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  1. new psydowntempo music week 49 : Belekaip – Carbon Dub [Elektrosfera Netlabel] Crop – Moving Forward EP [uxmal Records] Deya Dova – Symbiotic Remixes [self Released] Dysphemic – Adventures Of Star Chaser [Gravitas Recordings] Earth Child – Spherical Puzzles [Nutek Chill] E-Mantra – Echoes From The Void [Altar Records] Fatal Tangent – Cenotaph [Anodize] Flucturion 2.0 – Sui Generis [Mystic Sound Records] Itom Lab – Dragon Scales [self Released] Ishqamatics – Waterbound [Txt Recordings] Kayatma – Turiyality [self Released] Kuba – Distant Reflections [self Released] Kuba – Time By The River [self Released] Liquid Crystal – Exotic Vision [Mystic Sound Records] Oxaka – Nagaden [EP] [Cymaticlab] Pedra Branca – DNA [Merkaba Music] Seaman – Electronic Trip [Plexus Music] Tantric Decks – From Earth To Infinity [self Released] Voxel9 – Inner Journey [bass-Star Records] Wolfen Technologies – Golden Fractals [shanti Planti] ZaZeN – Variations EP [self Released]
  2. http://maiabrasilrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-forest-garden?from=embed https://wolfentechnologies.bandcamp.com/album/golden-fractals
  3. we find much more interesting things happening in psy downtempo music, if you are looking for something new have a look you can check latest compilations: https://maiabrasilrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-forest-garden http://mystic-sound.com/releases/va-ethneomystica-vol-2/ if you would like to experience darker dub psy sound: https://etherealdecibelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zero-zero
  4. https://etherealdecibelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zero-zero https://maiabrasilrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-forest-garden https://makyo.bandcamp.com/album/jasmine
  5. and actually we will use same software solution as here. let me joke back about car, "would you choose to rent a mercedes for 50 per month ou you would rather get an old car and spend half of your free time taking care of it ?" p.s. we do have technical knowledge in team, and we detailed why we decided to go to a "paid" solution.
  6. new music Balance Chilling With The Moon [self Released] Csillagkod Silent World [spotted Peccary Music] GMO & Dense Shell And Seal [Cosmicleaf Records] Gnomes Of Kush In Quiet Spaces [self Released] Gus Till Ghosts Of The Earth EP [interchill Records] Iacchus Frogspawn [Mystic Sound Records] Mimetik Handmade Songs For Handmade People [Altered Echo] Sephira Monkey Tales [bMSS Records] SPCZ Mind [subbass] The Next Commuter SFADL Soundtrack For A Dysfunctional Landscape [Xtraplex Records] The Pool 333+ [Anodize] Unlogic Thing & r.roo Void [Abstrakt Reflections] Various Artists Middle Peace Compilation [shanti Planti]
  7. new Forum dedicated to psy downtempo music (psybient , psychill, psydub etc) ॐ Friends, with all respect to this place we would like to share here information about our project, after a bit more than one year since the creation of our project, we are happy to tell you that our initial dreams came true - www.psybient.org is online and became a useful and interesting resource, visited regularly by many music lovers from all over the world. Today we want to share with you our new dream ! With your participation, we would like to bring to life new psybient.org internet forum - a unique place where we can chill-out and grow together. we have prepared detailed explanation of what we want to do and how, please visit following url to read more => http://goo.gl/v9SAvp ►Want to help? invites your friends to this event and participate in the campaign page => http://goo.gl/v9SAvp ►Want be the first to join the forum? click on the link below and subscribe to mailing list => http://www.psybient.org/love/mailing-list/ The forum will be available in the end of 2014, beginning of 2015 @ http://forum.psybient.org
  8. Balance – Chilling With The Moon [self Released] Sephira – Monkey Tales [bMSS Records] Various Artists – Middle Peace Compilation [shanti Planti]
  9. Androcell and Cosmic Replicant – Soul Of The Universe [Ektoplazm]
