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  1. Just a reminder of this project's attempt at looking at the Psytrance subgenres and in a historical arc for the essential releases. You can get access them through our blog, we've got regular Trance also included on that wing of the project but separated. Other Electronic and non electronic are there too. https://rymboxset.blogspot.com/2018/06/trance.html
  2. Reviewed my previous list on Darkpsy and added another disc worth of comps and releases to include. Stopped at 2010 since I really didn't see a load of essentials AFTER that. Hopefully it looks accurate. As always feedback is welcome if given on any of these lists.
  3. "Psychedelic UK Techno" (Megadog, Crusty Techno, and Ethno-Hippies) https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-psychedelic-uk-techno-megadog-crusty-techno-and-ethno-hippies/
  4. Taking a break from the Psychedelic Trance Review and getting some Downtempo and related sets made or updated. Kinda related in their adjacent way with PSy. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-ambient-dub/
  5. Twilight Psytrance done https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-twilight-psytrance-1/ Hopefully covered both sides well. Likely I'll just review what Psychedelic Trance sets I already have done and see if I need to expand or revise anymore.
  6. sorry can't help you there and a little off-topic... Hopefully he didn't borrow a riff or two from the Tresor label back catalog by naming it that, lol
  7. Beatspace has so many labels attached now on Bandcamp they are the psy version of itunes, lol. https://beatspace.bandcamp.com/artists 1.2. Trip Records 24/7 Records 2to6 Records 3rd Eye Records 9th Circle Records Acdc Records Acidance Records Acidmaniacs Records Active Meditation Music Adapted Records Airglow Records Akashik Record Alchemists Pact Records Alchemy Records Alice D Records Alkaloid Productions Amaris Records Anarchic Freakuency Anomalistic Records Another Dimension Music Another Psyde Records Antimateria Records Antiscarp Records Antu Records Apuruami Records Arkona Creation Arrabida Records Astropilot Music Atmospheric Records Audio Mountain Records Aural Survive Records Awakening Records Axios Records Banyan Records Basic Algorithm Records Bass Star Records Bassclef Records Believe Lab Bhooteshwara Records Biijah Records Biomechanikal Records Biomechanix Records Bionics Records Black Magik Records Blacklite Blackout Records Blitz studios Blue Hour Records Bmss Records Bocaraka Records Bom Shanka Music Boom! Records Boundless Music Boys & girls Brain Collapse Records Catar Records Catawampus Records Celestial Dragon Records Chronozone Records Clocktail Records Cryptic Symmetry Records Cyberbay Records Cyberdelica Records D Noir Records D.a.r.k. Records Dacru Records Damaru Records Dark Prisma Records Dendro Music Tribe Deviant Force Records Digital Distortion Records Digital Drugs Digital Shiva Power Digital Yonkis Dimensional Records Disapproved Records Discovalley Records DM7 Records Dope Deer Records Dream Crew Records Dropout Productions Dubstep sf Echoes Records Edm Records Ensancha el Alma Records Essential Slam Funk Records Evil knivel Records Ezel Ebed Records Faerie Dragon Records Forestdelic Records Fractal Nebula Fraktal kaos Records Free Radical Records Free Spirit Records Fresh Frequencies Future Music Records Future Tribe Office Ganja Tree Records Geometric Global Aura Records Gloom Music Glowing Flame Records Goa Madness Records Goalogique Records Goanmantra Records Golden Dawn Records Grasshopper Records Green Wizard Records Greentree Records Greytone Grimm Records Gylfaginning Records H20 music Hadra Records Helicon Sound System Hellchedelic Records Hi Trip Records Horrordelic Records Human Spectrum Records Hypergate Records Hypnotic Instincts Hypnotica Records Iboga Records Ibogatech Impact Studio Records Impulse Audio Records Indali Records Infinity Tunes Records Inpsyde Media Insomnia Records Iono Music Jama Bosse Productions Juicy Noise Records Kagdila Records Kali Earth Records Kanfusion Music Katayy Records Krembo Records Kutral Records L25 Entertainment Labyrinthine Crew Lamat Records Looney Moon Records Lost Theory Records Lotus Feet Records MadMuzik Records Magma Records Maharetta Records Maia Records Mainstage Records Mamomam Records Maniac Psycho Production Manic Dragon Records Matsuri Digital Medulla Oblongata Metatron Records Mighty Quinn Records Mighty Vibrations Records Milega Records Mind Control Records Mind Expansion Records Mindfull Records Monkey Business Records Moon Koradji Records Morning Monster Records Morphonic Records Mosaico Records Multifrequency Records Mushlight Records Mystic Sound Records Nano Records Nataraja Records NBM records No Comment Records Noize