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  1. Mackie HR824s and Alesis M1 mk2 actives (on the left of the pic)
  2. Nice SP rack ears! The rack is from a friend that had it in storage and was not using it. I've been asked before what it is on Gearslutz and looked for a label on it and found nothing... Computer: MacBook Pro i7 MacPro Quad 2.66ghz Focusrite Saffire (the first one that came out like 6-7 years ago) Logic Pro 9, I mix in there, don't use a mixer. Keys, M-Audio Oxygen V2, but use Maschine a lot to play notes as well...only use the Oxygen when I need to use the pitch bend. Monitors: Mackie HR824s primary. Alesis M1 MK2 actives secondary.
  3. X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happines LP is my all time favorite...along with Kox Box - The Great Unknown.
  4. Cosmic Spiral is a choon and a half as well. The dancefloor kicks off to it. The intro arp is also my idea of a good goa, acidic lead that is very different than the usual neo-goa high note leads. Driving, hypnotic, acidic, can listen to it on repeat and it never gets boring with the other layers of sound the tall geezer throws in there. That is his style that stands out from the rest and has him playing all over the world, imo always.
  5. I disagree, Tristan has a sgnature sound and although it has evolved through out the years, its still there. Be it from when you could hear his old Doepfer modular with all them phase shifting patches, to the Virus sounds he uses today, you did not hear any cheese that is spread through out the full on genre. Audiodrome was groundbreaking when it came out, collabs with Dickster, Manmademan, Dimitri, some Fearsome Engine tunes, with Lucas, Master Blasters, Hallucinogen...the list goes on...you can even hear when a part of the track has his stamp on it. Its just a matter of having listened to his output enough, imo. He is also a massive name, Tristan parties in Goa where the busiest and he tours the world constantly and with very good reason if you ask me. There are *very* few artists that stayed true to their sound and did not descend into cheese. And his style is distinct enough to have influenced loads of people, a lot. Obviously I am biased cause I love his music and I know him personally and despite his massive success he is a brilliant geezer that has his feet on the ground, so bare that in mind when you read my views.
  6. This is my all time favorite of his Pure psychedelic trance.
  7. Audiodrome is the best. Some tunes are misses, but he has done some sterling tracks in the past. The Killerwatts stuff is not my cup of tea, his solo work is fantastic (most of it) imo, and he has made some killer collabs and lots of them too. Have heard him play lots of times, from 95 when I first saw him play till 2013. He rocked Shiva Valley and Lotus Inn, silly in Goa last season. I've never heard him play a bad set. Super nice guy as well.
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