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  1. Hi You can look Video Report 10 Years Suntrip & 5 years old is gold, organised by Fractal Gate, belgium : ) if you like, add me and share , and often free download this video HD on http://www.psysurfeur.com/video_trance_goa.php See you soon 3~ Enjoy !
  2. Hi You can look this report video on this party : ) if you like, add me and share , and often free download this video HD on http://www.psysurfeur.com/video_trance_goa.php See you soon 3~ Enjoy !
  3. Toi Doi again the Psytrance scene for 2 years and present since 1995, after some live in croatia, russia, belgium just consult the soundcloud, the new psytrance song and progressive psytrance, also videos on toidoi.fr Other lives are programming, you will be informed, you can book Toi doi for your enjoyment 3~ See you soon Booking @ toidoi.fr https://soundcloud.com/toi-doi http://www.youtube.com/toidoi3 https://www.facebook.com/groups/464350447009095/ https://www.facebook.com/toidoipage https://www.facebook.com/toi.doi.3 http://www.toidoi.fr
  4. Hi Thank you for your messages!! Yes i have tracklist but just for few mixs, i check See you soon
  5. HI Here the beginning of a long series of recording: Recorded on "Fun Radio" in the emission "Cyber Trance" with max and "Sky Rock" in the emission Sky Rave Between 1996 and 1998 (From France) ‎7 News Digitization of audio tapes is NOW ONLINE recorded between cyber trance 1996 and 1998. 21 news Files audio tapes on http://www.psysurfeur.com/trance-live.php Cyber Trance 12.02.1997 - Spécial Product of France Cyber Trance 05.04.1997 - Mix Tsuyoshy suzuki Cyber Trance 08.03.1997 - Spécial Goa Core Cyber Trance 29.03.1997 - Mix by Dany Rampling Cyber Trance 22.03.1997 - Mix by Dj Orphée Cyber Trance 26.10.1996 - Mix Sid shanti Cyber Trance 18.01.1997 - Art Of Trance Enjoy !! 3~
  6. Hi thank you very much DreamWalker, In preparation differents DVDs, the most for me is the last dvd Rhakti dei 2007, is't my favorite http://www.psysurfeur.com/preview-dvd-goa-psytrance-10.html i hope soon you view you "DVD Ozora 2009" by psysurfeur (production in progress).... I lack a lot of time and I is not updated the site for too long, grrr , I hope for some surprises soon, this is a lot of work if you have other preferences or idea you'd like to see dvd let me know! Thanks See you soon on the dance floor !!
  7. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

  8. Hi for download >>>click on this link >>http://www.psysurfeur.com/preview-dvd-goa-psytrance-10.html Look center page >>>>> Direct ISO DVD Downloads : Server Available Rhakti Dei 2007 (Belgium) (click here for download ) Attrention !!!!!! Internet explorer is not comptatible because this big file For Download Bad size for file > 2Go You must use Firefox or Oprera After download >>> burn Iso DVD See you soon
  9. Hi Psypeaople >>> New DVD online FREE download !!! http://www.psysurfeur.com/dvd_goa_trance.php Rahki dei festival Belgium (2007) http://www.psysurfeur.com/preview-dvd-goa-psytrance-10.html Product Details : DVD Party Goa Psy Trance : Rhakti Dei Festival 2007 - DVD Video Location: Belgium DVD Release Date: 06-2008 Added DVD: 31-08-2008 Director : Psysurfeur Info File: Run Time: 35min Size: 2.41Go Video: HQ DVD Mpeg-2 (8Mbps/sec) Audio: PCM Stereo 48kHz (1500kbps/sec) TV system: 625/50 (PAL) Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Film: Camera MiniDV (Numerical) DVD: Special Menu, 12 chapter Artist: Sienis Live Server for fast download !!! And soon DVD Teratone free !!!!!!!!!! Enjoy !!! Good Vibe...3~
  10. congratulations, you just lost your comments box virginity

  11. hi News DVD online !!! http://www.psysurfeur.com/dvd_goa_trance.php Rave jumanji Brazil (2007) Boom festival 2006 Hallucinogen live 2004 server for fast download !!! Enjoy see you soon
  12. hi i think we will find a solution free see you soon !! manu
  13. Hi Thank you very much, for your message !!! i hope to see on the dance floor one days see you soon manu
  14. Hello yeah , I have delay with the videos but I quickly will finish that of lost buddha soon very soon Video list on standby : Goa is not dead yet >>Terrible !! Goa Horizon (lost buddha)>> Detour psychedelic (anoebis)>> Hadra party 27.01.07>> Trance dimension 17.mars.07>>(xenomorph and electric universe) Tribal gathering 23dec06>>> but i think forget 1 or 2 video DVD list standby : Rahkti dei 2004/2005/2006 Freaky Dragon 2006 Massive activity 2005 Juno reactor and other party video list in standby yeah anoebis , you video is now in infinite time , i like your party and trance Goa music is my life, now 5 years website , and 11 years listen goa music , first festival 2004 I wonder whether I will be able to stop one day, can be when I am a marrier , IoI manu
  15. hi Thank for your comment and add word technic, happy download !! yeah soon video full goa is not dead yet , it's ok !!! On my server is 100% ok for faster download, no limit bandwhite for time just download, but in the future perhaps i can send on post ** (just little bandwhite) see you soon !! manu
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