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  1. A compilation of my last 5 years of electronic music production! Entirely experimental electronic. It drifts into varying electronic genres; Psytrance, Orchestral, IDM, Folk, Breakcore etc. I am trying to evolve through and beyond Psy into other Electronic and non-electronic genres. Those who enjoy the more eclectic types of Psytrance should find something to like I know there's alot of tracks! I recommend clicking about until something grabs you. The tracks vary in style and level of completion. Tracklist: 1. Anonymous Title Music - 2:01 (2010) - Orchestral Psytrance 2. Now Entering the Cyberscape - 1:58 (2010) - Psytrance 3. Anybody Up There? - 3:58 (2007) - Psytrance 4. Neon Samurai - 3:40 (2007) - Asian / Psytrance 5. Foke Dope - 2:53 (2010) - Folk Psytrance 6. Melty Painting Waltz - 1:02 (2010) - Orchestral Instrumental 7. Draculas Castle - 1:32 (2010) - Orchestral Psytrance 8. Dark Medieval Times - 4:31 (2009) - Dark Psytrance 9. Conjurer of Cheap Tricks - 5:05 (2009) - Industrial / IDM 10. Ommpa Hummpa - 8:56 (2009) - Folk Psytrance 11. Make Kids Wish They Was Never Born - 4:09 (2009) - Industrial 12. Zombie Crunch Breakfast Cereal - 2:58 (2010) - Metal / Electronic 13. Keeping the Patient Alive - 3:16 (2009) - IDM / Breakcore 14. God of Death - 5:31 (2008) - Dark Psytrance 15. Sits Around all Day Babbling - 5:00 (2009) - Dark Psytrance 16. You Want to Be - 4:00 (2010) - Psychill 17. Don't Listen to this Man, My Lord - 4:57 (2009) - Dark Psytrance 18. Noone can tell Me - 3:36 (2009) - Psytrance 19. All Your Base - 1:34 (2010) - Breakbeat 20. Evil Imps (Lost Forever) - 4:12 (2006) - Psytrance 21. Dance of the Elven Machines - 3:22 (2007) - Psytrance Listen on http://DjShadowMoses.com Listen on http://soundcloud.com/ShadowMoses/sets Enjoy! Please leave any comments; like/dislike/critique. All very welcome!
  2. There's a trick i've learnt and been using a bit. I have the kick and the bassline output routed to an EQ to cut out the bass frequencies of the rest of the track when the kick or bassline is playing. This gives the kick and bass it's own room to do it's thing when sounds are flying all over the place, but allows the rest of the mix to have full sounding bass when the kick and bassline arn't playing. This seperates the kick and the bass from the rest of the track nicely... but I still need alot of work seperating sounds from one another. Does anyone else do anything like this or have any other tricks? I'll have to have a look at Andi Vaxs vids when I get a chance. Any other good resources? I'm just getting back into trying to produce seriously and the production forums.
  3. Another possibility is the Behringer BCD2000 or BCD3000. It's one of those DJ midi controllers that has basically all the controlls of 2 dj decks and a mixer. I just bought a BCD2000 off ebay for $200 Australian. It's really cheap so for the price I don't think you can go wrong! Check it out.
  4. Good morning forum! I can't remember if I've ever posted a track to these forums before. If I have it would have been quite a while ago. I had a huge setback recently when my computers hard-drive crashed and I lost my entire lifetimes worth of art, music and such... It's taken me a while to get back on my feet and get some tunes out. This is one I was up all last night working on. It's 3:22 and still very much unfinished. I would love to get some feedback on it. Some praise would be nice to motivate me to continue working on it. And of course lots of constructive criticism so I can make this track as good as possible! Some of the sounds are only placeholder sounds and a couple of sections are a bit... crap. But on the whole I'm fairly happy with how this is shaping up. For the moment I've dubbed it "Dance of the Elven Machines", but I am am open to any suggestions for a more fitting title! Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to listen to my track, and enjoy http://www.yousendit.com/download/cnJqZm1heFhveE41VEE9PQ
  5. I'm sure if the artist is popular enough, then the company who owned the rights to the sample would certainly want to extort the artist for an obscene amount of money for permission to use something that essentially isn't worth much... Luckily though I think all psytrance would fly under the radar. I remember Infected Mushroom use to use movie samples in their songs, but don't anymore. Do you think they could get away with it these days with their popularity? But arn't there laws regarding using small amounts of other artists material legally? The law's probably different here in Australia too, but I've never really been entirely sure what it is. Doesn't seem too unfair that if someone appropriates very small amounts of other peoples work for remixes or whatnot, that it should be fair use. But obviously not stealing entire songs with a few minor changes... Laws preventing any use of other peoples work to create something new sounds pretty stifling to artists and music as an artform. Especially these days with electronic music as big as it is, and growing... Anyone heard of Negativland? They're an awesome sound collage artist that make brilliant music from essentially all samples. But they couldn't be able to exist with such harsh laws... although I think they do anyway, but not without legal problems. Like when they used samples from a U2 song, and they were sued by the record company (without consulting the actual band, of course). Which in itself is pretty sad. But is using any amount of someone elses work legal? Or is it just enough you can get away with without having the samples recognised?
