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  1. Nice! What do you think about the Rene? Thinking about getting that. Here's my old Doepfer/A.Sys modular
  2. So you guys did not like Shiva's India AP remix or this https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/the-infinity-project-feeling ? Its not like its full on or anything...
  3. Can't say much at the moment, but there are big plans for the future. Some legends are getting back on the saddle.
  4. There is an AP remix album in the works. TIP posted a thread about it.
  5. Went on a China tour for two weeks easter. Was a brilliant adventure. The scene there is still virgin, but the places are unreal!
  6. Its all Goa trance to me as well. Even if some of the new stuff sounds a bit different, the vibe is the same, or the aim of the vibe is the same, I feel.
  7. I charge 25€/track. Reference is this TIP Records release. http://www.beatport.com/release/chaos-before-order-ep/1271397
  8. and TIP Records latest release http://tiprecords.bandcamp.com/ /spam
  9. Listening to Alpha Draco right now. The first tune "Inplant" is a Goa Trance bomb. Love the techno-ish rythmic section and the goa leads with lots of space to breathe in the mix. This is brilliant.
  10. Cheerio For future Martian Arts/Disco Hooligan bookings and info contact Tip World: richard@tiprecords.com Next up is the 2014 China Tour. 04th April: Martian Arts 2014 China Tour (Shanghai) 05th April: Martian Arts 2014 China Tour (Changsha) 06th April: Martian Arts 2014 China Tour (Chongqing) 11th April: Martian Arts 2014 China Tour (Dali) 12th April: Martian Arts 2014 China Tour (Beijing) See you at the dancefloor
  11. "Martian Arts is a very exciting new act on Tip Records. It is Nectarios Meidanis from Greece. "Nectar" for short and his fresh take on Psy sounds are like pure audio amber-Nectar! He has been making big waves on the Psy Trance scene underground for the last couple of years and is about to break big on the circuit. His sound is a refreshing blend of analogue and digital and we here at TIP love it. Deep, psychedelic, crunchy, funky. Irresistible. Here we also have another great instalment from ManMadeMan who continue to give Tip plenty of juice of late with their remix. And a rather special bonus track. A Martian Arts mix of a classic by Cosmosis and Shakta called "Supernatural". So good it's worth the admission price alone. Do not miss this belter of an EP. It´s essential! 1. Martian Arts - Chaos Before Order 2. Martian Arts - Chaos Before Order (ManMadeMan Remix) 3. Cosmosis & Shakta - Supernatural (Martian Arts Remix)" https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before
  12. Its a remix of Supernatural. Warmed up for Billy Cosmosis at a party in Hill Top in Goa last season. He liked my tunes, we started chatting and blagged the parts for Supernatural
  13. Here's a sneak preview of what TIP Records is going to release in a couple of weeks. https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before There's melodies in there too. /spam
  14. Make Noise and Intellijel for me. Doepfer for the basic utility modules.
  15. Current Moogerfoogers I own are the MF-102 ring mod, MF-103 12 stage phaser, MF-108 Cluster Flux. The moog synth on the rack is the Slim Phatty and in front of the modular are a Moog Minitaur and a Moog CP-251. The point of the ES-4 is to provide (synced) CV/Gate messages, converting MIDI data from the DAW, via an SPDIF cable. I use a MOTU 128 midi express to sequence all my MIDI gear.
  16. What a fantastic module this is. Dead easy to set up in Logic and use. Sample tight modulation/triggering, calibration to have VCOs track perfectly across the keyboard and comes jam packed with plug ins that sync to host tempo (with divisions/multiplications). Its like getting *a lot* of modules for the eurorack, but only using like 8hp. Only spent a couple of hours with it and love it already! https://vimeo.com/89415836 https://vimeo.com/89415836 This is fucking great P.S. here a manual sweep of the Virus into the Make Noise MMG https://vimeo.com/89406883
  17. Doing Antaris (20th Anniversary, should be great), Ozora and then popping over to Equinox festival in the USA.
  18. Manmademan are the definition of UK Psy for me. 145, banging tunes with rolling basslines, melodies in there as well, but not overdone. Everything in the right balance for my ears anyway. https://soundcloud.com/manmademan/prana-boundless-manmademan-rmx And here's some spam https://soundcloud.com/martianarts/manmademan-karahana-martian https://soundcloud.com/martianarts/martian-arts-chaos-before https://soundcloud.com/goaproductions/sets/goa8-martian-arts-grey-area
  19. There's Alpha Drako on the way, no idea if its going to be Goa, or not. I don't know how you guys think that Pleiadians started making music the people want and NOT music that they, them selves like to make.
  20. I do listen to old goa tunes because I just love listening to them. I do like retro sets and enjoy dancing to them. All the "neo goa" stuff has left me indifferent. I've heard a few from the artists mentioned in this thread but I don't feel anything when I listen to neo goa tracks. I can't faul it really, its great that people love and have a go at recreating the old sound, it just does not move me personally.
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