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  1. It's the body that stops moving when there's no beat. It moves automaticly when there is a beat, but when it stops the body stops moving automaticly and you have to let it move. At least, that's how it works for me....
  2. I don't like macho behaviour, but indeed I always hold my tears, not to look weak or something. Gay, for me, is having a sexual preference for men, wich I have not. Nothing to do with being emotional.
  3. Actually, I think the lack of emotional expressions is an illness.
  4. I was with a group of friends from Leiden. I don't know if they knew you in person, but they probarly have heard you play a couple of times before. I'm from Den-Bosch and I don't know them very well. Some of those guys are from the organisation Psytech, maybe they know you from some bookings. I didn't know you were also on this forum, I would have dropped by to say hi and checked out your set if I knew.
  5. You are dj Snaap aren't you? Some guys I was hanging out with, actually advised me to go see your set in the chillout on tuesday. I remember reading the booklet and saying something about the names DJ Snaap and DJ Supergroover, and they said DJ Snaap actually plays very nice tunes. Afterwards they were very pleased about your set. I was too busy grooving on the groove floor during that time, sorry...
  6. I'm sorry. What I actually meant was being TOO critical. My mistake, offcourse it's okay to be critical, but some people see it as a reason to turn things down. I don't mean anyone personal, just as way of viewing things. I am used to going to a lot of rock festivals and I always avoid the big commercial acts, I go for the smaller names with a lot of potential. I don't like the fact that organisers need huge commercial acts to attrack a lot of people, but that's the way it is. As long as I can still enjoy the smaller ones, it's fine with me. But I wont spoil the great time people have on the mainfloor, just because I am being critical. I won't go bitching about peoples bad taste and shouting boo while other people are just having a great time. Instead I just smile and watch the crowd or just walk away looking for a place with better music. I'm not attacking or critisizing anyone with my point of view. Just making it fun for myself and the people around me.
  7. Oh come on, 1200 mics sucked, but there were plenty of great acts on the festival wich also attracted a lot of people. It's arrogant to say the most people on the festival lack good taste. It was quite easy to see GMS and 1200 mics attracted a whole other crowd than say Filteria or Tristan. I had a lot of conversations about music with a lot of people and I learned a lot about some great music. It's all about having a good time and not being critical. The festival organisation was great, the location was great and the weather was great. I also liked the good vibes and the positive people on the festival and I don't let it get spoiled by feeling superior for having a better taste in music than other people. Infected Mushroom was quite a disappointment, they didn't play any old stuff On the other hand it was one of the most genious (rock) concerts I've ever seen. IM don't play psytrance, it doesn't even sound a bit like psytrance. But for a rock concert it was pretty powerfull and Duvdev sure does know how to raise the energy. So if you like old IM (like me), don't count on it. But you can't deny these guys have genious musical skills.
  8. Nice pics Santo! I don't have any
  9. I'm not sure if I've seen them. Like I said my memory is blurred and I enjoyed almost everything I've seen (except for GMS and 1200 mics, I can't understand why they are that popular) I think I walked to the Main Stage during Phatmatix and stayed there till Dj Alladdin began (he sucked big time, playing only popular tunes), so I misses Grapes of Wrath. I danced so much during Chromatone I fell asleep right before the mainstage during Filteria and woke up with Alladdin playing The Prodigy and Infected Mushroom. If you've seen a hippy sleeping between all the dancing people during Filteria, it was me ....
  10. Wow. I'm just checking all the older threads about progressive trance, since I just discovered I like this stuff. I'm checking everything that's listed here, a lot of great stuff. I think I just got overdosed with full on music and I'm looking for more relaxed danceble stuff. I never knew what progressive trance was like, but after being at the Fullmoon Festival I found out I was one of the few people who payed attention to the groove floor.
  11. It was the first time for me, but I spoke a lot of people who said that it was much better than the previous ones (the location, the artists, etc..). The weather was perfect and the location was beautiful. It was quite big and it was not too crowded, just perfect.... Ohh the memory gives me shivers already
  12. Came back yesterday. There are no words to describe the amazing time I had at the festival. I've been dancing almost all the time and I discovered a lot of new music and artist I like. Great music at the groove floor as well, although the floor was nearly empty all of the time. I discovered I like progressive psytrance very much and also the twisted dark full on at night. A few artist I remember that really stood out: -Electric Universe: one of the first acts, very powerfull and melodic -Digicult: I've seen them live on a party before and they totally kick ass -Chromatone: Genious! -Bliss: Freaking out dark and twisted stuff, totally freaked me out. -There was a replacer for Astrix and he was very good: Psytrance mixed with some electro stuff. -Tristan: Very intelligent stuff. Grooved my ass off. This are just some examples from acts I didn't know before and my blurred mind still remembers. Every comment is an understatement, because there are know words about the euforia I felt with a lot of acts.
  13. Timetables are online! Nice, the party keeps on going 24 hours a day. I really like the locaton as well. And the line up is much better than I thought at first.
  14. One track always makes me feel great: Cosmosis - Dissociation That is when we're talking about trance. My all time favorite track would be any Led Zeppelin song, probarly Since I've been loving you.
  15. Yeah, that means I like the first half of the cd more than the second half. Although I still like the album as a whole. This sounds logical, or doesn't it?
  16. I can't stand that IM video, still I like about 99% of all IM tracks. It's obvious though, that the more Duvdev uses the microphone, the lower my enthousiasm about IM is. I like all their albums and I am very curious about their new release. I just hope the performance on the video is just a misstep, and won't be repeated on other live shows, like on Fullmoon. I think the moment that Duvdev reaches for his microphone, I will shout: No, don't do it, don't sing! or I will cover my ears and hope the nightmare will soon be over.
  17. The most powerfull and energetic psy track I know is Cosmosis - Pigs in Space.
  18. I love this album! Listened to it yesterday while I was on a bus to school. I think the first five (chill) tracks are the best.
  19. I wonder when the Fullmoon Festival Forum is going to be active. It has been under construction for quite some time. There's always a lot of good information on forums.
  20. hehe, in that case I can only agree with you
  21. I don't think so. I used to go to big Metal festivals when I was 14, so I don't see why there should be age restrictions on a psy trance festival.
  22. Doesn't it depend on what key it changes in. I mean, if the main melody or key shifts one note it may sound cheesy, like in a pop song where they repeat the chorus one note higher, to me that's disgusting. But every different inteval gives an other effect, wich sometimes can be very beautiful.
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