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    VA - Space Of Power

    You over there at GS Concept must be pretty happy with the direction Goa took, well done on your support and building up and up and up of greatness. VA - Terraformer has become my all time most listened to album and my absolute favorite. I still have never listened to this release and am saving it for a rainy day of magic.
  2. I think Technossomy is an amigo not an amiga. If you get my drift? I'm talking about spaghetti and meatballs. Benoirs, bo jangles, Richard and the Twins. ~ I read your sentiments towards this on the Sykespico review and was going to comment but decided to leave it. Now that we are here though... I think 2019 has been an incredible year for Goa trance. Median Project, Jaraluca, Sykespico, Xamanist, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Katedra, The Legacy VA. + we have Celestial Intelligence, Hypnoxock & Pete & Pan on the horizon with a solid Norwegian VA coming up too. For me I think it is fair to say that 2019 was probably better than 2007, maybe on par with 2012/16 releases, but personally I think it's better because i'm living it fresh now. Despite all that, using this forum as my sole example, it seems like engagement with the music is dying, not the music itself. But what do I know, festival attendance is up surely? There are more labels releasing decent music, artists are improving, just look at The Maniac, Veasna, Median Projects big boy steps & as already mentioned Jaraluca & Sykespico. How do you find a substitute? Can it be done? I don't think so.
  3. I don't think they will be underrated for long. I could easily see them playing at not just Goa festivals but also regular Psytrance festivals (But I think there is room for Goa at every fest). So much power and energy in this album.
  4. Don't know why i've been thinking about this question lately BUT is Neogoa just Goa + Ambient?
  5. Awesome stuff, really looking forward to this release. Do you need information from us if we pre-ordered on the paypal pool?
  6. Do you catagorise your collection by label? Or was this organised for the post?
  7. @Jaza When you call it cosmic full on. Are you thinking something similar to a Timewarp release?
  8. We can ad Sykespico - Perspective to those lists.
  9. Alright you sons of bitches, whats going on here? 2019 the year you went and sold your souls to the devil? Huh do a little trade with The Beast did we? Condemn yourself through wizardry to become yourselves, sonic wizards? Artist: Sykespico Title: Perspective Label: Suntrip Records Release: September 30, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Great Light 2. Psycho Therapy 3. Trancologica 4. 6EQJE5 5. Concerta 6. Visit Earth (Live Mix) 7. Dance Float 8. Spacestation 9. Persimon Median project? Jaraluca? Xamanist & now Israeli bad bois Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad who make up Sykespico? You fellas dealing in dark magic? I always knew these Bad motha's were bad. But now they join the team of artists who release albums that are just about damn extraordinary. Am I easily pleased or have the Goa trance artists of the day kicked it up a notch? Do we deserve music like this? Are we living our lives well enough to warrant a gift like this? Relax, because Matan & Nadav seem to think so. Expect Bravado, Gusto, Excess, New Worlds, Raw Tectonics & Volcanoes of Ecstasy. ~ 1. Great Light - Nothing that begins without a boom ends without one. Nothing. Remember that for the rest of this album and use the 2nd half of this track as your first and final reminder. I really did think this track was going to be chill. My word what an exciting track. 2. Psycho therapy - Ok so now we know what to expect and the boys start it off just as beautifully. An instant transportation into a world full of tranquil expectations. I already know the guys for their brilliant compositions in the breaks of their tracks. And Psycho Therapy makes sure I also know them for a great deal of other good things on top of that. 3. Trancologica - Starts trancey as heck. Is that Osho? I don't know what it is but Indian accents and trance, a match made by Brahma. Expect a lot of good trancological karma and extraordinary soundscapes coming your way for this track. 4. 6EQJE5 - I mean are we here to party or what. That's rhetorical, Just fuck. Goddamn. 2:30 is all you need to know you're about to listen to one of the best trance tracks created. 6EQJE5, remember that one if you can, it's for your own good. There's nothing I can say that would be better than listening to this track. 