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  1. I don't think this could be any more true! I've done it myself before when I've been composing. I'll just make a really cool melody, and later on while listening to some music I'd realise - to my horror - that I'd inadvertently made a melody very similiar to one already done before. Sometimes I've really like the melody too, so it's a toss-up to decide whether it's too close to the original, or whether it's different enough that you won't be accused of ripping the original artist off. So I don't think it's unlikely that professional psytrance producers would do the exact same thing. They may not even realise that they've done it. I guess it depends exactly how similiar the melodies are. If they're almost completely identical and use a similiar, if not exact same synth sound, then they're likely a ripoff. Especially if the rest of their style doesn't seem to be very unique either. But if the melody only sounds similiar, or just resembles the original melody, it's likely that they did it by accident. In which case you shouldn't judge the artist too harshly, as it's possible they don't even know they've accidently made a similiar melody to one used already. You really have to decide yourself just how similiar they are, and whether the rest of the track's originality can make up for it. In regards to Nystagmus, I must be an idiot. I cannot hear these similarities everyone keeps mentioning at all! I listened to Consciousness followed by the Shen and didn't hear anything similiar! I don't think Nystagmus is very similiar to Infected Mushroom at all. So it's pretty likely it was unintentional... Of course I'd take Infected Mushroom over Nystagmus any day. And yeah, most music rips off other music. Making something completely unique and original almost never happens. It's the same with art, or anything really. There's only a finite amount of different notes and scales to use. Society is built on taking what's already been done and improving on it. My art teacher at school use to always say "You don't have to re-invent the wheel," and it's very true. You have to use the knowledge of what people have done before you, if you want to make good music. That's why you shouldn't pick out bits of music and decide how similiar it is to something else. A song can include lots of elements from other music, yet still the whole song overall can be very unique! It's the big picture you need to look at, and not the individual elements that make it up!
  2. I blame everyone else. My recommendations are awesome!
  3. Talpa - The Art of Being Non Derango - Tumult Two of my favourite psy albums of all time! I consider them essential I also agree with Infected's first three albums. Infected Mushroom is what got me into psytrance!
  4. It sure isn't! Feelings have no basis in reality. You can feel you love someone, but doesn't mean they feel the same way about you. You can feel any number of things that have absolutely no reality to them whatsoever. Worse still when you're in love with someone you can never be with. My only comfort in loving a girls who's engaged, is knowing that one day (eventually...) the feelings will fade, and she'll mean nothing to me Such is the circle of life. One day you love someone. And the next day you don't! Be freeeeeeee!!!
  5. Talpa IS amazing! Who are these companions of Talpa you speak of? If you know some psy better than Talpa I'd like to hear it! No, seriously. It's hard to find psytrance up to the quality of Talpa. Or at least in a similiarish style.
  6. Of course! The moon is a great song. And the vocals arn't lame! I read somewhere they're actually done by Goran's (Talpa's) mother! She doesn't sound half bad Moral of the story, more people should have their mum's sing in their psytrance songs
  7. Thanks alot X Scream! I listened to the samples plus got the full song of Four Leaved Clovers. Sounds quite a bit different to the stuff on his album. But his style's always been pretty diverse, so it's nothing too out of the ordinary. This song is really great! Gotta love that organ! It reminds me so strongly of... something. But I don't know what! Sort of like a haunted house, or something to do with zombies... but kind of not. Those spinning voices sound great! It's good to see his song's havn't lost their psychedelic quality, which is one of the things I loved so much about Talpa to begin with! This song has made me pretty confident that his new album is going to seriously kick some ass! Just like the old one. But from this song it's obvious he's stepped up a notch in production skills and the sounds are a bit more refined. I can't wait until the album!
  8. Yeah that's really helpfull. How did this thread turn into a debate on psytrance genres? Oh well, I may aswell agree with those classifying Penta as Darkspy. Full-on bassline means nothing. So much psytrance has the full-on bassline without being full-on. Don't agree with the person who says it's forest-psy though. Anyway, if you hadn't realised (like me), there's a new track from Dark Nebula Vs Talpa on the Psionic Religion Comp!!! Check it out http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5771 Also checkout the Miraculix track on that comp! It's pretty awesome! In fact Miraculix is from the same label as Talpa, and actually has a similiar kind of style I think from the samples I'm listening to at the moment! I definately recommend you check them out! I know I will
  9. Yeah Talpa is awesome! My two favourite psy producers are Talpa and Derango. And for that reason, I second listening to Derango - Tumult. It's not really like Talpa in terms of style. BUT it is extremely psychedelic, which is one of the aspects I loved most about Talpa! So I think it's definately worth checking out. Maybe if we have similiar tastes you'll love it too I havn't listened to many other Suntrip releases. Nystagmus is just ok. Has nothing on Talpa. I've listened to some samples for Planum. It's pretty good! Alot closer to Talpa and Infected Mushroom than most stuff. So definately check him out. Another possibility is The Misted Muppet. Their style has a very medieval feel to it, which is similiar to Talpa has on a few tracks (My Kingdom, No Place to Hide etc). Their style is said to be inspired by Infected Mushroom, like Talpa's. It's quite melodic and medieval. I like it! Another psytrance producer I've found which I am beginning to get more and more into is Penta! What I love about Penta's style is it's quite melodic for dark psy, his songs can be really intense! With big climaxes and stuff. It's also very psychedelic and is chock full of awesome sounds! Big recommendations for Penta. Ka-Sol - Fairytale sounds quite good from the samples. I love forest psytrance ever since I first heard Derango. So psychedelic. I'll probably be getting this album. The fact that it has both morning and night psy, and is kind of goa inspired like Talpa may appeal to you. I hope I've been some help! It's great to meet another Talpa fan! Talpa is so awesome, I've overplayed his songs to hell and I never tire of them. It's hard to get really good psytrance. If you do find something like Talpa, please post it here, I'm eager to find some more stuff like Talpa too! p.s. last time I checked Talpa's forums he'd completed 7 of the 10 songs on his new album! Hopefully shouldn't be too long now! He's said he's also changed his style quite a bit too. Though I'm sure it will still kick ass.
