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  1. we are having best of poll at psybient.org. results will be ready in 3 weeks
  2. in case you missed we made interviews with Androcell, Entheogenic, Carbon Based Lifeforms, DJ Zen and many more you can see them here => http://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/interviews/
  3. can we see a picture of this shelve? p.s. i have huge collection of cd, sbut is in my pre-psy era... i am happy to have it all digital now, it is really handy to be able to have all your music backed up and a copy in a pocket. my psy downtempo wave collection is 569 releases. they take only 175gb of space in apple lossless. so basically in a pocket.
  4. here is the poll => https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/69747-psynews-best-of-2014-poll/page-2
  5. i am glad there is still still time to participate. end february shall be enouph
  6. thank you, i was hoping to find nice web site with interviews, releases and events review.
  7. Thank you for inputs, will digg deeper ! thank you, actually i know pretty well the ambient labels, i have gathered a list of 50 labels actually for ambient => http://www.psybient.org/love/labels-psychill-ambient-psydub-psybient-psychedelic-downtempo/
  8. is there any website to read news from psychedelic trance world? except this forum would like to discover more music, seee events lists etc. with google didn't find anything regularly updated or modern looking. p.s. basically something similar to what we do for chill music with psybient.org
  9. with pleasure: it is simple, our forum is totally dedicated to psychill / ambient / downtempo (basically everything psy from 0 - 110 bpm). people who like only psychill are not very confortable here because they have to look for "chill" stuff, in our forum all is chill. - we have 1 dedicated subforum for psytrance (music and events), but we are not interested to have much activities there. - we highly appreciate to this forum for giving us inspiration and even some technical advises. - we have analysed the content organisation here and it might be a bit similar, but many forums are similar. feel free to ask more if you need.
  10. well we have 702 entries in our 2014 catalog, so i would say that this year was rich www.psybient.org/love/2014-releases-psychill-ambient-downtempo/ we will launch our best of the year in about 2 weeks of time. Looking forward to results here also. <3
  11. Can somebody help to define the most important label to follow ? would like to know about best and most interesting releases If possible define for each label what music it mostly relaease, psytrance, goa, hitech etc Thank you for your recommendations and let's discuss
  12. Dubz Cooker – Zero Zero (Ethereal Decibel) http://etherealdecibelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zero-zero?from=embed
  13. Crystal Vibe – Change Is the Only Constant (Altar) http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/change-is-the-only-constant-24bits?from=embed
  14. it is online => http://forum.psybient.org p.s. inspired by many forums in the internet including this one <3 thank's to everybody for support
  15. don't miss Scan-tek and CELL they are very unique
  16. http://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/magic-place?from=embed
  17. https://www.mixcloud.com/gagarinproject/gagarin-project-winter-solstice-2014-gagarinmix-37/
  18. we are all funding, the decision was made by a team. we choose to use good tools with support and not look around internet for people who has time to help us. one love!
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