5. Concerta - The bassline of this track got me stoned which makes it hard to think about what to write. I got it! No I lost it. YES! No it's gone. A crazy good track with celestial melodies that warp around every part of your consciousness. 6. Atmospheres painted by RA float in the background of this track and when the kickdrum came in I realized I didn't know it wasn't there. Matan & Navad know how to create cool worlds with sounds, and flounce those skills in your face on Visit Earth (Live Mix). I can't call it a favourite because each track pretty much is at this point. 7. Dance Float - Aaaaah Haha its on baby. Did you all check in on time? Bring your passports? Remember not to bring more than 50ml of liquids that aren't in a ziplocked bag? Leave your aerosols at home? Because this space ship ain't waiting around. Boom fucking Boom man. A speed of light banger that gives and gives and gives. Special surprises for us everywhere. But how the song composes it's finale is the most special, like lightening strikes of energy this song rocks. 8. Like every track so far Spacestation gains momentum along the journey. But Spacestation decides to swing you between calm (By Sykespico's standards) and crazy atmospheres. As soon as you think the calm is winning the crazy spreads its tentacles of psychedelic euphoria open, slowly engrossing every part it's electrified world. 9. Perlimor Star If you didn't already realise the crazy amazing atmospheres that these guys are compelled to create, you'll soon learn (I haven't head stuff like this since listening to Ra!) This could just as well have been an album opener as well as a closer. Beautiful slow trance that grows bigger and bigger. That grooves up and beyond. Did I just get transported to a the beginning of a new beautiful world being created? No... I got transported to a land of soaring energy that dances across the galaxy. But good guess. ~ If we are going to call Constellation by MP a cross between Mindsphere & Astral Projection. And Jaraluca's fits into the category of Psylent Budhi, Morphic Resonance & Pleaidians, which I agree with completely. Well then i'm going to liken this to a love child between Ra, Jannis & yes, Pleaidians...They get around. I think Celestial Intelligence might have christened the little bastard. I don't know what to say. It's just excellent unexpected stuff. Its exciting and energetic and a whole bunch of other nice words. This will surely be my album of year. This might be the best album of trance i've heard. But Sykespico already knew that, didn't they? Time will tell if this album really is as good as I think it is, but so far 8 listens in nothing has changed other than my favorite tracks. Magic https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/perspective
  10. Hey there, welcome, That's pretty much the perfect Iranian DJ name
  11. This album is really spectacular. The first listen I feel like I couldn't enjoy any of the songs properly because I just wanted to get to the DNA remix. Second time around it becomes stellar. The Ego Structures intro is completely hysterical and brought a huge smile to face. The rest of the track carries on just perfectly with smooth melodies that sear through the track. DNA (Remix) is insane and a huge track. I'm Sure Artha even likes this one better (Not that there is a need to pick a favorite). Fucking insane. The Prime Time is a glorious album opener. Pure gusto from the very beginning to the very end. A cinematic experience and a favourite. Mechanotronics melodies fly in from underneath the track and take over your mind and ability to stand still, if you haven't already lost that. Melodies wrapped in scorching and screeching psychedelic energy. Pendulum, The Micrograms & Awareness are all hot pieces of venomous fury that don't let up, hit hard and fly in the face of anyone who ever that they were going to have a chance to relax listening to this music. A series masterpiece and incredible step forward in Jaralucas style and talent. Hearing this kind of progression in an artist is always great, but being surprised by their output is even better. I certainly didn't expect Jaraluca's album to sound anything like this. It's incredibly frrrresh, it isn't ever boring, and never does a track go in the one linear direction. Melodies come and go, sometimes they come back intermingled in new leads, sometimes the song just flips and runs off in the other direction, but always forward and always fast. Well done Jaraluca you gonna grab a spot at Apsara 2020?