Conspirancy Records Northern Psylight Records Nullzone Nutek America Nutek Asia Nutek Chill Nutek Ibiza Nutek Records Nutriadance Records Ohm Ganesh Pro Ominous Evolution Records Omveda Records Orbita Parvati Organic Alchemy Organik Circus Records Ovnimoon Records Paleo Records Parabola Music Parvati Records Pelorum Records Phar Psyde Records Phototropic Records Phreex Networx Pixan Recordings Pleiadian Records Positive Reaction Post-modern Music Power House Records Pralayah Records Profound Records Progg 'n' roll Records Protonic Records Psy-Core Records Psyberia Records Psybertribe Records Psychotic Viridis Psylosophia Lab Psynon Records PsynOpticz Records Psytribe Records Pure Perception Records Purple Hexagon Quadrivium Records Quantum Frog Productions Quantz Records Random Records Real Vision Music Regen Records Reversible Records Rizoma Records Rockdenashi Productionz Russian Federation Sadhu Records Sahman Records Samaa Records Sangoma Records Sentimony Records Seraaphanaa Records Seres Music Shaman Electro Records Shamanism Records Sidereal Sirius Records Sita Records Skygravity Records Sofa Beats Sol Music Sonic Chakras Records Sonic Dragon Records Sonica Recordings Soulectro Music Sound Kitchen Records Soundkraft Records Sourcecode South Africa Space Baby Records Space Boogie Spaceradio Records Spectral Records Spiral Trax Spontaneous Aerobics Starseed Psytrance Stereo Society StereoHemia Records Sting Records Stone Age Records Sun Department Records Sun Station Sunny Records Suntrip Records Sweet Dreams Records Syncronize Records Tandava Records Tantra Music Temple Twister Records Tendance Music Terror Lab Industries TesseracT Studio The Fifth Element Records Thorium Records Timecode Records Timelapse Records Timewarp Records Trance Lab Records Transcape Records Treetrolla Records Triptec Records Trishula Records Tryptech Records Tzolkin United Beats Records Unlimited Music Up Records Urban Antidote Records Uxmal Records Vantara Vichitra Records Vertigo Records Visionary Shamanics Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings Wayside Records Wild Seven Recordz Wildthings Records Wonkay Records World People Prod Yellow Sunshine Explosion Yggdrasil Records Zaikadelic Records Zero Gravity Records Zero to One Zoo Music
  8. New set done, Zenonesque. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-zenonesque/ Went back a bit further then the pdf did. Didn't cover Darkprogpsy outside of it....
  9. I think that's one of the issues is that when you look at modern mixes of psytrance with newer releases is they are a mix of several of the subgenres (even listing several in the titles), they're new or small artists that aren't necessary to know or don't fit into the history, and they're not designed to really do any history lessons. That's where going over classics and the history part is essential in at least showing where it came from to those who care. Youtube mixes and spotify playlists will almost always be just updated modern versions, mixing several subgenre sounds from where they started, and often ignoring any origins of the subgenres. It's frankly hard to find any "classic" subgenre playlists....
  10. Forest Psytrance is up. This one a bit large https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-forest-psytrance/
  11. Psy Tech is up on RYM https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-psy-tech-1/ Youtube Playlist Partial Spotify More on the way......Twilight next ?
  12. Nice to see Fuzzion - Outlaws on here and then a decade + later on Psychedelic Techno Vol. 2. Good music doesn't disappear....Psy-Tech classic as it sounds great today!
  13. Progressive Psytrance is up on RYM https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-progressive-psytrance/ Youtube Playlist Spotify More on the way......Psy-Tech next
  14. New School Goa Set is up on RYM https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-new-school-goa/ Youtube Spotify I likely should get to Progressive Psy next....
  15. In the meantime I decided to re-do the main set and cover the Golden age from 1993-2000 and break them into a 4 disc intro thru the chronological years. Since the split really happens at the millennium the rest will likely fall under the individual sets. Dropped the post 2000 selections which included progressive and new school goa, added a lot more comprehensive picks, cleaned up the sources section, and added some videos. On the bottom i show what's already made and what's now on the way. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-goa-trance-psytrance/ Youtube Spotify Playlist (most there) Made some progress earlier in the week on New School Goa. Have a draft on discogs https://www.discogs.com/lists/New-School-Goa/610314 and an even more complete one being made on rym to reflect.
