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  1. svolk


    Ok got my hands on "The Art of being Non". I only tasted it a bit, a deeper inspection will be required to form an opinion. However I must say I like what I heard, despite the fact that it definitely sounds like 2004.
  2. svolk


    Hi all. I've heard this name in positive context, though I didn't hear much of his music (except for some single track). What can you say about it?
  3. Commercial Hippies, Panic...
  4. svolk

    Full on

    Oh and System Nipel sounds really good to my ears...
  5. svolk

    Full on

    Got my hands on Commercial Hippies. This is definitely the stuff I'm looking for, maybe a bit more melodic...
  6. svolk

    Full on

    Well maybe the word intelligent is an overshoot here The term is used to describe not boring, not too repetitive music. Voice of Cod is tasty, Artifact is digestible too. Both partially.
  7. svolk

    Full on

    I've listened to Planum and Nystagmus. Nystagmus (starting from the third track or so) is closest to what I like. Planum is a bit "not-concrete" but ok too. Yet they do not "drop the bomb" for me if you know what I mean.
  8. It's just because we have roots of trance music in our tradition
  9. I know that the majority of people here spit when they say/hear "Full-On". I am not a big pro in the trance scene. However I'm getting tired listening to all this downtempo/ambient/chillout, it's just too soft for my ears. On other hand annoying, thoughtless, repetitive fast tracks drive me crazy too. Oh and finally all this over-commercialized stuff like Dali makes me sick I want some danceable though intelligent music, which probably will fall under "Full-On" category. Am I the only one getting this feeling?
  10. This is not a psy at all. It is a shitty dance music.
  11. Just wondering. Anyone here from Middle East and not from Israel? Ah and Azerbaijan is in Asia isn't it?
  12. My ears like what they hear, I guess this is enough. Fuck the categorization(do they have such a word in English?)... P.S. I think this music has something beyond its "accessability"
  13. The search gave me an error, I apologize if there is already such a topic. I have recently got my hands on MFG - Message from God. It sounds just right for my ears, what do you think about this stuff?
  14. We are at www.psynews.org, I find htis site pretty interesting and useful in the field of psy-trance. Could anyone suggest similar sites which "deal" with other electronic genres, which may be close or not really to trance?
  15. Ah I'll tell my friend to let you download our OS Project. It's cluster mp3 streaming software. It is open source so you can alter the code and stop the stream
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