  12. Artist: Blisswave Title: Manvantara Label: Melusine Records Release Date: July 3, 2019 1. Manvantara 2. Into The Abyss 3. Dance of Shiva 4. Portal to Shambala 5. Interstellar 6. Blisswave - Manvantara (Continuous Album Mix) Blisswave Is Michele Leonard, a multi instumentalist who has a nack for producing glorious sounds and soothing landscapes. Manvantara starts of off with some super ethereal energy that for a short moment turns ominous before light synths come in to let us know that is all ok and that's the first minute and a half. So many feelings. The broken beat kicks us off into a track that will travel us through all the feelings of the rest of the album in one go. ~ Into the Abyss - Call of The Ones takes us through our paces of emotions just like the first track, only it has more time to delve into the ether of lightly clouded strange planets that we slowly wade through in a sense of complete dreamlike relaxation. A beautifully made piece that quite literally fills you with peace. That or an impending anxiety of the unknown. For me it was pure bliss. Dance of Shiva - Comes in hot with eastern melodies and a beat designed to pull you ever so smoothly from the tranquil state the last track just put you in. So enjoyable that the sonic soundscapes rush by you and the track is over before you know it. Portal to Shambala - Comes in off the back of Dance to Shiva seamlessly. A continuation of beats and rhythms that are 2 parts beautiful and 1 part shambalic vibrations. Interstellar - angelic and soft this track is everything it says it is. A trip into the warm and self-assuring parts of the atmos, where Oxytocin flows from your synapses with ease. Continuous Album Mix - What you are going to push play on if you have 3/4 of an hour up your sleeve and a whole lot of chillin' on the calender. ~ Blisswave has created a floating, dreamy & at times groovy extraordinaire. The first song really gives you a glimpse of what is to come so check it out to see if it's your cup of Chai Matcha. At the very least this is dream inducing morning symphony, at the most it's a deep, thoughtful & carefully curated group of tracks that are both fun and relaxing. https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/manvantara-24bits
  13. Artist: Barmohak Title: Adrenochrome Label: Timewarp Records Date: July 26, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Adrenochrome 2. Astral Life 3. Infinite Circle One of Timewarp's rising talents releases his 4th EP on the Label. When I first saw Mamomam Records release the Neogenia EP I was secretly wondering why it wasn't a Barmohak EP mostly due to him standing out the most in production style. Standing out isn't always a good thing, Like a clothed guy on a nude beach, or a nude guy on a clothed beach, a nude guy in a Mcdonalds play land or a Chinese flag waver in Hong Kong, then maybe i'd want to blend in a little better. Luckily if for Barak Steinberger, standing out doesn't have too many downsides in the music industry. His music is louder than most other Timewarp artists with leads that blast at you and weave them selves in and out of melodies. The beginning of Adrenochrome gives you an idea of what I mean. The track is pretty decent, there are moments when you want a reprieve from the onslaught but overall there are more good parts than not. Astral Life gets closer to a pure success with more variation and multiple melodies that find connections with one another throughout the song. All the layers do feel about as loud as each other, if I had to criticise I would say send some stuff to the background to be psychedelic there. A cool fast and wild track nonetheless that any dancefloor could get down to. When we reach Infinite Circle we bounce between extremely enjoyable parts to sections to high pitched melodies (Like 6:00) that don't quite fit as well IMO. The triplets are a cool touch and the last 2 minutes are awesome. A decent EP by an Artist with a lot of potential. I've watched some videos of his parties and the crowd really gets down to the tunes, which is a better test of his music than my opinion. My opinion coming all the same: If some more work went into creating extra depth in each track we would have a real winner, the music is creative, not timid, and full of great moments that never become boring, in fact boring is the last word I would use to describe Barak's music. But throw a little deepness into the mix, bring some of the layers down a notch OOOOHBOY that could be the secret for at home listening pleasure. As far as parties goes, there doesn't seem like much reason to change. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/barmohak-adrenochrome-timewarp123-timewarp
