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  1. The discussion about the difference between goa (Astral Projection, Hallucinogen, entc.) and psytance (Infected Mushroom and the modern day full on) is endless and, in my opinion quite useless. Some people call any psychedelic trance music goa and I don't care wat you call it. I see all electronic music as sort of futuristic (even old 80's electro), goatrance just added the spiritual and floating elements, which make it sound somehow more cosmic and dreamy. Also the fact that it all started in India explains the connection with eastern melodies en religions.
  2. It's still a lot better than most commercial releases.
  3. Well, it's subjective anyway... With genious I actually mean their composing skills. They were the first psytrance artists I ever heard and I still haven't heard anyhing with such amazing melodic arrangements and at the same time this powerfull as in songs like Bust a Move or Nothing Comes Easy. And I still think they're genious, they just don't make psytrance anymore.
  4. I'm listening to this album right now. Like it very much! It's very groovy and the sound is great! Reminds me a bit of Cosmosis - Trancendance sometimes. This is the kind of full on I like, melodic, psychedelic and with a nice groove. I'm not suprised I like this album, since I have always enjoyed them live. The subtile melodies are great and the album sounds very mature and experienced, a great acomplishment for a debut.
  5. I was listening to The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls cd yesterday and it struck me how totally awesome Doof-The Second Revelation is. The best track on the album for me. Are all of his tracks like this? I can't find any mp3 on Doof to check them out. Oh, and I also can't see the poll, but the only oldschool goa artist I really know very well and like very much is Cosmosis, although I like his later stuff just as well.
  6. I can't see the poll, but at the moment I like Khetzal the most. Also Talpa is great, but his album doesn't have the same effect after too many listens. I like Filteria in very small doses, I can't handle a whole album in once, though, it gets on my nerves. I don't know the other artists mentioned in this thread, but I wil definately check them out.
  7. There are differences. A lot of full on nowadays uses that bassline throughout the whole song, with only a few brakes and then the bassline continues, using only one note, which sucks. I like it, though, when the bass has a groovy tune, playing different notes, with subtile variations, like on the Voice of Cod album and the nice hi-hats like on Tegma-Thunderblade. I think it's a bit close-minded to state that all full on has a boring bassline.
  8. Haha, you remind me of a great friend of mine who is into grindcore and black and death metal and is totally in love with the movie Cannibal Holocaust. Everytime I play him some psytrance tunes, he only likes it if it has som freaky samples or if it reminds him of some twisted move he'd seen. btw. No, it doesn't remind me of Cannibal Holocaust at all, but I understand the comparison. Evil amazonic cannibals is not what comes to my mind when I listen to Khetzal though.
  9. Is Nirvana musically better than Faith No More? Definately not in any way. Speaking about an artist being overrated Sorry for the off topic comment. I personaly don't understand the Hallucinogen praising in the psy trance community. Apart from tracks like Solstice, Demention and Deranger I really can't get into this music as most people do. Am I missing out on something? For me, artists like Cosma, Prometheus and Khetzal sound a lot more atmospheric and even more mature, musical wise. Still, I'm very curious what a third Hallucinogen album would be like. I love everything Postford did with Shpongle and the tracks I mentioned above, so a new Hallucinogen album with fresh influences and a up to date sound would be quite appreciated.
  10. I love the bassline in Tegma - Thunderblade. Full-on but very groovy. Everytime that bassline kicks in I'm not able to sit down without moving.
  11. 7 days at Fullmoon and at the Sziget festival in Budapest.
  12. I think in 1976 Presence was released. One of the best and definately the most underrated Led Zeppelin album.
  13. I think Prometheus is the best example I can give you. It's experimental, quite original and danceable. Maybe Voice of Cod if it fits your taste. I also think the Khetzal album is beautiful, old school but still refreshing.
  14. Yep, Thats me The atmosphere when Tristan was playing was exactly what made Fullmoon a great festival. No matter what your taste in music is, just dance and have a good time
  15. You see me walking past that beautiful Japanese girl at the beginning of the Popstream video sample. With the white blouse. hehehe, I look like a zombie
  16. Everytime I listen to 2nd brigade, it's like taking a warm bath. It's nice and smooth and relaxing
  17. Ha, saw myself too. I'm waiting for the Tristan sample, best set on the festival.
  18. Chromatone - Glow-Stick Armagedon, imagine.....
  19. Orbital - I wish I had duck feet
  20. I like Eskimo's remix of Voodoo People .
  21. My favorite album at this moment is Tegma-002 Avant Garde. I don't think it's pure progressive, it has a lot of melodic full on and even oldschool goa influences. I just can't get enough of this album.
  22. DJ ALLADDIN or something....@ FMF06! holy fuck, i ran ouatta there! 593877[/snapback] I agree. If I remember correctly he came right after Filteria. I missed half of Filteria's set because I fell asleep right in front of the mainstage. I had been dancing all morning when Chromatone was playing, so I was kind of exhausted. I woke up with some terrible commercial tunes and ran away as fast as I could. oh, and the best livesets for me at Fullmoon were Chromatone and Tristan.
  23. I saw them at Fullmoon Festival and they kicked ass! I think I might actually like this album very much.
  24. Aqualung


    I really like Talpa. It's melodic, a bit dark and medieval, and very original! And indeed, it has a little Infected Mushroom touch, which is fine to me!
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