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  1. Video of b2b set with my brother DaPEACE (Suntrip Records) we recorded recently at my place. We played only tracks from our labels (Suntrip & Global Sect). Hope you will like it
  2. There is some unreleased stuff in this set, I guess some of that will be on new Pleiadians album
  3. Mixed version of my debut compilation "Psychedelic Fever" released on Transcape records is avaliable for listening at radiOzora soundcloud page Link: Tracklist: 01.Pleiadians - Psi Draconis Etnica Remix 02.Galactic Explorers - X Drive 03.Imaginarium & Manmachine - Neuroplasticity 04.Neutron - Herbal Harmonics 05.Djantrix & Middle Mode - Global Offensive 06.Manmachine - Pray 07.Martian Arts - Message From The Pleiades Ooblek Remix 08.Sideform & Genesia - Genetic Form 09.Makida & Relativ - Construct Of Mind 10.Nerso & Protheus - Sentinel Beatport link: https://bit.ly/2GQs1Ht Youtube link: https://bit.ly/2EBkP0c
  4. Mozza

    MWNN track

    He didnt..it's called "The Here and Now" .And it will be part of his new album Check it on 58minute
  5. Mozza DJ set at Tribodelic (Sumadija Fest Promo) Party, Kragujevac, Serbia (26/08/2017) Tracklist: Imaginarium, Earthspace - Glitches Of Perception (Digital Om Productions) Tristan, Outsiders - Liquid Sky (Sacred Technology) Faders - Molecular Formulas (TechSafari Records) Earthspace - No Rest For The Blast (Nano Records) Reversed Logic - Leave Your Logic (Digital Om Productions) Djantrix, Modual - Back To The Rituals (Own Spirit Records) Magik - Bitting Point (Sacred Technology) Killerwatts - Hooked (Nano Records) Djantrix, Rezonant - Lemuria (Digital Om Productions) Ajja, Nirdal - Happy Daze (Sangoma Records) Earthspace - As Within So Without (Nano Records) Dickster - Elastic Dreams (Nano Records) Tristan, Aardvarkk - Daws Of Perception Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix (Nano Records) KoxBox - Color Rain Dickster Remix (Zero1 Music) Middle Mode - Extension (Antu Records) Imaginarium - Speed Of Light (Transcape Records) Circuit Breakers - Commies Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix (Nano Records) Tristan, Mandala - Mimosa Dosa Tristan Remix (Future Music Records) Galactic Explorers - Lysergic (Galactic Records) Download:
  6. Recorded live at Koh Chang Island, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (02/07/2016) Artists: Aardvarkk www.facebook.com/aardvarkkmusic Atoned Splendor www.facebook.com/AtonedSplendor Avalon www.facebook.com/avaleon Black Noise www.facebook.com/TheBlackNoiseProject Braincell www.facebook.com/Braincellstudio Burn In Noise www.facebook.com/burninnoise Dickster www.facebook.com/dj.dicktrevor Djantrix www.facebook.com/DjDjantrix Dust www.facebook.com/Dust.LMrec Earthspace www.facebook.com/earthspace.live.br Humanoids www.facebook.com/therealhumanoids Imaginarium www.facebook.com/ImaginariumMusicOfficial Lunatica www.facebook.com/lunaticapsy Martian Arts www.facebook.com/martian303 Middle Mode www.facebook.com/MiddleModeMusic Paratech www.facebook.com/paratech.psytrance Peyotes www.facebook.com/Peyotes1 Radical Frequencies www.facebook.com/radicalfrequencies Reversed Logic www.facebook.com/ReversedLogicMusic Rezonant www.facebook.com/RezonantMusic Shekinah www.facebook.com/shekinahlivebr Tristan www.facebook.com/djtristanfanpage Labels: Transcape Records www.facebook.com/transcape.records Goa Productions www.facebook.com/GoaProductions Zero1 Music www.facebook.com/zero1music Digital Om Productions www.facebook.com/digital.om.productions Looney Moon Records www.facebook.com/LooneyMoonRecords Blacklite Records www.facebook.com/blackliterecords Nano Records www.facebook.com/nanorecords Sourcecode Transmissions www.facebook.com/sourcecodetransmissionsmusic BMSS Records www.facebook.com/BMSSRecords TIP Records www.facebook.com/tiprecords Sangoma Records www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Boom! Records www.facebook.com/boomrecs DJ Mozza: www.facebook.com/dj.mozza www.soundcloud.com/mozza www.mixcloud.com/mozza www.hearthis.at/mozza Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr27ZWQHfV8 Download: https://soundcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016