  14. Title: Astronauts In Space Artist: VA Label: Global Sect Date: September 9, 2019 1. Rayavarna - Countdown To Ascension: 2. JIS - Mercury 3. Median Project - Venus 4. Ypsilon 5 - Terra Firma 5. Skarma - Mars 6. Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity 7. Triquetra - Chronos 8. Tomocomo - Warp To Uranus 9. Ephedra - Saturn 10. Proxeeus - Pluto 1. Countdown To Ascension - A proper stormer that starts this comp off in a very positive direction. A seriously enjoyable melody and fantastic premise maintained all the way to the end. I couldn't imagine a crowd that wouldn't get their socks off to this track. 2. Mercury - A faster pace and low roars help you continue your way around our suns closest planet. Carrying you on lovely waves of sonic wonder & melodies of ecstatic apprehension ,JIS travels us around the extremes of our star and the light shines bright and wonderful. 3. Venus - At first I wasn't captivated. I think I was expecting Constellations and got In The Depth Of Space That's the thing about releasing an extraordinary album. But there was nothing I didn't enjoy about Depths Of Space And hardly I think I don't mind about this track. Some of the moments might have went for a few phases too long not allowing the final act to gain real momentum and release. But once the final act does come, it hardly matters what comes before. 4. Terra Firma - Despite my love for the other artists on the album Ypsilon 5's track was the one that I was most interested in. Paranormal is one of my all time tracks, there is never a moment where I don't want to listen to it. Well Terra Firma has undoubtedly been created on a modern strain of inspiration, but Ypsilon 5's sound and style hasn't been lost an iota. At times floaty, exciting and bouncy. That final act is a real treat too, an obvious master at his craft and a favourite from the comp. 5. Mars - First listen I was definitely into it straight away, since then I have only enjoyed it more even thinking that it's one of the stand outs from the compilation. The way the layers intersect and meld together to wrap the track into webs of enjoyment is testament to the Skill we get so often from Skarma. There'll be an album one day yea? 6. Spectacular Purity - It's not the Mindsphere style I have listened to on other comps, this makes it all the more thrilling, in fact it's like every track I here from Ali is unique and thrilling. The second listen I was definitely more into it and now I think it's one of the stand out display of Mindspheres talent 7. Chronos - I have a rule, if you're gonna call a track Chronos, then smash that shit. In my car where I listen to most my music now days I didn't think they had quite done it, felt like random parts thrown in without a connecting flow. On a proper set up this track comes to life. The moments all subtly connect while the energy gets thrown at you over and over after psychedelic breaks flip your brain. 8. Warp To Uranus - I'm not going to pretend like it's not brave to put a track with 'Uranus' in the title on the internet. What does have that got to do with the track however? Hardly much. The song starts with a cool premise that cruises along with bongos until about the 2:50 mark where it begins to take off. Despite the smooth rhythms it doesn't hit the excitement sweet spot. 9. Saturn - Ephedra's name is always nice to see come up. Like Imba you know you're going to get something at the very least enjoyable, and at the most a standout performance. In this instance its a standout performance. The Huge climax and ethereal undertones work wonders on the ears, 10. Pluto - When Proxeeus goes big he really nails it. A perfect example of that here, like Me, Myself and a Gnop-keh Pluto, blasts ahead with a track that starts sounding more galactic than we normally get from our Lovecraftian thaumaturge. That pretence disappears as the leads storm in creating melodies spinning through mind altering psychedelia. A favourite from the artist and the compilation. Overall it doesn't feel like Global Sect's strongest release. On closer inspection it's hard to see why. All the tracks are there, many are amazing and Global Sect offer some styles that we aren't used to hearing from them. I suppose Terraformer was a gargantuan step in the promotion of galactic goa and despite the good tracks this doesn't feel as incredible overall. Perhaps it's unfair to benchmark against Terraformer, after all I am much happier with this album in my life than not. It's great to see Ypsilon 5 back in the game producing high quality music, Skarma sparkled bright, Ephedra & Proxeeus both deliver standing ovations and arm flailings, Rayavarna & JIS bring melody and funk to the table. So yea, I do recommend checking it out. An album that is certainly going to age well and get better with time. Awesome Album artwork. Looking at the labels releases in succession offers a nice panel of colours. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-astronauts-in-the-solar-system
