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  1. With the release of boldy audio a seed was planted. We have now seen a year go past and in this spring the saplings of sanatons hard work starts to show. We at sanaton are happy and honoured for the second time to deliver a journey from and into the tales of the indescribable. Old and new friends all around have contributed to create the next chapter in the Sanaton saga, named "Sanatonic Audio". Bringing together the next generation of hardwieerd knob-tweaking madmen. Also a new fresh and updated webpage is clear and teasers from the compilation have been added !!! This is
  2. Hello everyone! 2 weeks have past since the release of "Tumult" and we´re more than happy for the reviews & all the response we got so far... (both positive & negative) It means alot! ------------------- Ola & Jens
  3. Thx for this nice review!!!! And also for the replies!!!!
  4. Sanaton Records uses the following payment methods For orders within Sweden, we make use of Postal Giro, and for international orders we make use of an SWIFT and IBAN Shipping to denmark: 25 SEK Your total cost would be 125 SEK (102.465 DKK)
  5. Sanaton Records was planted by a group of friends who had a collective wish of creating a platform for releasing new, bold and spectacular sounds... We at Sanaton decided to accumulate our energy and tap into the chaotic forces of creativity, pushing the frontiers of audio using hardwieerd knob-tweaking to see what could be harvested... This is the first voyage of Sanaton Records. Best described as a continuation of our mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new sounds and bombarding beats.. To boldly audio where no soundaholic has audiod before! ~~: T r a C K L i S t :~~
  6. Hello to all !! We´ve recently uploaded 3 songs we made in 2001/2002.. You can download them at http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=35097 have a nice day / night.. b0oM!!! http://www.derango.tk
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