiser 3. Harddome "I can hear myself. I feel so exposed." I came across this and it piqued my interest because I recently reviewed a couple of Adrenalin Drum releases in an effort to clean out my hard drive. X-perimental Goa was kept , but alas Engine had to go. So this is Har-El Prussky in his prime I suppose with three tracks. Harddome on Side A bored me, but things got better with the Hypnotiser. The full length mix of Harddome is easily the best on the EP. While not mad with melodic spirals, it's dark and pumping and thoroughly old school sounding. I could see people tripping to this. So, not bad. Mdk
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