  15. 1. singularity: Talking about beautiful intro's. From the sounds of things i'm not even going to have to wait for track five. Singularity is dreamy, clear & tranquil, right until the lines hit and it turns into a funk monster. The songs shifts from these moments giving us fun twists and cool rhythms along with a surprise or two and some sounds that will lift you to the beyond. 2. In the Company of Giants: Hits like a sure to be banger right from the first drop, confident and well timed all the way throughout. Yerg is correcto, this track is a melting pot shimmering joy. Joy that is mixed into a driving beat and an outro that takes me past whale noises before i know it. 3. Universal Language: Easy to tell that this track is going to be enjoyable by this point. The twisted vocals into the drop snap my brain as I try to make sense of it &, the twists don't stop there; this song takes me back to the stuff that made me fall in love with Psytrance those few years ago; Maybe it was a Protonica song on the dancefloor. Made for the clubs and the warm Australian Doof night before the cold settles in. 4. G.ai.a: Another dreamy sequence kicks us off into Tranceland. I get to learn a little bit about future G.ai.a as well is finally figure out while ti spelt that way. Sometimes you don't figure things out right away, you need to be guided. Shadow Chronicles helps me out all the way while soaring me through the sonar waves of a searing lead. 5. Indigo Sequence: Oh, This is what was meant by the most beautiful intro. If that got extended into a 21 minute sequence I wouldn't have minded. That is before I hear the rest of the track and become just as enthralled to be hearing it. From beautiful to rippa Indogo Sequence checks the boxes. 6. Everything is Everything: I stretched and sms'd through the start of this track and swung through both activities before being forced to put my goddamn phone down to get into this song. The most melodic and glorious track so far. Taking Tsotsi atleast, on a one way journey through ecstasy. 7. Arcadia: Whatever I have said so far can only be amplified for my description of this track. 8.Vertical Mode - Inside of Your Head(Shadow Chronicles Remix): The last break and final drop at the 5:45 mark is what captivates me the most in this song an instant snap out of the trancey lull the track lures you into. 9. Jungle Rocket: Gabor should really consider a pure ambient monica as that intro brings you into the next tracks bassline and beat like a fog wifting through your cave, you fucken cavemen. Just yankin ya chain, flipping your crepes, stuffing your rice paper rolls. Jungle Rocket is bang on what you want it to be wrapped up in a bit of exciting music. In fact it encapsulates energy and zings you with you it. 10. Moments of Clarity: A final banger that could have led into another trance stormer but comes in with a badass breakbeat romper instead. Is that a-minor? Just fizzing ya soda, I don''t know about all that, but I know that Moments of Clarity contains moments of magic, moments of calm, and moments of the most funk-doobiest-trance rhythms. What an outro.
  16. For real this bump just brought this to my attention and it is unreal. I've ever written Gabor off or not listened to him properly, either way that changes now. Incredibly enjoyable.
  17. I watched your tutorials like 4 years ago when I was trying to learn how to DJ. That last transition is the hottest.
  18. I get what you're saying @Psychrobatic although as mentioned there are a few exceptions. I think its easier to get a gig when you have your own tunes to play. On top of that, seeing a DJ with good stage presence is pretty exciting. Illiuchina who I've seen thrice is an amazing high energy DJ who makes her sets more enjoyable because you can see how into the sets she is (producer). In Australia though we have probably one of the most talented DJ's in the hemisphere called Boogs. He does the journey you are talking about. He can mix techno into psytrance into deep house into trap and the flow never stops. Very low energy stage presence but soooo talented. I think that's just how it is, great DJ's are regarded locally and need to build a steady rep, producers can put out a track that hits globally.
  19. How very exciting to see your avatar in my feed. I'll be picking this up this week.
  20. First impression was that Ephedra and Proxeeus deliver big on this album. Mindsphere was different to the usual journey style but i still thoroughly enjoyed it. Ypsilon 5 was very nice and so was Skarma, Median Project didn't blow me away and that is very rare, Triquetra I agree wasn't incredible. More Listens and a review (If i get the time) for sure coming in.
  21. Name Your Price I would imagine he means.
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