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  1. At the moment my top 5 will be something like this: 1. Tegma - Around the world in 80 minutes - Tribal Vision - March 2006 2. Jikkenteki - The long walk home - Par 2 - June 2006 3. Mantrix - Universal - Sub - July 2006 4. Oood - Free Range - Organic - November 2006 5. Koxbox - U-Turn - Twisted - September 2006 It can and probably will change, though...
  2. The long walk home arrived yesterday. Thanks a lot Faze and Jikkenteki!
  3. Tracks 6-8 from the last Shpongle album (nothing lasts...shnitzled in the negev...but nothing is lost), listen to it as one track. It's for me the most amazing and psychedelic Shpongle track there is.
  4. Received yesterday from Saikosounds : - OOOD: Free Range - Total Eclipse: Violent Relaxation 2cd - Shpongle: Nothing lasts..... - Tegma: Around the world... - Mantrix: Universal - Koxbox: U-turn - GBU: Wanted (together with the Koxbox album for a low price, not sure if I like it, though) My cd-player is playing 12 hours a day now, this sounds so much better than mp3!
  5. Aqualung


    I used to be a true metalhead, black, death, trash, symphonic or heavy metal, I was addicted to it. You know what happened? I got bored. Now it's psytrance all the way, old school goa, morning, night, progressive, fullon, I am addicted to it. Maybe in a few years I get bored by it. I already got bored going to partys in The Netherlands, because most of them suck (imo). They are expensive, commercial and lack diversity (music wise), I am very happy to live very near Belgium.
  6. I don't really care from which year or "era" the music is I listen to, as long as I like it. But I do think a lot of music (especially rock music) coming from a time when it was still a new genre does have it's special charm, due to more creativity and of course originality. I really prefer Led Zeppelin over a lot of new rock and metal bands, because they were groundbreaking and you can somehow still hear that in the music. Endless repetition tends to get boring, that's why there are so many different and new genres, so a new artist can still be groundbreaking. For me it's the same with electronic music. I like to buy new psytrance albums though, to give respect to artist who still can manage to be original and for keeping the scene alive.
  7. Album I'm ordering from psyshop as soon as I have my creditcard: - Koxbox - U-turn - Tegma - Around the world in 80 minutes - Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation - Prometheus - Corridor of mirrors - Shpongle - Nothing lasts....but nothing is lost Mantrix - Universal is out of stock, , I really want this album, maybe I'll order it from Saikosounds.
  8. Being a noob I voted 4/5. I like a lot releases nowadays, some are very diverse like Koxbox and Mantrix, I also like a lot of the so called new school stuff. For some people it was always better in the "old" days, you see them in every kind of music, I prefer to look ahead and live in the present. But, oh well, I'm a noob anyway .
  9. I really would like to have the Jikkenteki album, the review got me interested.
  10. That would be perfect for me, since my income is too low for a creditcard. I can't find anything about it on the net, though. Where can I get one?
  11. Based on some nice reviews and endless threads with old school goa recommendations I decided to check them out. My favorites are Green Nuns of the Revolution, I just love this funky stuff!, Total Eclipse, Doof and Etnica. I already knew Astral Projection and Hallucinogen and though they both have great tracks, but didn't convince me enough to buy their albums. I once bought World of Goa Trance 2 in a second hand shop and didn't like it at all, so I concluded that most old school stuff wasn't exactly my taste. I was wrong, though. Especially Total Eclipse and Etnica's first three albums are very diverse and experimental, which I like a lot. The Green Nuns and Doof produce the best positive vibes. I don't really dig the first Electric Universe albums, but I like Stardiver a lot. Pleiadians have some nice tracks but need some more listening, I like some tracks on Family of Light, but that's it. I also loved the ambient/psychill albums like Mystery of the Yeti 1 and 2, Doof's second album and Celtic Cross. The only problem I have is that I don't have the money to buy all those albums and I also have the new Prometheus, Mantrix and Tegma on my buying list. That is waaaay to much for my bank account. So thank you Psynews for making me discover a lot of great music (the reviews are really useful) and thank you Psynews for making me want to spend more money than I have.
