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  1. For me it's mp3. I stumbled on Infected Mushroom when I heard about goa music. I immediately fell in love with Bust a Move and downloaded all Infected Mushroom tracks. I still own only 5 psytrance albums, the rest is all mp3. I just can't afford ordering everything I like on cd, so I order the ones I like best when I have the money. I still don't have Classical Mushroom, though.
  2. The line-up is complete now, and I think it's a great line-up for my first psytrance festival! Can't wait for five days of psy madness! Does anybody know what the groove floor is all about?
  3. I voted modern. My favorite albums are all quite new releases. I also like some old goatrance though. What works best for me is a mix between old goatrance and newer psytrance/fullon.
  4. Wow, another beautiful Prometheus track! Looking forward to the new album(s). This track really has that beautiful, kind of strange atmosphere he manages to create on all of his tracks on Robot o Chan. I'm gonna buy this without any doubt.
  5. Can some songs on the Art of being Non from Talpa be consisered darkpsy, or am I saying something completely rediculous? If it is, I think it would be the most melodic it can get..
  6. Yeah I know. It's only that I can't understand why people use such hard statements on an internet-forum. Maybe I'm just not used to it, but some things stated seem in my opinion quite insulting. I don't want to critisize anyone, but there's a lot of bashing going on on this forum. I tend to picture people in a conversation when I am reading the posts , and sometimes I just see people pointing fingers and making sarcastic remarks (I like sarcasm, but not in an insulting way). Don't get me wrong, I do like this forum and all the people on it. Normally I avoid the topics that don't mean anything to me, but this one is about my favorite psy-trance artist, about asking him a favour. I don't mean to critisize anything or anyone on this forum, I'm just clearing out what I meant about this topic making me sad.
  7. This discussion about Cosmosis made me sad, although some of it was fun to read. I think a lot of guys forget the "IMO" in their posts, it would clear a lot up. (eh...in my opinion, that is.. )
  8. Wow, that's a great tracklist. And the samples sound great! I want this album !
  9. I took that comment quite literally and listent to the song. I thought it was awful! Now, I don't want to go bashing an artist after hearing just one track, but this definately isn't my kind of thing. This topic made me curious, because I thought I would like dark and twisted stuff, but this sounds more like agressive to me. Well, like I said, it just isn't my thing. I'm more into the funky stuff.
  10. Ruigoord is a Cultural Freestate (or something like that ) very nearby Amsterdam. You can check www.ruigoord.nl, although most of it is in Dutch.
  11. Yeah I heard about the Solstice Festival in Ruigoord when I was at a Trance Orient Express party. Heard it's a big hippie meeting with tents and barefoot dancing and stuff.. Sounds exactly my taste
  12. The most parties are anounced not longer than 2 weeks or so before the actual date, because of overcrowding and stuff and crappy organisation sometimes. Just keep checking, there's not much, but most parties in Amsterdam I've been to were great.
  13. Sounds cool! Not shure how i'd reconize you though.. I do not live anywhere near Amsterdam, but I've been there a couple of times. It has a nice atmosphere, but not that much to do (unless you like hanging out in coffeeshops all day or if visit museums and prostitutes and stuff ). Try to avoid all the commercial crowdy stuff and you'll have a great time!
  14. Maybe people HERE love his older work more. For me Trancendance is just among his best. He did release Akashic for people who love the older stuff more, though. Anyway, still it's a great idea to release the off-album tracks, the more the better... btw. Gift of the gods is on Cosmology (and Akashic) and Spores from space on Synergy, so they're not off-album tracks to me.
  15. For me it sounds really interesting. But if you already have all the albums, I can imagine there is nothing new to this box. You can still give the originals to someone who needs them, like the text says
  16. I'm really waiting for the Secrets From Shpongleland album. I only have the three albums on mp3, so this is my chance to buy the whole stuff at once. Also, I just read that Cosmosis is working on a new album . I'm also very curious about the OOOD stuff, I really love Voice of Cod, even if it sounds completely different, it's still from the same guys (it is, isn't it? ). Also, but already mentioned a lot of the times: the new Talpa and Prometheus. I don't have that kind of money!
  17. That's a great idea, although if Cosmosis is working on a new album, it's also fine with me. I like his later stuff just as much as the older and unreleased stuf. Still, if an album like this would come out, I'd buy it immediatly. A downbeat cd would indeed we great as well.
  18. Okay, I found the song i had mistaken for Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster. It's on the Pigs In Space EP. If anybody doesn't know it, you should definately check it out. It's still my favorite funky Cosmosis track!
  19. It is! I found it! Thanks very much! I found a few seconds of the song from some samples of the Pigs in Space EP. I'm so glad I accidently ran into this song before, it's still my favorite !
  20. Oh man. this is so frustrating
  21. When I first heard of Cosmosis I downloaded some of his albums (in the intention to buy the ones I like most). When I downloaded Synergy my favorite song on the album was Intergalactic Flouro Funkster. I recently found out that the song I downloaded, and liked the most, isn't Intergalactic Flouro Funkster (check the Cosmosis thread in the general section for details ) It's a verrrrrrry funky bouncing song with the "There's a whole lot more coming!"sample in it. I guess it was my punishment for downloading songs, I hope someone can help me..
  22. Wow, a reaction from the man himself! Okay, I found out the track on Akashic is indeed Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster. The problem now is: Which track is it that I had mistaken for Intergalactic Flouro Funkster all the time, because it's still my favorite Cosmosis track. I downloaded the Synergy album (I always download before I buy something) and the track that has been tagged as Intergalactic Flouro Funkster has always been my favorite. It's very funky, 7:42 minutes, and it has an "There's a whole lot more coming" sample at 6 minutes. By the way, I like the original Intergalactic Flouro Funkster as well
  23. Wow, I just saw that video and it's terrible! I always thought the Infected bashing was just some kind of overreaction because people were dissapointed with their latest album (which I think is pretty good), but this REALLY hurt I really hope it wont be like this at the Fullmoon festival That guy Duvdev has a really arrogant attitude and please don't bring that guitar guy!
  24. Haha, and who would buy that? I wonder who's behind all this commercializing. I mean, I wonder if the artist themselves even know about this..
  25. I've seen them live a few weeks ago, they were great. They played a lot of old songs from Erpland and Pungent Effulgent, which I liked a lot. Can't remember exactly, because I was stoned and drunk as hell...
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