  16. So the RYM Box Set project was started on the music database rateyourmusic (RYM for short) now known as Sonemic. It's a group project to highlight the essential artists, albums, and tracks for every music genre + scene. The ultimate guide to music genres. 11 Years+ Now!. It's as easy a way to explore a genre as it gets and is a chronological mixtape with a purpose. It was created on 2009 and is still being very actively worked and expanded by a multitude of people. It has over 1,000 genre sets with nearly 1,300 discs worth of music. Many of these are stream-able on YouTube and Spotify. I helm that project and while we've always had a few sets for psytrance, many of those are the more traditional splits. Goa and Psy-Trance has often been lumped together instead of separated (even my main set needs some re-doing). Dark, Progressive, and Full On more recently acknowledged. I've made a few sets in the past few years to reflect the subgenres off Trance and Psy-Trance based off the sources out there. I'm always up for improving my existing sets and getting to these newer ones but would also love to get some help from the experts here if possible. I have a few upcoming sets in draft and in order on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/user/freewave/lists but the rest of the subgenres under Psychedelic Trance are all linked on the main list and below on RYM in much more detail Goa Trance / Psytrance Psybient Nitzhonot Suomisaundi Full-On Psytrance Progressive Psytrance Psy Tech Dark Psytrance Forest Psytrance New School GOA Twilight Psytrance Zenonesque Hi-Tech Psytrance / Psycore If an album is a solid choice, then it just needs an ideal track to represent that genre best. If you think I need to add something or remove something, let me know. Ultimately experts on this forum will know much more than I will what best represents each subgenre then I ever will and many quotes have been included to give an oral history of the genres and the importance of the selections. . If anyone would like to help I'd love to best reflect them in depth and accurately. Even feedback after I do put out a new set this month on RYM. Thanks!
  17. ahhh ok. yeah i was hoping the pdf covered the essential artists and albums for each style, not just "examples" of some. Makes it harder to understand the genre when its different artists, albums, and criteria on the different sites to check out or the essentials / classics are skipped over. Thanks for explaining that though.
  18. PsyTrance Guide Night Full-on Also known as: Twilight, South African Full-on BPM range: 145-150 Night Full-on is the evil twin of Full-on: it has the same fast-paced bass and leads but with a darker vibe and twisted, synthetic sounds. On the festivals, Twilight Psy typically sound during the night-time, hence the name. Note: probably, Night Full-on and Twilight will be separated is the future version of this guide. Please read more in the blog.???? Examples: CPU — Processing Unit (Original Mix) Azax Syndrom — Flawless Victory (Original Mix) Alienn — Goodfellas (Original Mix) Absolum & Outer Signal — Get Up Now (Original Mix) Notable artists: Absolum, (on pdf) Brainwash, (not on pdf) CPU, (not on pdf) Ex-Gen, (not on pdf) Outer Signal, (not on pdf) Scorb, (not on pdf) Pitch Hikers, (on pdf) Shift, (not on pdf, on a few of the comps) Stereopanic (not on pdf) Notable labels: Nexus Media, 3D Vision, Hypergate Records, Lysergic Records, Nutek Records, Mechanik Records Ormion Recommendations:" Azax Syndrom, (not on pdf) Khopat, (not on pdf) Sidhartha, (on pdf) Tryambaka, (on pdf) Phatmatix, (on pdf) Seroxat, (not on pdf) Killer Buds. (not on pdf) All of them are classic examples of Twilight." Check also albums by Tryon, (not on pdf) Wizack Twizack, (not on pdf) Dark Nebula. (not on pdf) I guess this itemizes what IS and isn't on the pdf. again 3 different sources showing off differing recommendations. Hence the confusion on what to go by......
  19. I'm a bit mystified here. I know Ormion has been very outspoken on what great Twilight is in all his posts on this forum but yet his recommendations aren't matched by what is on the pdf but they seem a little closer to the psytranceguide stub.....As a newcomer its hard to know what to go by when people are given very different answers by 3 experts...... I've copied over the pdf recommendations into a chronological list (s.african on second half, do most people separate them or lump them together?) https://www.discogs.com/lists/Twilight-Psytrance/603302 and all the source links i found so far....
  20. I don't supposed anyone has ever tagged the results with subgenre tags have they? Uptempo and Dowtempo doesn't do a whole lot when there's better subgenre tags that can be used....
  21. So here's the set i just compiled for https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-nitzhonot/ I kept the quotes and scores from Agneton and Psygreg seems like the great experts for it. I guess the examples Zed Reactor and Space Buddha fit the style but are a bit average in comparison to some of the other options. Ideally it would be nice to have the best of the best albums under selections. I don't know how far you've gotten into Psycore. I've got a bit of a list going but its pretty hard to separate and define it apart from Hi-Tech https://www.discogs.com/lists/Psycore/544591 It's s start....
  22. We are in the brickwalled era. Even psytrance must suffer the same fate or sound not so up to par.
  23. Glad this forum is going strong. May 2020 be a year in sharp focus.
  24. Glad you are rebooting your series on your blog. Looks very nice! Hard to get excited with just 1995 up BUT we know there's a lot coming and you're already adding a lot more detail then just 5 picks per year. Really look forward to this!
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