  10. I think that's a great idea! I want to do the same myself, or at least get a microphone for my computer. I can make so many complex synth arrangements and stuff with my mouth beatboxing. But once I've sung it, it's gone, or at least will be once the time I can replicate the synths and stuff properly on the computer. That's definately a good idea. May draw weird looks out in public though. Another good idea is to carry around a small A5 book or something similiar to write down ideas. So you can draw/ illustrate/ notate/ draw pretty pictures/ write down all those spontaneous ideas that come to your mind randomly during the day. Also keeping it next to your bed at night will allow you to write things down from dreams or whatever as soon as you wake up, so as not to lose them forever! Dreams are slippery bastards that run away as soon as you stop thinking about them for a second after you wake up
  11. Haha, yes, I may be asking a bit much! I think I'll save up for the Axiom. It has pretty much all the features (and then some) that I'd need, and is affordable. Getting anything more expensive is really out of the question. But I like the Axiom, so that's fine I'm not sure if I really need all those things, but I suppose I'd find a use for them eventually, and it would save having to upgrade later! I'm still a bit unsure about what things the controls can control in the software. And a bit hazy about what things producers control live, and how. But perhaps that is best left for another thread. Thanks alot for your help!
  12. Hello! Not trying to drive the topic too off course, but could you recommend some of the more budget controller keyboards that have rotary knobs, sliders/faders and possibly drum pads aswell. I already know of the M-Audio Axiom series, which looks really good (and would go well with my black with blue lights theme I have going in my studio. May post a pic later) However it's a bit out of my price range at the moment. I need money...
  13. My music is made digitally. As are my thoughts. Beep.
  14. Infected Mushroom - Disco Mushroom Great track too. Awesome medieval vibes.
  15. Very nice! Very clean and professional sounding! I particularly like the synth from 1:04 to 1:21 and the weird voice kind of things right at the end. Shame I can't hear the full track.
  16. Hey that VST sounds mad! Listening to the demo samples, the effect sounds like the kind of effect Aphex Twin uses in alot of his songs! May have to give this a whirl
  17. Thanks Snowball for taking the time to reply! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I never thought it was particularly danceable. Does it really make you want to jump up and down?
  18. Ok, thanks heaps for the reply! Yeah, it has been a bit of work. Still alot more to go though! I've posted the song in the thread "Evil Imps (Work in Progress)" if you'd care to hear how it sounds Not too many replies though yet Maybe it sounds better to my ears than it actually is...
  19. Hello Psynews forum-goers! This is a track I've been working on lately. Made in FL Studio Fruityloops Edition, and uses only a single VST (V-Station for the bassline) I'd very much appreciate any help anyone has to offer on any aspect of the track! Like the synthesiser sounds and melodies. Or the percussion section. The effects. The bassline. The arrangement and the flow of the song. The sound levels and EQ and stuff. Really any advice at all would be a huge help to me. I'd like to be able to eventually make professional quality tracks Or just give it a listen and see if you like it! Enjoy http://download.yousendit.com/854F3EB364127E75 OR http://www.uploading.com/?get=EHR22Z4N Here's a pic of the song I posted already in Just for the hell of it Thread:
  20. I listened to the samples on saiko sounds, and downloaded a few tracks. I'll probably listen some more before deciding whether to buy it or not. I love forest psytrance, particularly Derango, who are quickly becoming one of my favourites, if not my favourite psytrance group. Do you know any other forest psy in a similiar vein to Derango? I already know of Procs, what others are there?
  21. It's from the song Trust No Goblin by Talpa. I love that song! The words are hard to make out because it's said in a goblins voice with alot of vocoding. It's towards the end of the track. Thanks alot for the link! Unfortunately I'm at work right now so I can't listen to the samples or test it out. But it definately looks promising! Thanks alot for your help!
  22. These are some of the ones I'm thinking of getting... when I'm not in debt: Eletrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles Drumatik - Peak Process Wizack Twizack - Behind the Trees Double R.E.L. - Cereal Killerz Luomuhappo - Pog-O-Matic Pogomen 3000000 Planum - Elaborate If anyone has any opinions on these releases, like whether they are good or not, feel free to tell me
  23. Why thankyou! Do you recognise where it's from? Oh yes. I enjoy morphing my mind too!
  24. Here's a work-in-progress song I'm making. Which forum should unfinished songs be submitted to?
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