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  1. We all start as being spectators at a dance party. Most of the time we are introduce by someone we trust in and try the experience. Only insane people will come over and over if they don't like it. Now i want to come back on your point that music provides a trip. Do you consider yourself down to hearth while you are tripping? Do people need to be taught how to trip to be able to trip? Inviting people to trip about other dimension isn't it a way to prove that christian's worship music is nothing more than a trip? Thank you for you time and for sharing your knowledge.
  2. While humans will develop this notion by hearing noises for the first time, learn to walk or observe the stars it the sky, you ignore simply the cognitive approach to narrow it to a rational definition. Like a robot. You are aggressive against people with different believes. You try to isolate me, to humiliate me. You misread my words in order to achieve your goals. You are exceptionally intelligent and i bet you have a huge ego. It sounds like an antisocial person, from here to sociopath there is only a small step: It is said sociopath will not feel any remorse about hurting others.
  3. People are good so ultimately they will design trip that make them feel good or amazed them. At least it's only this kind of trip that will become popular: uplifting, mixing cultures... I do not know anyone interested in craziness or self destruction except you. I associate this with isolation and troubles. That's why people do the complete opposite, they gather and dance together for exemple. You could have share your music, you could have join the exchange, but no you prefer killing the vibe by attacking me on ridiculous definition. Here is all your perspective/personality being expre
  4. I feel like a black guy trying to sit in front of the bus. thank you for your clear analyse of the idea of space in the western world, the rest is just venin and out of this topic.
  5. @zoomorph So you are the guardian of the right values who tell others what they have to believe. I believe humans are intelligent. They work and evolve together. Intelligence is the capacity of understanding phenomenons first seen in nature and to reproduce them afterwards into different closed systems. There isn't such a thing as more intelligent than intelligent. Mathematics, language, emotions, technologies are all equivalent mediums to express the current comprehension of nature. All together they form reality and so a shared system of values to communicate correctly. It becomes also th
  6. How deep are you zoomorph? are you talking metaphysic? here we are talking about the art of representing the idea of space using music as a medium. Music is vibration/sonic wave projected into space. And psy/goa music seems to be the most accurate kind of all who describe this system, it is maybe it's vocation! This notion of space has been represented trough infinity of themes from inner universe to galactic kingdoms where producers are able to create more and more sophisticated echoes effect.. it's all about space and scales, awareness of the universe. But the mainstream people w
  7. Hi folks, how are you doing today? Let me present myself. I am a young artist performer who creates short dancing acts in the world of modern dance. Modern dance creations put the accent either on an energy, either on a landscape/universe/fantasy world and make art of it. Art is simply the game of representing the invisible forces of Life, it is also the game of making people dream awaken. If trance music vision is still very absent of the pop culture (despite the ever growing community of people gathering in festivals) it is because, let's be honest, this vision of reality is in advance on
  8. Guys! I found something that sounds the same, can you please share your tracks with the same mood! Vimana & Farbo - Spanda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y-_6fwbe7Y thanks
  9. Hi Scandinasia, you have isolated the cosmic silence and hypnotising bassline. But it seems that you do not have what i am looking for so now i gonna dive into playlist of rare and unreleased tracks on youtube, i will keep you update if i find what i am looking for, and share anything that may interest you. if i say right you like when it has a melancholic mood overall. Thank you for your help anyway.
  10. Hi scandinavia, first of all thank you again for your help in this quest of my "perfect track" your suggestions are all great, e-mantra and LSD represent perfectly this overwhelming feeling that i love so much Despite the epic side of these tracks, none of them are in the euphoric mood that i am looking for (e-mentra is pure bliss and reminds me "JBC arkadi" tracks that i really enjoy but i need to go higher) So i hope these new elements will help you to figure out what turns me ecstatic: In the intro of this song, the very beginning, the tonality used is what i can't
  11. thank you Padmapani this tracks are acid and it makes me think what i am looking for may be a track where this acidity sounds round, like acid bubbles popping in a very open space.
  12. thank you! this is the kind or arpeggio' sonority(starting at 2"15 and 2"40) i am sick of, it tickles the top of my head and puts me in trance. how would you describe it? However it is flooded almost the entire song.I would enjoy a musique where this sonority is leading, dominant, nonstop, with a faster beat. do you have anything like this? thank you John
  13. despite i had enjoyed your compilations, i never heard about the neogoa net label. I want to say, it is gold. Richpa, thank you for your important work.
  14. ok i have isolated an important point. almost all the goa sounds the same when you overfly it in your itunes (just play 2 secondes and switch to the next song). It sounds all the same. what you hear is a kind of rasping rough sonority, cutting lasers and so on. Can you please find me tracks that have a soft sonority, while being intense and immersive. The atmosphere i am looking for is alien gathering/euphoric/zero gravity (i am sure it will make sens when we will figure it out ) thank you for your help
  15. hi Scandinasia, it's difficult to me to be clear, so i gonna use some music to illustrate my thoughts and i will appreciate that you correct my words so i can speak clearly to the community (i am french and new to goa) i like when it's intense and epic like this two bombs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giugf3gSo7M however, i had the chance to experience the same intensity in a completely different atmosphere: more playful, joyful, more light. i think there was no "woin woin", just melodious sonorities that make me think of happy E.T dancing on the moon. than
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