  6. So is that $600 budget in australian or US dollars? I'm from Sydney myself Either way I recommend the M-Audio Axiom. It comes in 29, 49 or 61 key variants and has 8 360* rotary knobs, 9 sliders, 8 drum pads and pitch and modulation wheels. It's sexy black with a blue LCD. I don't have one but I plan to buy one or receive one as a birthday/christmas present It has a pretty generous amount of controls for a fair price IMO, Here's the product page http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Axiom49-main.html They're selling them locally at Venue Music (Sydney music store) for $649 for the 49 key variety or $749 for the 61 key version. I plan to buy mine off ebay though since it will cost about $430 AUD. However you won't get the warranty. So buy locally if you want to play it safe. Here's venue music's page http://www.venuemusic.com.au/SearchResults.asp Hope I've been of some help!
  7. DiscoDSP Discovery is a great synth. It's modelled after a Nord Lead, and sounds great! Use the red skin to make it look like a Nord too! http://www.discodsp.com/discovery/ Linplug Albino 3. Another one of the most popular softsynths in psy. It sounds great! I hear Derango uses it extensively. That's good enough for me http://www.linplug.com/Products/Albino_3/albino_3.htm Hope I've been of help
  8. Oh yeah! I've got a couple more to add. Ka-Sol - Waspnest Delivers what it promises Ka-Sol - Flying Carpet There is something arabic and flying carpety about this song Ka-Sol - Whalebacktrack Sounds like a whale Come to think of it, Ka-Sol is quite good at making songs that sound like their name
  9. I've listened to the album and that track millions of times (probably more times than you have ), and I don't find it tiresome at all! It doesn't last all that long. And the whole album isn't riddled with samples like this unlike a certain album from Nystagmus which does get on my nerves a bit. If you want to hear overuse of a sample listen to Tommy is Dead. It has a very similiar speech in it. Only it comes back again and again throughout the whole track. I think it can be screwed up, OR used to great effect! Ever heard the intro to The Poisonous Square by Derango? Best intro and sample ever!
  10. Am I the only one that likes the vocals on People are Animals!? I think they're trippy, set a nice mental image and perfectly set up the tone of the track! The effects on the voice are awesomely mindbending! And the vocal samples on Trust No Goblin make the track
  11. Check out the mother of all basslines thread at isratrance. Has stacks of info on basslines. http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/56391/forum/2
  12. http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Harsh-Death-Metal-Vocals
  13. Talpa - Trust No Goblin I sure wouldn't listen trust any goblins after listening to this! Can't think of any more... Maybe later.
  14. g g g g r r r r a a a a n n n n u u u u l l l l i i i i s s s s e e e e r r r r
  15. Hello everyone! This is not yet another thread asking which is better for music production. I'm curious to know just how many people use PC or Macs for their music production, and how they feel about their platform, and the advantages and disadvantages they see of both PCs and Macs. I'm curious because a friend of mine is trying to tell me how much Macs are better than PC's. He states that Macs are better for music production than PCs because the hardware is better integrated with software. And says "Walk into any major recording studio and you'll see they use Mac's". I don't know what truth there is to this. Thus my question. I'd like some information so I can make a successfull argument as to why PCs are just as good as Macs for music production Anyway, discuss
  16. Ok, I found a short 11 second clip of Derango and Horror Place performing live. Lazers! Someone please find a liveset of Derango for me! I'll be forever in your debt
  17. You lucky, lucky bastard! That must have been so awesome! I don't think I'll ever get the oppurtunity to see them live Anyone have any liveset vids of Derango!?!?
