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  1. Thanks, didn't know about Nervasystem, sound great! and i'm definitely agree about ajja last album as well.
  2. i also think this is "psychedelic trance" (for me it is just the name for all psytrance who is too unique to characterize) . but some people vote this is a "typical release for the sub-genre", so i just wonder sorry for the lame english
  3. what sub-genre would you describe this album? i'm trying to find some more of this.
  4. Great album, you and eat static give me some hope that real psytrance is still alive. thank you! imo, best psytrance album of 2017.
  5. 10 years after this album was released, and after hundred of times i was listening to this album, i'm still amazed every time i'm hearing it. amazing album, very unique, deep and different. one of the best psytrance albums IMO.
  6. i think you right about the scene who had very limited sound. however, i think this is the best tutorial because he give you the foundations for "professional" kick & bass, and you can use your creativity to make the k&b however you like. i don't see your point, there is no tutorial for being creative
  7. Hi everyone, i'm Yossi from Israel and i'm kind of new in psytrance making. i love psytrance since i was a child and love psychedelic experiences and try to make my music like im felling the experience. my style is pretty much free style psytrance and i'm unable to define a specific genre of psytrance. will be happy for good and bad reviews, tnx a lot !
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