  12. I thought this topic was about personal taste, so calling something rubbish seems kind of off topic to me.
  13. I am not so good at naming categories, but I think I like the morning stuff the most, uplifting, groovy as long as it doesn't get cheesy. I also like the atmospheric full on with old school influences, like Cosma, Mantrix and Prometheus. Some old school like Green Nuns of the Revolution and Total Eclipse and psychill (Shpongle, Entheogenic), some ambient(ish) (Celtic Cross, Mystery of the Yeti) and some progressive/psy (Tegma, Neelix). Oh, and I also like some of the so called 'new school' stuff like Khetzal and Ethereal.
  14. For me there is a difference between what I can enjoy at a party and listening at home. I really can't stand the very old high speed goa, it gets on my nerves and sounds very immature to me (I am not talking about Hallucinogen and Astral Projection here, but the stuff you find on cheap second hand goa compilations wich are mixed very bad). At home I can't listen to fast darkpsy and agressive full on like the new Electric Universe album, it's way to agressive and gives me the feeling I'm listening to hardtrance or something. But, at the fullmoon festival I enjoyed the dark and twisted stuff the most and Electric Universe as well, so for for me that's pure dancefloor stuff.
  15. Have you actually listened to any album from NINFAN's list?
  16. I like Rinkadink. Don't know if that's typical SA style (don't know the other artists), but I like it a lot.
  17. I voted Nothing Lasts...., although it's a though choice. The first one is beautiful and enchanting, the second is great, but I overplayed it and now I can't stand it anymore, the third has both elements (enchanting and catchy at the first listen) and it's emotional and rocking at the same time. I also like the fact that it's a sort of a concept album.
  18. I have the exact opposite. I'm listening to and enjoying a lot of great albums (on mp3) that came out this year and I'm still waiting for the money to buy them, wich I definately will: Digicult, Mantrix, Koxbox, Synsun and more, and the new Prometheus is still to come. Man, it's going to be a big order, I'm going to be broke for a long time..
  19. That's actually quite a nice review, although you didn't like the album. What I ment to say is that some people say the album is crap, because it has vocals. The next album will probarly have vocals as well, but just wait with saying it's crap, untill you listened to it.
  20. I wonder if some people that are bashing IM The Supervisor ever had a good and detailed listen to this album. I mean; the first track I heard was Cities of the Future from the ep. I already liked Infected Mushroom, especially Classical Mushroom, which I considered (and still do) a masterpiece, When I first heard Cities of the Future I thought it was cheesy and awfull, I hated it. Then I heard the album and I started with the titletrack. I didn't like the trying-to-sound-dark, but still very fluffy intro and when the voice came in I stopped listening and concluded they changed their style into some terrible pop vocal trance. It reminded me of a very lame rip-off of the vocals in The Prodigy-Firestarter. It wasn't until I heard the album a couple of times at some friends that I discovered there are some very good songs on the album. I even started to appreciate the titletrack, when I came in to a party and the track was playing halfway. I hated the voice and the singing so much, that I didn't try to listen to the rest of the track. So at the party I heard the second half and I liked it. When I read in an interview that the vocal part in The Supervisor and the accent was meant as a joke I started to appreciate the fact that they don't take themselves too serious (I still think it's cheesy and the joke is not very good, but I can at least live through the track). Also I started to like Cities of the Future, because a friend of mine always played it full volume in the car when we were heading to the coffeeshop. It was still cheesy, but now in a fun way. The fact that you shouldn't take things too seriously and it contains a couple of very nice tracks, makes this album quite listenable and sometimes even enjoying. I still regret the change of style and hope for another Classical Mushroom, but I respect the fact that they have the balls to try different things and experiment. I think the people that are already bashing the upcoming album, without even hearing it, or just based on the title tracks, should keep away from the next album, because they aren't going to like the album anyway or put the album down based on a few samples. Keep the reviewing for the open minded and people who take the time to listen to the album all the way through.
  21. I'm sorry to react to this useless offtopic comment and to mingle in some personal issues, but I don't see why you have to react this way, while Radi is just being honest and describes his first love for psytrance and isn't even ashamed about admitting his personal feelings about it. I don't want to start a new discussion, just had to say this.
  22. Yeah, something like that. And some use the psychedelic elements of goa trance, but with a much higher bpm and add an aggressive bassline and that's wat people call full on.
  23. Yeah, me too. I never got into CV trance side. Somehow it bores me. IM The Supervisor is still fun to listen to when I'm in the right mood. Sometimes it just doesn't work, though.
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