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  1. How many releases are planned for now? One each week is quite a lot
  2. I think he's in vol. 4 now? I don't like drone unfortunately.
  3. Entry #44 A lot of potential. Unfortunately never realised.
  4. Entry #43 At least some of the compilations are a bit better, the different artists add some much needed (although very limited) diversity.
  5. Entry #42 Oh boy, am I going to regret this. I'm talking about Altar Records and their extensive catalogue. Some months ago I was able to purchase a big chunk of their releases for a pound each. Thankfully I didn't pay more. When Altar Records was starting I saw it (and probably more) as a substitute for Ultimae Records which was quite clearly changing musical direction. And it was alright at first, but then it became too much to handle. Don't get me wrong, the releases are not that bad, but they are so formulaic and derivative that you think you have one disc on infinite repeat. There are some exceptions here and there, but they are lot in the sheer number of releases. If they could focus their creative power and energy to only the best of the released tracks we would be talking about a worthy successor of Ultimae by now. So let's start and get over it. Not even the mighty Asura can save the day. At least put a frikin tracklist so we don't have to check Discogs every time.
  6. Entry #41 1994 A year that seemed every Jungle track coming out was at the very least, good. And the next compilation series is proof of that. A bargain bin series, with cheap cover but not cheap music. Including some well known tracks and some not so well, but no bad tracks whatsoever. I'm always in for a bargain
  7. Entry #40 Time to move to some old school electronic music and probably the most diverse genre coming out from this era. Jungle :) I loved Jungle (second to Goa Trance), unfortunately I missed it's peak year (1994) by that much. However in this compilation series you can find what it was all about. Not a single bad track with the 3rd volume noticing some future sounds that would later develop to drum&bass. Gem
  8. Entry #39 The latest addition from Zion604 (or is it Matsuri?) which is a miss to be honest. Sympathy In Chaos always had a quirky selection of tracks which was made into an enjoyable journey by the compiling and mixing. Take those two out and you are just left with an odd selection of tracks. Not even the remastered (not to my preference) Prana tracks were able to change my mind. Sorry. EDIT: Great cover once again
  9. Entry #38 Love the DNA rework, it sounded almost like a new album
  10. Lol. Anyway, I think it is a really good initiative. No remastering or reworked artwork. Just the music we loved back then, sounding the way we loved it. And the artists can still get something out of it. Kudos.
  11. Isn't Google Play Music limited to 320Kbps?
  12. It's not my fault, it's you, the younger generation that has mixed things up. Digital = something that uses binary bits. A physical cd is as digital as a download. CD = Compact DISC. I have never been able to download a disc so far Add to that my excitement for older releases and there you are.
  13. Entry #37 More awesomeness by Zion604. Which one you prefer? BTW, is Radical Distortion's similarity to MFG accidental or willing? Either way I'm fine with that
  14. I was referring to the physical copies to be honest, hence the excitement But the main reason that Bandcamp became popular on the first place was the honest charging scheme and the direct support to the artists. Something you don't really get with Google play, Spotify etc. EDIT: I thought when you mentioned cd you meant a physical copy
  15. YEs yes yes, even more. Even more to be honest. If someone is willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for used copies just for collecting reasons (and the artists/labels get 0) I don't see why we shouldn't pay a bit more for a re-release.
  16. Noooooo, why only digital? Are you trying to kill me?
  17. Entry #36 More releases from Zion604. Love the artwork direction, it's so fresh, not what you would typically expect from Psychedelic covers. And Deviant Electronics. After his debut album which unfortunately do not own, Green Room is the next best thing to have.
  18. Entry #35 Zion 604. A label that with great elegance combines oldschool and modern Goa/Psychedelic. Special thanx to Roy Sason for giving me probably the last Brainforest copy available :)
  19. Anyone else got a Juno Reactor feeling? Still great album though
  20. Entry #34 I know I haven't posted for a while on my "Listening to my whole catalogue series" but it is a bit difficult to prepare a post everyday. So, I decided to do it in batches. And we continue with Globular. For his last 3 albums he used to Kickstarter platform to print physical copies (and vinyl) and thank goodness for that. It's the music you love and expect but special mention goes to his last album. He showed a level of maturity and constrain that really pushed Entagled Everything to the next level.
  21. At first it was supposed to be a double cd, but instead this is vol. 1
  22. Entry #33 I still remember the first time I heard Globular's Colours of the Brainbow. What it sounded back then like a combination of Ott, Shpongle and Entheogenic and I was wondering why no one else had tried that before. And he just kept delivering, release after release, with no drop on quality (rather the contrary) and always for free. Having his first releases printed in cd is like a dream. Add an amazing cover artwork from Luc that tells a story and it's not "just" amazing graphics and you have a gem.
  23. 1000/year? So if we take the money factor out of the equation, you would need to listen to 3 new albums every day just to keep up. Honest question: People that collect so much music do they actually enjoy listening to music? Or is it just the collecting process? Whatever your answer I have already made up my mind
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