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  1. I've listened to the samples of morphing for that program, and yes! That's exactly the same effect I'm looking for! Sadly, the price and extremely advanced nature of Kyma are not I still have alot of the basics of synthesis and the likes to learn before delving into the most advanced stuff. Reading a review of Kyma, it said that alot of the features of Kyma are slowly being being made available with other software. Would you know of any software that can create a similiar effect? Do you use Kyma yourself? I also advise everyone go to the Kyma website and listen to the audio morphing samples. They're amazing. http://www.symbolicsound.com/cgi-bin/bin/v...ucts/SoundClips This sounds like an interesting idea. I suppose I could create a similiar effect by automating an EQ and other effects? I will have to try this method out. Thankyou This sounds interesting. I'll have to try it out. Thanks Hmm, this looks intriguing. Listening to the samples, it didn't sound quite as good as the Kyma. I'm definately going to have to check this out though. Code it myself. You should have mentioned that part first! Lol. There's already too many aspects of music creation I need to learn, I don't need to learn programming too. I will have a look around for some phase vocoder's though. You don't know of any phase vocoder VSTs do you? Thanks alot to everyone who took the time to reply! I've got a few leads now to look into for doing these morphing sounds. If anyone else has any idea, please post them
  2. Hello Everyone! I'd like to know what's the best method for morphing sounds from one to another? For example if I have two samples, how do I morph the tail end of one of the samples into the beginning of the other sample so they actually sound as if one sample is becoming the other? I hope this question makes sense. Thankyou in advance for all help!
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