  10. Fresh releases: Andrew Heath The Silent Cartographer [Disco Gecko Recordings] Cosmic Replicant Soul Of The Universe [Ektoplazm] Counter Point Sounds Of Vintage [Nutek Chill] Dreadlock Tales Years 2000-2006 [self Released] False Identity Community Of Me [self Released] Heavenly Father Vistas [Ekstre Records] Kratos Himself Dandelion Seeds [self Released] Smoke Sign & Ghostwire A Prayer For The Frogs Fundraiser EP [Merkaba Music] Sync24 Eadgyth [Leftfield Records] Various Artists Experiments Vol. 1 [Looney Moon Experiment] Various Artists Flashback Enigmatic [Plexus Music] - See more at: http://www.psybient.org/love/news-2014-w42/#sthash.DruE8OIR.dpuf http://www.psybient.org/love/news-2014-w42/
  11. Week 41: Aeonics – Beyond Time [Virtual] Asonat – Connection [n5MD] Blue Phoenix – Source Of Hope [Ektoplazm] Gus Till – Ghosts Of The Earth [interchill Records] Jaya – A Combination Of Things [uxmal Records] KaleidoAct & Master Margherita – Sci-Fi Soundscapes [self Released] Maiia303 – Sky In Diamonds [Ovnimoon Records] Maluns – Afterburner Trilogy [Cosmicleaf Records] Rhythmic Activity – Characteristics Of Development [self Released] Rute – Soma [Rexette] Sleepwreck – Prototype Self [street Ritual] Tarac, Avilente & Alexander Daf – When The Clouds Disperse [Microcosmos Records] The Human Experience – Embraced [Jumpsuit Records] Tripswitch – Propulsion EP [section Records] Various Artists – Other Times [Less Music] Various Artists – Seeds Of Thought [Liquid Seed Recordings] Yunomi – Amaryllis Dream [Virtual]
  12. Week 40 Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient Eyes [self Released] Lab’s Cloud – Imminent Awakening [Altar Records] Monade – Puni [Xtraplex Records] Mystic Crock – Reef [self Released] Seaman – Features Of Life [Plexus Music] Squazoid – Two Reality [Mandala Records] Sub (James Murray) – Untitled [self Released] Tikki Masala – Traveling Through [Masala Records] (Val)Liam – Autumn Equinox EP [self Released] Various Artists – Ethneomystica Vol. 2 [Mystic Sound Records] Various Artists – Odyssey Of Rapture Vol. 2 [Mythical Records] Various Artists – Slow Motion [Kissthesound Records] ZaZen – Time Out EP [self Released]
  13. i also like KRK RP6 , sounds fine for me. i would add a KRK10 Sub to have some parties at home. as for soundcard i use NI Audio 8.
  14. chillwave? chillpop? it is guesses, don't know for sure
  15. i would suggest new skin something similar, but new a bit tired of the default skin of IPS Board )
  16. https://krusseldorf.bandcamp.com/album/smokers-lounge-remastered
  17. friends, we are keeping an updated list of all releases at www.psybient.org/love/2014-releases-psychill-ambient-downtempo/ for each release you have a link and style description, a part of it on a weekly basis we add news to front page, when i will have a minute, i will repost here time to time some new releases week 39 news: Anchor Hill UniVersAll [Luminosity Project] Codeas D.M. Asylum [Mareld] Cualli La Ceremonia 2 [self Released] Eurythmy Subjective Matter [shanti Planti] Intermixture Dynamic Interactivity [street Ritual] Krusseldorf Smokers Lounge Remastered [self Released] Mnykin Fairy Tales [Frog-Hop Records] Nü Tao Dragonfunk [spaceradio Records] Open Canvas Relics Of The Sun: Dune Tunes 1997-1999 [Harmonic Resonance Recordings] Unusual Cosmic Process No Gravity [uxmal Records] Various Artists Dreaming Awakening Part One [Dreaming Awakening Records] Various Artists Flashback Downtempo [Plexus Music] Various Artists Peace And Love III [Vertigo Records] Various Artists Psychedelic Planet [six Degrees Records] Various Artists Sixth Anniversary [Kissthesound Records]
  18. Fresh releases: Ayonara Dub Yourself [Jaira Records] Dalshar Project Precious Journey EP [Ovnimoon Records] Darshan Ambient Songs From The Deep Field [spotted Peccary Music] Dense New Speak [Cosmicleaf Records] Dirtwire The Carrier EP [self Released] Master Margherita Freakency Meditation [self Released] Mic Norberg Metamorph X [uxmal Records] Miktek Lost | Found : Miktek Archives [self Released] miXile A Legend In His Own Brine [self Released] Netherworld Otherworldly Abyss [Anodize] Radioactive Sandwich One/Two [self Released] Skytree Yggdrasil [self Released] SXtheMadArtist Photograpsy [spaceradio Records] Various Artists Equinox Pt. 11 Official Compilation [Pure Perception Records] links are available at http://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-org-news-2014-w38-festivals-psychill-releases/
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