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  1. I'm trying to make similar screaming riser effect to what ka-sol uses in a lot of his tracks from fairytale. pretty unique sound, creates an intense buildup and I've never heard it from any other artist. Any ideas where to begin? The closest I got was loading fl reverb2 with wet on maximum and playing with the osc freq offset knobs in toxic biohazard (fm synth), and it's kinda similar, but it doesn't really sound vocal like I want example here @ 2.44 and clearer @ 0.51 here
  2. Free goa track available for download from soundcloud: if you like pleiadians, transwave or syb unity nettwerk/UX, this is for you. and a subtle plug for my youtube channel : Comments and critics welcome!
  3. Hello friends, I made this track 2 years ago and wanted to release it and some others on Ektoplazm, but haven't had the time (not sure that my mixing and music is good enough anyway). I recently opened this one and polished it a bit more, so here you go. stream and flac here https://deliciouspetal.bandcamp.com/track/origin-2014-mix
  4. My new goa track, hope you enjoy! http://deliciouspetal.bandcamp.com/track/psilokinesis
  5. It's a great track! Love the pads running in the background, it creates a nice atmosphere. I can't really say much to fault it besides the mixing which you already mentioned. Nice change of pace from most of the "neogoa" of late which is starting to sound a bit fluffy to me :/
  6. haha thanks heaps guys, huge compliments. I hadn't even heard of Zirrex until you mentioned him Thanks for taking the time to listen Hopefully I'll be making some more stuff very soon as I just ordered my first piece of hardware - a nordlead :3
  7. hai just finished my 3rd track ever! It's 16 minutes long and goa :}. I aimed pretty high and as a result this track took me an absurd amount of time to make, so I really hope u enjoy it. Still a few little things to fix before I (hopefully) get it mastered. comments welcome, peace http://soundcloud.com/siliconnexion/tango-sector-wave-9 for flac, 320kbps mp3 download: http://deliciouspetal.bandcamp.com/track/tango-sector-wave-9
  8. draeke, i got an email about that ep 2 days ago "We found the following new item(s) for sale in your wantlist. Pleiadians - Alcyone (12", S/Sided, Promo, Ltd) £ 250.00" Can't believe someone snapped it up that fast, ridiculous price. on topic, only vinyl I've bought is Psychopod - Dreampod for 1 euro
  9. Hey everyone, I've got a new track up, dark goa style. This is my 2nd full length goa track. enjoy! Also check out my others if you like it http://soundcloud.com/siliconnexion/siliconnexion-p-subz-a-tasty-treat Comments and criticism welcomed .
  10. Hey peeps, I'm 20 years old from Adelaide, Australia and started producing my own brand of goa in mid 2009 under the name "Delicious Petal" :] I made my first serious track a couple of months ago but I've been unable to get much feedback due to the scene being pretty small where I live. So I'm posting my tracks on psynews for you all to hear I'd love to hear some constructive criticism! http://deliciouspetal.bandcamp.com (highly recommended hosting site btw, free + no ads) available in mp3 320kbps, FLAC, WAV Recommend listening to track 1 first. (has a pretty long intro) It's actually around 12 mins long but my PC ran out of processing power so you'll have to do with the shortened version oh, and first post. I've been lurking for quite a while :3 peace, thanks for listening
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