  7. Great set I'm listening this set for some time now, love it!
  8. UkTranceTeam Pres. Alien Language 093 (Take Over By DJ Mozza) Tracklist: 01. Imaginarium - Nataraja (Original Mix) [Transcape Records] /2016/ 02. Reversed Logic - Behind The Times (Original Mix) [Transcape Records] /2017/ 03. Djantrix & Rezonant - Underground (Original Mix) [Digital Om] /2016/ 04. Makida & Imaginarium - Hocus Pocus (Original Mix) [24/7 Records] /2016/ 05. Middle Mode & Djantrix - Elwynn Forest (Original Mix) [Transcape Records] /2015/ 06. Manmachine - Time Dilation (Original Mix) [Iono Music] /2017/ 07. Imaginarium - Speed Of Light (Original Mix) [Transcape Records] /2015/ 08. Middle Mode - Extension (Original Mix) [Antu Records] /2017/ 09. Makida - Reversed Psychology (Relativ Remix) [Transcape Records] /2017/ 10. Nerso & Protheus - The Essence Of The Universe (Original Mix) [Transcape Records] /2017/ 11. E-Clip & Micky Noise - The One (Original Mix) [Iono Music] /2017/ All Music/Label Promo: uktranceteamofficial@outlook.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/UkTranceTeamOfficial/ Twitter: twitter.com/UkTranceTeam/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/uktranceteam Listen & download: https://soundcloud.com/uktranceteam/uktranceteam-pres-alien-language-093-take-over-by-dj-mozza
  9. Mozza

    MWNN track

    When I saw Martin have a facebook I send him message asking him about this track
  10. Stara Škola proudly presents N A T U R E S O U N D Stara Škola is very proud to present their next edition of high definition psychedelic gathering named Nature Sound 2017. The crew is very busy these days about setting up a very special time for this summer at beatiful beach on eastern part of our motherland near Dupljaja, a village also considered as one of a few that have been firstly immigrated here. Not to mention one of the biggest archaeological excavations there etc. Nature Sound 2017 will take a place on friendly landscape near water surrounded by woods and fresh air and its at Plaža Gat, Jasenovo in Serbia. For this 48h long dancing hours, there will be provided two soundsystem stages, camping area, food and drink shops, free parking space, showers and clean toilets... Two day program, like the party beach will be worth dancing til the end, because its in Nature and it Sounds good Date: 30 JUNE – 2 JULY 2017 Location: Plaza Gat Jasenovo, Serbia LIVE ACT ARGUS / Altar Rec. SRB ASCENT / BMSS Rec. SRB BRAINCELL / Boom! Rec. CHE DJANTRIX / Digital Om Prod. MKD ECLIPSE ECHOES / Antu Rec. BRA FRANGIPANI / Geomagnetic/Hinowa Rec. JPN ITAL / Antu Rec. CHL KABAYUN / Sangoma Rec. USA LABIRINTO / Antu Rec. BRA MIDDLE MODE / Digital Om Prod. SRB MERLIN / Altar rec. SRB NORMA PROJECT / Ovnimoon Rec. SRB REZONANT / Sangoma Rec. SRB REVERSED LOGIC / Digital Om Prod. SRB SUBLIMINAL CODES / TesseracTstudio Rec. SRB SIDEFORM / Iboga Rec. SRB SUDUAYA / Altar Rec. FRA SUFI's LIFE / Altar Rec. SRB SONIC ENTITY / TesseracTstudio Rec. SRB THE BIG BANG / Antu Rec. BRA/CHL THE KEY / Ovnimoon Rec. CHL / SRB VERTEX / TesseracTstudio Rec. SRB ZYCE / TesseracTstudio Rec. SRB DJ SET'S Damnedge / Epic Tribe / BMSS Rec. MYS Suddha / Purple Hexagon Records UK Solar Spectrum / Boom! Records / Ovnimoon Rec. CHE Fidel / Stara Škola SRB Alex / Stara Škola SRB Manda / Stara Škola / TesseracTstudio Rec. SRB Vučko / Stara Škola / TesseracTstduio Rec. SRB Miloš / Serotonin Drive SRB Petar / Burisha Tribe SRB Brankotix / Stara Škola SRB Mozza / Stara Škola / Chaotic Beats / Transcape Rec. SRB Zinda / Burisha Tribe SRB Cheeky / Solar United Natives HUN Comsat / Psychotria Records HUN Petar / Psychotria Records HUN Zarma / Jungle Island SRB Daki / Digital Chemistry SRB Cheda / Brooka Musica SRB Lector / Jungle Island SRB = Two stages = Camp area = Toilets&showers = Art performance = Food & Drinks Keep Nature Clean !!! Nature Sound location: More info at FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/697644617074166
  11. When I heard first samples I didnt notice Dali Mountains at all but now this groovy and funky track is one of my favorites. I remember Velos from his set at EXIT festival in Serbia, great track with some "Etnica touch" Also Assagao and collaborations with Radical Frequencies and Ingrained Instincts are tracks that I'm playing on repeat
  12. True. Its great to see how much his sound improved over the years.. Hidden paradise is my personal favorite but I really like tracks like First Encounter, Blacklight Beings and Creature of Heaven. Good work Imba & Suntrip!
