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  1. Bump! lets get these last few added! People need to hear these albums
  2. I can't believe no one has mentioned Zero One! his stuff is some of the most incredible music I have ever heard! I haven't heard too much psydub but his stuff is amazing. -Waveform Records -Zero One - Ozone -Zero One - Zero One -Zero One - Prototype 2 -VA: Waveform Transmissions Vol. 1 -Sounds From The Ground - Brightwhitelight -Kliment - Perpetual Ritual
  3. Anything by Zero One is hands down some of the best stuff I have ever heard! Check him out he's on Waveform records!
  4. Not really, if there is music out there that is in no way purchasable, I'm downloading it, I don't care. Although I haven't downloaded in a few years, I will if need be. Downloading music in the past has opened so many doors for me to actually buy music.
  5. I believe it would be described as progressive house
  6. Gataka vs Bishop - Eat a Little Beat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYeo-GootGI
  7. Awesome! I'd love to hear it all, I will upload Eat A Little Beat on youtube shortly!
  8. Yeah thats what I mean, I cannot find this album anywhere! Gataka doesn't even have a song listed with him and Bishop.
  9. Jingle Sparks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPngYgiw7VA
  10. Triptych - Verification http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CAZ-M556lc
  11. nice! I only have the track, Gataka vs Bishop - Eat a Little Beat, and this track is totally unreal! the deepest tribal psytrance song ive ever heard, I love it.
  12. I have a list here I would like to add to, most of these here are psydub, please post your favourite albums and record labels, I would love to search for more music! Dub Mission Kog Waveform Interchill Wayko Flow records MikelaBella Ultimae Organic Chill space tepee Liquid Sound Design Apollo Return To The Source (RTTS) 3d Vision Relax Plus * Records Instinct Ambient Sonicturtle Ki/Oon Zulu Lounge Nice Dreams Music Dakini Entropica Sonicturtle
  13. This is the 2nd compilation album by G-Echoes Records released in November 11th 2004. Compilated by Brazilian Dj El 5 (aka Drap Drop). I have been looking album for the longest time, if anyone knows where I can buy a copy I would love you forever, or even a full download. Thank you very much in advance! 01. Sesto Sento vs Apocalipse — Deci De Matriko 07:30 02. Star x vs Dj M.A.C.K — Full Comunication 07:16 03. Brain XL — Moon Patrol 07:15 04. Wrecked Machines vs Drap Drop — Wrong Dose 06:33 05. Full Color — Rainbow Bridge 07:22 06. Drap Drop — Bailafiesta 07:31 07. Manibus — Lets Continue 07:54 08. Prosper — The Shell 08:03 09. Gataka vs Bishop — Eat A Little Beat 06:49
  14. Great stuff man! I really enjoyed both of your tracks.
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