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  1. Cheers that's good to hear, if anything I would like people to be inspired to do what they love. I checked my first post...can't believe so much has happened in a bit over a year! Here's a little video demo (sorry only a facebook clip) for the classic FM trance lead for the Psy Producers FB forum. I am using the 5U modules but the same patching applies to any other modules/synths that allow for such a routing. https://www.facebook.com/100009455712042/videos/1471976623127514/?pnref=story
  2. Bashing darkpsy is so 2004. Get over it, different people like different things.
  3. CDs for me. You get to play in some very dusty places, especially in Goa which are "unhealthy" for a computer. I prefer not having a screen between the crowd and my self. I prefer to not look at a screen in order to do something so simple. Less stuff to carry/no setting up needed. If my shit gets stolen or I get too messed up and just leave the party without remembering to get my shit, it'll only cost me a pair of headphones. I like to novelty vibe of it, people DJ with a pair of CDJs and a mixer for decades.
  4. played my first two live sets (one was with new project with Merv-Eat Static called Strontium Dogs) with the modular in Ozora Never enjoyed my self more on the stage!
  5. Very nice! Got Grids today so here's some Aphex Twin like jam
  6. I bought 4ms RCD + Switches expander, but somehow got sent the wrong module from the seller who was selling a lot of things and probably got confused. Might get a Metro in the future, instant fun and games with the Gate mode and Pulse count, even if there are only 8CV steps on the sequencer.
  7. Got a Metropolis (accidentally) today and after an hour with it, I am hooked! Expensive for what it does, but its inspirational to say the least!
  8. I was referring to Mr Mustafa's "bitter and abandoned" comment. Scroll up and read. This is directed at you though, there are more people besides you in this chat. You want to take things personal before even reading? That is your problem. Also, you don't want a debate, you just want a crowd to read what you have to say. And this was the last time I was part of that crowd. Peace out.
  9. I am not saying that people should like full on, or force them selves to like the new releases from their old favorite artists, I am not saying that people should like anything they do not like. But, why be bitter and feel abandoned? Just move on to something you like, if this music makes you feel bitter and abandoned.
  10. Assume? All one has to do is read the plethora of comments. Its fair enough to not like something, its fair enough to say it. But making derogatory comments, on repeat, for years upon years?...that's a grudge.
  11. Agreed, 16th basslines are not the only way to make psytrance.
  12. The golden years will never come back exactly as they where. All things in life keep changing, nothing stays the same. Instead of waiting from your favorite artists to re-hash the same music they did two decades ago and frustrate your self with every new release they make, let it go and search for new music that you actually like, from new artists or try other genres even. Music is food for the soul. Force feed a diet you don't like and you'll start feeling sick. Been partying since 1994. Nothing is the same as then, different people, different music, different world, different millennium. There is no Goa played in Goa, there is machine gun basslines, which has become a taboo in these pages, even if seminal tracks like this one ...had a 16th bassline and when people dropped this tune back then, no one stopped dancing and said it was boring... instead people stomped the ground like it was the last dance of their lives. FFW to Antaris 2014 when Mike Maguire dropped it, the same thing happened again, young generations and "Goa veterans" rejoiced for being alive and partying like it was the mid 90s again...even for the duration of one track...one set. Its like a grudge that you can't get over...but life is too short to hold grudges. For every person that lived it all back then and holds a grudge today, there are a hundred or probably, a thousand people, partying to today's music, loving the next tune with a 16th bassline but that tune, also has some great sounds on top of it. Most of today's party people, "learned" psytrance after the golden years, with 16th basslines and all and guess what? They love it. So, after 21 years, I still love it. After 21 years I can't stop listening to it and can't wait for the next party. I still play old tunes in my studio to listen to, or in the car when I am driving, or stomp the ground at the odd retro set in a festival from some old project whose music, I grew up on and still cherish. I also stomp the ground to a night time set of relentless machine gun bass, as long as there is twisted, psychoactive, funky, cosmic sounds on top of it cause at the end of the day, there has always been much more to psytrance than just a 16th bassline, to me anyway.
  13. This album sounds great to me, a 16th bassline lover. The music on top of the basslines is very distinctive. There are some killer sequences in there, very hypnotic. I am not even going to compare it to old Kox Box. The Great Unknown is still my favorite album, but this is completely different, its like comparing apples and oranges. Its clear that Frank'e is not interested in making old school Goa, he is interested in making what he likes to make. I was on the dancefloors of summer festivals in 2014 and Goa 2015. Frank'e rocked it every single time.
  14. DIY is the way to go if you are handy with a solder. Saves a ton of cash in the long run. I don't build my own kits but have a good friend who is a good builder and he sorts me out He did the 5U Oakley/Yusynth and the custom eurorack row right below it.
  15. Managed to get 4 voices jamming (Make Noise MMG dc input is the Make Noise Mysteron doing the noisy hats, AC in is the Final Out from the Make Noise DPO. MMG out into ch3 of CP3 mixer, channel 2 is the kick from ARP Odyssey 4072 VCF in self oscillation, ch1 is the Doepfer A-111 VCO through Doepfer A-137-2, with one shift register, sequenced by Rene), before I run out of cables. No computers where used for this jam. Just CVs and Gates. Maths EOC clocks the whole rig. https://vimeo.com/128622729
  16. Almost 12U DPO rocks. Started a 5Ux12U wide Oakley modular, 15V rock!
  17. Hey Sphongled247, thanks for the beer! See you again at some dancefloor And yes, like the t-shirt says "life is better in Goa". The vibe of the place, the parties the people, nothing compares to it, even if its not what it used to be for sure, its still rocking. The production of the parties has gone up as well. Slow on tourism this year as apparently there were 700 flights(!) cancelled from Russia due to currency drop.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe5p4BbzA64
  19. Razorback is a f@cking choon! Tastes and all that jazz...
  20. The internet generation's problems. People used to search and find music they liked before forums...before the internet even.
  21. everything besides the kick, bass, hats, snare, is made with Maths. Patched it as a cross mod VCO https://soundcloud.com/nectesting78/having-fun-with-make-noise-maths
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