  13. DJ: Mozza (Transcape Records, Chaotic Beats, Stara Škola) Title: Goaway Vol.3 Date: February 2017 Equipment: Vestax VMC-004XLu & Pioneer CDJ 100s Style: Goa Trance Time: 1:48:11 Size: 248Mb Tracklist: 01. Hypnagogia - Secrets Of The Mind (Dimensional Records) 02. RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour (Suntrip Records) 03. Digicult vs U-Recken - Into The Hearthland Astral Projection Remix (Dacru / Spacedock Records) 04. RA - Gateway Eight Cosmic Dimension Remix (Suntrip Records) 05. Celestial Intelligence - Infinity (Global Sect Music) 06. Liquid Flow - Chaotic (Global Sect Music) 07. Imba & Hisia - Elysium Festival (Neogoa Records) 08. Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra - Stargate (Global Sect Music) 09. Hisia - Black Mountain (Goa Madness Records) 10. Liquid Flow - Psyonic Storm (Global Sect Music) 11. Stellar Force - Astral Dive (Neogoa Records) 12. Nova Fractal & E-Mantra - Butterfly Effect (Goa Madness Records) 13. Celestial Intelligence - Inventable Feelings (Suntrip Records) 14. Nova Fractal - The Wheel Of Time (Goa Madness Records) 15. Imba - Hidden Paradise (Suntrip Records) Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza/mozza-goaway-vol3-2017 Download: https://hearthis.at/mozza/mozza-goaway-vol3-2017 DJ Mozza: https://www.facebook.com/dj.mozza https://soundcloud.com/mozza https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza https://hearthis.at/mozza https://www.facebook.com/chaoticbeats https://www.facebook.com/StaraSkola.Org https://www.facebook.com/transcape.records Artists: Hypnagogia https://www.facebook.com/hypnagogiamusic Ra https://www.suntriprecords.com/artist/name/RA Menkalian https://www.facebook.com/menkalian92 DigiCult https://www.facebook.com/digicultmusic U-Recken https://www.facebook.com/urecken Astral Projection https://www.facebook.com/astralprojectionofficial Cosmic Dimension https://www.facebook.com/c.dimension Celestial Intelligence https://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceCelestial Liquid Flow https://www.facebook.com/liquidfl0w Imba https://www.facebook.com/imba604 Hisia https://soundcloud.com/goatrancehisia Nova Fractal https://www.facebook.com/NovaFractal Oxi https://www.facebook.com/goaoxi E-Mantra https://www.facebook.com/EMantra604 Stellar Force https://www.facebook.com/stellarforce604 Labels: Dimensional Records https://www.facebook.com/DimensionalRecords Suntrip Records https://www.facebook.com/Suntriprecords Dacru Records https://www.facebook.com/dacrurecords Spacedock Records https://www.facebook.com/Spacedockrecords Global Sect Music https://www.facebook.com/globalsect Neogoa Records https://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords Goa Madness Records https://www.facebook.com/goamadnessrecords
  14. No new album but he did put remastered version of his album "Starship Earth" on free download.. There will be remastered version of "Wanted" album too
  15. Opaaa! Nice to see you here Nectarios Martian Arts is one of my favorite artists and I was waiting this album for some time. (You said september '16, not february '17 ) After spending some great time with him here in Serbia I can say that he is not just great producer, he is a great person aswell All the best with album mate, I'm sure it will be great
  16. He did same with Astral Projection.. People Can Fly - Kabalah - Mahadeva Talamasca Mega Remix :/
  17. DJ: Mozza (Transcape Records, Chaotic Beats, Wicked Forest) Title: Armada Date: November 2016 Equipment: Vestax VMC-004XLu & Pioneer CDJ 350 Style: Psychedelic Trance Time: 1:29:30 Size: 205Mb Music by: Altruism www.facebook.com/altruismlive Burn In Noise www.facebook.com/burninnoise Eclipse Echoes www.facebook.com/Eclipse.Echoesbr Hypnoise www.facebook.com/Hypnoisesound Ital www.facebook.com/itallive Labirinto www.facebook.com/Labirinto.pedrao Lunatica www.facebook.com/lunaticapsy Mental Broadcast www.facebook.com/mentalbroadcast Pragmatix www.facebook.com/pragmatix1 Shekinah www.facebook.com/shekinahlivebr Telepatic www.facebook.com/telepatic.live The Big Bang www.facebook.com/thebigbanglive The First Stone www.facebook.com/thefirststonelive Vlainich www.facebook.com/vlainichmusic Yar Zaa www.facebook.com/YarZaa.Official Joshlive www.facebook.com/joshlivemusic Labels: Transcape Records www.facebook.com/transcape.records Nano Records www.facebook.com/nanorecords Digital Om Productions www.facebook.com/digital.om.productions Antu Records www.facebook.com/anturecords Rizoma Records www.facebook.com/rizomarecords Vagalume Records www.facebook.com/vagalumerecords 24/7 Records www.facebook.com/24.7recs Nataraja Music www.facebook.com/natarajamusic Mosaico Records www.facebook.com/mosaicorecords Profound Records www.facebook.com/ProfoundRecords.Official Maharetta Records www.facebook.com/MaharettaRecordss Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza/mozza-armada-2016 Download: https://soundcloud.com/mozza/mozza-armada-2016
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