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  1. Met him again in Antaris. Wicked geezer, he played a fantastic live set! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152210197921603&set=vb.546431602&type=2&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152210192386603&set=vb.546431602&type=2&theater
  2. Hang on, are we talking music or parties? I've partied loads in the UK, never in Israel so can't say.
  3. What I said for UK goes for Scando, German, French and Italian styles.
  4. Generally speaking, UK was deep, twisted, dark, funky, driving, blissful, morning, night, and everything in between. Israel was melodies, high melodies, higher melodies, up to nitzho... Horses for courses and all that.
  5. Raja Ram's Stashbag 5 is going to be a CD release as well, it features "DJ Lucas, Loud, Perfect Stranger, Dick Trevor, Ajja, Martian Arts/Disco Hooligan, Faders (Offical), Audiotec, Outsiders, Avalon, SYBARITE, MAD MAXX, Audioform" Album, no idea, I am not planning on making one...I guess when I get enough unsigned tunes that will constitute releasing one, I will. Yes and yes, I was thinking about creating an old school vibe in the sense of acid lines and goa leads, but aimed to give the production, "modern" twists. I still love 16th bass, I am just looking to get more inspiration from acid basslines as I love them as well. I loved the TB bass from the old Goa and Hardfloor, DAVE The Drummer, Liberator bros, era...and I missed it, so in it went. Will check out the Cronomi release, cheers (Y)
  6. I was thinking about tunes with acid bass, cause that changes the vibe, fundamentally
  7. Yup, could not figure out a name for it as we decided to make something "different"...someone posted the classic clip again so we just called it that. And cheers! Any suggestions for recent tracks with TB-303 like basslines? I know they where done in some old Goa tracks, but wondering if anyone makes that kind of acid bass, today.
  8. any more tracks that have acid basslines? preferably square waveform ones, although sawtooth ones will do as well. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWLb3WF3boo
  9. This looks great! Like a load of uncut tabs
  10. Alright then, took the Atlantis for a proper spin and mixed sounds in to give some sense to them. Kick: Ultrabeat, Bass: Roland SH-101, Acid: x0xb0x. All other synth sounds (except hats/snare/clap) are the Intellijel Atlantis. https://soundcloud.com/nectesting78/intellijel-atlantis-test-drive
  11. Varied. 2 of my best friends are Audioform and Black Noise and lots of times we just hang around in each others studios, recording noises. Generally I have a few local people that we are around the same age and have been in psytrance and parties for bonkers years. Then I have foreign friends (most are actively involved with the music) that I meet at festivals/parties every year...some of them from Sola Luna 2001 in Samothraki.
  12. I have a few friends who are tattoo artists. The waveforms where not planned, just spontaneous ink after being bored on a Monday morning. Cheers!
  13. Love the Atlantis. What I love most about it (besides the sound) is how practical it is to just churn out sounds to use in tracks by just patching in CV/Gate and then programming the thing with what is already there. And there are *a lot* of sounds available, before you even start patching other modules with it....where the real fun starts! Yup Desysko, its almost healed now, cheers
  14. P.S. This is the opinion of a somewhat "jaded" psy-trance music lover, that has been in this thing for two decades. I do realise that the younger generations, came to love this music, listening to completetly different styles than what MWNN was making in 1994 and of course, that is fair enough.
  15. The answer for me, is both. Just like rock music and the fact that a lot of new rock music has the old sound, production, simple riffs, sometimes muddy sound, cause that was part of the old sound, and young people like it because it has that vibe, for me it is perfectly fine that some people would like to have the old sound and it is a credible artistic choice that they are free to make. It should also evolve. The essence of a genre like that, is that it is waveforms created at the cutting edge of the technology availlable. Producers in the 90s where way ahead of their time in many aspects, it was a characteristic trade of Goa trance. They would dive deep into sound design and make quircky sounds and sequence them in such a way that created a vibe that had people having religious experiences on dancefloors across the globe. It was NOT just a lot of leads with 4-5 arp parts playing on top of each other with big pads underneath. It was a lot more involved, to my ears anyway. As a person who started partying and buying records in 1994 and as far as what you guys call "neo"goa (I just call it Goa Trance that just happend to be created, recently), I have yet to hear something that has the vibe that the old tracks had. I have yet to hear something that I am going to listen to, more than once. Granted its a personal taste thing as I was not into tunes that had lots of (high pitched) melodies back in the 90s either and I despised and still despise, nitzho... the new stuff I hear today is crammed with melodies, no sci-fi, too much fluffy morning melodies and even the stuff that some people call "dark" just sounds too obvious and plain cheesy to me. But again this is not a general statement, its my personal view on what I hear and what I feel when I hear it. Having said that, I just click on the od link people post here and on facebook, so everything I say I say as someone who is not actively following the current output of new artists that make this kind of music. Regarding new prog and dark. I am also not actively following it, again I just click the odd link and happen to be on a dancefloor at a forest in Russia, or a club in Germany or a beach in Goa and listen to what people, that like these genres, play. I feel no connection with it. Yes people consider them to be under the psy-trance "umbrella", but for me its not related to it, far from it actually. Prog, dark...etc are their own individual genres and its the stuff that just isn't my cup of tea. Anyways, regardless of what is being said here, the music is evolving and at the same time some people do make a concious choice of creating the old sound, today. Its all good to me as long as people make what makes them happy in the studio.
  16. Assigning CC to alter patch groove via STEP LFO scale, off set. https://vimeo.com/96617029
  17. I cannot stress how brilliant the ES-4 with the Silent Way suite of plug ins is... Modular never had it so good in terms of what is available today, inside 8hp. Here's some fun and games with sine waves...and a saw. https://soundcloud.com/nectesting78/es-4-step-lfo-fm
  18. I have lots of releases as Martian Arts, I released an album split in VAs and EPs in the last 6 months alone. I got signed on TIP a couple of months ago. Anyway cheers and all I can say about this Goa inspired, full on kinda sound (its just plain psy-trance to me), is that there is going to be lots more of it. Have a very interesting collab with Nervasystem, with Eat Static and some other people as well, that I can't wait to finish and play in the festivals this summer.
  19. TIP Records uploaded a teaser from their next 4 track EP "Merge & Converge" coming out, 9th of June. https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/merge-converge-ep-teaser-mix
  20. Here's some classic FM patch. https://soundcloud.com/nectesting78/intellijel-atlantis-classic-psy-fm
  21. 1st patch https://vimeo.com/95381187 Gonna love my life programming and recording sounds from this
  22. My experience is limited to Greece where I started partying in 1994 and had an absolutely brilliant scene, that was subsequently ruined right after the new millenium by greed and opposing teams trying to hurt one another and the effects of that "war" where evident on the whole scene. Nowdays there are very few parties that bring artists I would go and listen to. Outside of Greece in the Balkans my only experience has been in Serbia where I played Kragujevac on a Friday and Belragde the Saturday after. Serbians love psy-trance and they are party animals...it was a miracle I caught my flight after barely getting any sleep for 2 days, having had LOADS of rakija and partyed like there's no tomorrow.
  23. They rock. They have made so many killer tunes, IFO alone commands respect and I don't think they need to make another IFO, they've made one already and they are interested in doing new things. Granted some people don't like the new kick bass, I did not like the old kicks that you could hear the decay of the frequency modulation of the oscillator (or self oscillating VCF)... them old "zap" kicks that had lots of mids and little bottom end, it did not stop me from enjoying many old tracks. The first track on the live Alpha Drako LP is a Goa Trance bomb!
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