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  1. Videogames are the devil, THE DEVIL!
  2. Holy Mary this guy is not kidding. God level Goa trance right there. Album of the year anyone?
  3. Hey no problem man. Broadly speaking, people in poor countries simply can't afford eating meat on a daily basis. Vegetables, beans, insects, etc. come much cheaper. You're right though, some other components like culture can definitely play a role on a diet; India's Hinduism and lacto vegetarianism comes in mind.
  4. Quite the opposite. Bourdain was a well-known hardcore hater of vegetarians/vegans. He famously said that vegans should kill themselves, which is ironic to say the least. His statement regarding vegetarianism being a luxury is not only biaised but just plain wrong. More seriously: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/meat-supply-per-person?tab=map "Meat consumption is highest across high-income countries (with the largest meat-eaters in Australia, consuming around 116 kilograms per person in 2013). The average European and North American consumes nearly 80 kilograms and more than 110 kilograms, respectively. However, changes in consumption in high-income countries have been much slower - with most stagnating or even decreasing over the last 50 years. Consumption trends across Africa are varied; some countries consume as low as 10 kilograms per person, around half of the continental average. Higher-income nations such as South Africa consume between 60-70 kilograms per person."
  5. "and I support that stand with both hands." No you don't. You can't be eating meat AND be truly concerned about animal well-being and their will to live. Can't have it both ways, sorry. If the baby cows are immediately taken away from mama cow and the milk that's supposed to feed the calves is, let's call it, stolen - by which miracle of god do the baby calves survive or if they don't is it then implied that as the cow gives birth, she is (almost) immediately reinseminated? She would then, in theory, produce milk for the next X months. Wash rinse repeat? I was raised on a dairy farm and spent my childhood there, so I think I know a thing or two about cows. Baby calves survive because they drink a sufficient amount of colostrum from their mother, usually within 12 hrs of birth. Believe me, we didn't keep male calves for more than a couple of days. Thereafter, the calves are sold to other farms where they are raised for veal. In that case, they are either grain fed or "milk" fed. I put milk in quotes because it's actually milk powder. Otherwise, the baby calves are sent directly to slaughterhouses thanks to the changing consumer demand and fluctuating market prices. The gestation period for the cow is 9 months (on average) during which she is re-inseminated after 3 months so that she can give birth and consequently keep on producing milk. 60 days before the next calving, the cow is dry, she can't produce milk anymore. Repeat that cycle 3 to 4 times, the cow is not longer profitable and is sent to a slaughterhouse for low grade meat (i.e. minced meat); many of whom still pregnant. A dairy cow live, on average, 4 to 5 years, which is the quarter of their natural lifespan. I assume the meat acquired from mistreated likely malnutrioned cows is low-grade. Wrong again. For exemple, calves are put in chronic iron deficiency anemia so that their meat looks pale. They are also put into crates so small that they can barely move. Why? For the flesh to be tender. How? By preventing muscle development. Still to this day, there's no federal law in the US banning veal crates that I know of. Fortunately, several states have individual bans on these practices. So yeah, that's just one exemple. Also, checkout the downer cow syndrome and its legislation. The EU regulations, for instance, are very strict regarding the quality of animal or dairy products (see here, for instance). Let's be clear here; being strict is saying no to the animal exploitation and slaughter on the basis that they're fairly evolved, highly social sentient beings capable of well-being, pain, emotions such as fear and anxiety and have a will to live. You wouldn't accept "strict" regulations in regard to slavery wouldn't you? I hope not. So, I'm all for stopping needless slaughter. Again, you're not. What or how does any of this have to do with veganism and meat eating? If you genuinely still don't know how animal slaughter is related to veganism you're either retarded (and I don't think you are) or drunk. Otherwise, you're being intellectually dishonest; your pick. Alright, that's it for me.
