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  1. Thanks so much for the help Padmani! This was great, i don't fully understand everything but enough to get started. I got alot help of that screenshot you uploaded! Bless!
  2. Give me some days and i'll show y'all! Well my problem is that i can't find a good tutorial to get started. Thats why i'm asking here.. Yes, how to get a good kick and how to sync the bass to it. It's also hard to explain what i mean Hahah toolate, i already name the project Aliens goes country.
  3. I'm stuck in the beginning. Trying to get the basic layer sound for the a track but i would be very glad with how to begin! It seems like i'm going backwards or making to much so it doesn't sound any good. Well it's friday today and i got some more time to explore. If you doing a track, how do you being? Whats the first steps? Haha i'm stuck. It sound like some country song with some aliens eating from it, doesn't sound good at all. Been working for the man.. but finally weekend so i'm here to make some noise!
  4. Hey there guys! I've listen to alot of trance music the past years and finally bought a older computer with Logic Pro 9. I have been exploring some and learn a little bit, but i really need some basic help! Have read the manual that came with the program and i got some knowledge. But it feels like I'm stuck and need some guidance. Does anybody here have any experience with the program? Would be great with some help. WIsh u all the best - kitte
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