  18. Hey! This stuff is pretty good from what i've heard of the samples! I agree with your description of this album perfectly. Some of the melodies are very Infected Mushroom sounding. And I'm digging the kind of medieval vibe. There needs to be more medieval psytrance! Though this isn't psytrance at all. Not sure what the genre is actually... I'll have to look into this one furthur. May end up buying the CD too! Since I've been impressed with the samples thus far. That's always a good sign!
  19. In my opinion, since bass is already so similiar to guitar, it's probably a better idea to learn to play keyboard/piano first. It will come in handy when you want to input notes using a midi controller. You can't input midi with a guitar or bass unless you have special equipment. Hope I've helped
  20. I wasn't actually directing that comment at you! There's a few people I've heard say the same thing about Talpa, except generally in a much more negative fashion. I understand what you mean about the groove/trance. I actually love very busy psytrance, as it means I always have something to listen to and focus on. Generally repetitive psytrance bores me, and just becomes background sound. Whereas with busy psytrance I can actively listen to everything that's happening OR just tune out and get into the trance if I choose. Whereas if there's too little going on, I get bored trying to actively listen to it. All the insanity is also very good for Psychadelics
  21. Definately check it out if you're even the least bit intrigued. Talpa's first album has risen to become one of my favourite psytrance albums of all time. And one of my favourite psytrance artists of all time. He is definately extremely skilled and talented in making music. Noone can accuse him of following other people's formula's, or lacking uniqueness and ingenuity. In a genre where many people are complaining about a lack of originality and the repitiveness and formulaic qualities of most psytrance, there's too little psytrance around like this to afford to miss out. Like some people mentioned earlier, Talpa's music is very psychedelic with lots of sounds flying all over the joint. Some people don't like how intensely psychedelic it is. I got into psychedelic trance because it's supposed to be psychedelic. Most psytrance is dismal in the psychedelic department. I yearn for more psychedelic trance that is actually psychedelic and not just trance. You owe it to yourself to at least download a couple of tracks. Like for example "Trust No Goblin" or "Flybeereligion". And if you like it, buy the album He also has a new album that will soon be released.
  22. Based on the samples and how much I love the previous album, there is no way in hell that I wouldn't get this album as soon as it's released. Detectives on the Run: A nice groovy bassline. Great percussion as usual. The voice/siren thing is rather trippy I like the clarinet-type instrument that seems to float about mischievously through the track. The melodies have definately improved and matured a lot! Something about this song definately reminds me of Detectives. Kind of like a Pink Panther vibe or something. I like it! When the Somberness Become a Game: Something a bit faster now! Nice trippy sounds flying about. Awesome choir sounds and other synths give this track a nice epic feel and a sense of urgency! I recognise one of the trippy voices from Four Leaved Clovers, but it's ok, because it's such a cool sound! So essentially, I am very pleased with these samples and the direction this new album appears to be taking! The style has definately changed since the first album, and become more refined. These two tracks plus Four Leaved Clovers seem to have a very strong style, as opposed to The Art of Being Non, where most of the tracks were very different (which I loved). The melodies have changed alot from the first one. Instead of the simpler, repeated melodies, their are more complex melodic arrangements. Making it sound more like regular music (like classical) instead of psytrance, which is great! The use or more regular instruments rather than synths contributes to this aswell. Hopefully there'll also be some more twisted and psychedelic tracks on this album like Trust No Goblin. I hope that even though the style has become more focussed, that there will be a good variety of different styles like the last album too. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!
  23. That is an accurate word! Other words that spring to mind are "psychedelic", "alien", "otherworldly", and "foresty"
  24. Savage Scream, or Horror Place Edit: Oh yeah, how could I forget. It's not "evil", but it is dark and hard: Derango!
  25. Out of curiosity, what other stuff would you like to see a single person perform live? Just curious in case I ever get to that point
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