  6. @Chipmunk "I never said "that the body needs meat to thrive" as you incorrectly quoted me." You said: "eat your steak, your body needs it." which is the same as saying "the body needs meat to thrive". Thanks for admitting it was a trap, I appreciate. "As for veganism*. It's similar to the situation with religious nuts and people that choose to believe in god, where veganism* represents the religious nuts that need to preach left and right." Not exactly. You were the one "preaching" for meat consumption with no evidence whatsoever to back up your statement; I merely proposed a rebuttal. When it comes to veganism, I'll copy-paste what I said earlier on the dairy industry. 1) A cow is continually fisted/inseminated against her will. (In human term, we call that "rape"). 2) Her baby cows are quickly and repeadetly taken away from her (usually 36 hours after birth, so the milk goes to the humans, not the calves). Thereafter, the mother cow calls for her babies for days. 3) A good portion of the male calves go the slaughterhouses. 4) When the mother cow is about 5 years old and no longer productive (mostly due to stress, exhaustion and diseases), she's slaughtered for meat. Keep in mind that the cow's natural lifespan is 20 years on average. 5) In the slaughterhouse, she's usually shocked with a bolt gun, hanged by the legs to finally have her throat cut open. It's not political. It's not religious. It's a stand against needless killing and exploitation. Adult mammals don't need to be breastfed.
  7. @Thanosp81 Have you watched the whole documentary I posted above?
  8. Chimp, calling the position of Harvard Medical School and ADA on dietetics as "pop science" is not only laughable but completely delusional, you know that right? Quite frankly you give climate change deniers and flat earthers a run for their money. What are you credentials on nutrition again? Probably nothing too spectacular judging from your rebuttals. You first made a bold statement that the body needs meat thrive; which is factually, empirically not true. That's when I came in and what I argued against. Some people has been vegetarians for some 50+ years and still kicking. Then, in the face of evidence, your position change to "if your diet works for you, then all is well." At this point, you're obviously just being intellectually dishonest and simply try to win the argument for the sake of it. Also, "We should distinguish between veganism and veganism*. The latter is a political crusade, while the former is merely another way of life." LMAO. That's a real beauty right there.
  9. https://www.eatrightpro.org/-/media/eatrightpro-files/practice/position-and-practice-papers/position-papers/vegetarian-diet.pdf?la=en&hash=13D2FB5B600CF0778F6FE12B50ED9CE2645CAEF9 The peer-reviewed paper in question with 100+ references. Have fun. You're in denial. Wake up.
  10. To those rare few meat eaters still willing to take responsibily for their actions, or lack thereof; this one is for you: My respect to all meat eaters out there who watch the whole thing.
  11. Wrong. "Nowadays, plant-based eating is recognized as not only nutritionally sufficient but also as a way to reduce the risk for many chronic illnesses." - Harvard Medical School " [...] appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases." - The American Dietetic Association " [...] a well-planned vegan diet can support healthy living in people of all ages” - British Dietetic Association Please educate yourself.
  12. Convenience is indeed a fine moral justification for the mistreatement and slaughter of sentient beings.
  13. The image is actually telling. Indeed, when I think of the horror show that is the factory farming, my spontaneous reaction is akin to the man on the left. Sadly, the average person reacts like the lady on the right. Granted, totally unacceptable behavior on my end.
  14. @recursion loop "Vegetarians displayed elevated prevalence rates for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders ... the adoption of the vegetarian diet tends to follow the onset of mental disorders." Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, look it up. The study precicely stipulates that "Importantly, we found no evidence for a causal role of vegetarian diet in the etiology of mental disorders.". It can also be said of psychopath (APD) that they blatantly disregards safety of self and others, show a pattern of irresponsibility and lack of remorse for actions. You see, I could easily play that game in regard to psychopathy and meat eaters; believe me, you don't want to go there. Let's continue, the study also suggest that these disorders could be linked to a b12 and long-chain n-3 fatty acids (ALA) deficiency, both of which widely available in plants (soy and linseed oil, among others). Some people prefer animal slaughter over couple of b12 tablets a day; not me. It's also strange that this "survey" didn't make sure their vegetarian group (or all their participants really) had an adequate, balanced diet to begin with. I can eat potato chips all day long and be vegetarian. Not that I care much but here's a counter study: https://nutritionj.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/1475-2891-9-26. Look, I'm not a nutrionist and debating its specifics bores me to no end. Having the largest nutritionist organization in the world (among others) stating that an [appropriately planned vegan diet is healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases] is strong enough evidence for me. Anyway man, that's it for me. I'm done here.
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