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  1. "...the new music won't be available in digital format." I'm devastated, really You mean, like...never?
  2. Buying this on bandcamp today. 0 won't be my number of choice. Come on guys, let's show some support to this amazing music/label. They've been giving us tons of free music; now it's payback time
  3. Few points: - I've been collecting cds/vinyls since 2000 (mostly from the underground metal scene) for about 1200+ owned physical releases. - I recently transitioned from physical to digital. The switch wasn't smooth, at all. I've been defending the physical media for over a decade and had a lot of heated discussion with pro-digital consumers. Truth be told, my records were collecting dust more than anything else. The more cds I had, the less "special" they were. Digital media has so many asets over the physical, which can't be overlooked. Don't get me wrong, I still value the physical incarnation when it comes to a work of art; a tangible object to cherish instead of some bits on a hard drive. Still, I'm much more selective in regard to which album I'll purchase physically. Point is, I don't think the digital format is losing its momentum, quite on the contrary; which bring me to the next point: - Why the digital sales account for only 20%? Let's suppose the trance community is too old school for the digital age and the vast majority of them won't transition anytime soon; even if they do transition, you will have a decrease in cd sales which won't affect the total sales for an album. In this scenario, there's not much that can be done I think. On the other hand, we can suppose that the digital sales is doing poorly due to the pricing and I think that might be case here, for the most part. Let's be honest, when its comes to digital, the bandcamp pricing is high, very high and that seems to be the norm for Goa labels. And please note, I think it's not a question of whether or not the music is worth the asking price; it does. Your label has put tremendous records, some of them are worth thousands The thing is, I don't know many people who are willing to spend 11 euros on an mp3 album. There's also the fact that it cost as much to buy the actual physical release, which is strange. I guess the idea is to push the cd sales but in my opinion, it just dissuades those who wants to buy digital only. On average, a well established label will let go their digital album on bandcamp for about 7 euros. I've seen several underground label (but nonetheless highly respected and professional) pricing their digial albums somewhere between 5usd to 7usd (about 5euros) and be very, very successful sales-wise. As far as I'm concerned, put this price on bandcamp and I'm buying every of your upcoming releases on day 1, no questions asked. - Entire albums free on youtube. We all hate it, but it's actually a good move as it gives you free exposure. People who don't want to support their music will find a way to download it for free anyway. - Someone suggested to bring back the tapes. I think it might actually work. I've seen several labels bringing those bad boys back and they sell like hotcakes. For well-known labels, it's not rare to see their tapes completely sold out within a month. - Die-hard, ultra limited collector edition usually works very well. Maybe that's a thing that can be done? Anyway, that's just my two cents. Thanks a lot for sharing this article!
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