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  1. Yo don't doxx me bro! ;-) Yeah my name is van der Heijden, first name Paul. Van der Heijden is a pretty common dutch name, we are an, ehem, "prolific" bloodline. Don't know the name Harold van der Heijden, will shortly google what my knob-twiddling relatives have been up to... hope you enjoyed the tunes btw, any criticism always welcome!
  2. I know shameless self-promotion is universally frowned upon, but since you specified 'My Arse' as the purported source of this secret sonic el dorado you are looking for here's a couple of tracks from my soundcloud that hopefully fit the bill. I've been listening to psy for say 20 years now so it's always been part of my inspiration. The first two were made mainly with Oberon, a pretty unique additive softsynth that I'm very fond of. The last has more of an organic feel. I'm not a super great producer technically but I hope the vibe comes across
  3. hah I still have a vinyl of this somewhere... it's a great 12" and the cover is also awesome I'd say it's a bit intense for prog, especially the climax, but I get why it feels that way. Similar stuff: Maybe Fractal Glider's second album? There's also a couple of Bamboo Forest 12"es that have a similar vibe, like Xplorer/Vekto A style I really miss in the turn-of-the-century flying rhino style. I loved and played this track to death, for example. People have posted "The Great Unknown" which is also a great example of this style. I will never understand people that complained about this kind of creativity in favour of 'more astral or pleiadians', although I can understand it to an extent if some would say it's too clubby here's another funk-influenced mid-tempo trip that's slightly more psy (edit: damn only 80-ish views on youtube for that one, that's depressing)
  4. This is a Psychill track I released recently called OOBEron (after the Oberon synthesizer it was made with) it's part of this album, which isn't just psychill but rather a more-or-less freestyle album (with a lot of psychedelic elements) thanks for listening!
  5. So I'm not really sure whether to post this here but it has definitely been influenced by Shpongle, not so much in sound but more in their tendency to have a kind of narrative progression in their tracks. Anyway this is probably the most ambitious track I've published yet. It took a long time to finish anyway and hopefully it won't get nuked because of all the samples we used :-) The track is a kind of experiment in incorporating spoken narrative into a musical framework. It probably works best if you listen to the whole thing beginning to end (plus you'll get some important woodland safety tips at the end if you sit it out) Oh and it's based on a true story of what happend to some dude in december 1981! https://soundcloud.com/user-502627405/the-swinging-particles-an-encounter-in-the-woods-story-mode
  6. Created 90% with a single synthesizer, Oberon. Not quite "psytrance" because it might be a bit too abstract, but it has a hard deep kick and it tells a story... influenced by process, slide, nervasystem, double dragon but most of all the track "akousmata" by polyploid. https://soundcloud.com/user-502627405/bait-switch any feedback appreciated! edits: can't seem to get the player to embed... any tips welcome!
  7. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I posted here, but I've recently made a soundcloud page and here's a track I hope some of you will enjoy. It's a kind of progressive/psychedelic track I made with a friend of mine. I use mostly sounds I've programmed myself so hopefully there will be some interesting sonic food for thought. https://soundcloud.com/swinging-particles/groove-is-in-the-mind Any comments/feedback appreciated!
  8. Dear Mr Maxfactor, Although I heartily agree that psy needs women, I regret to inform you that I am not one of them. Just a big hairy 30something guy who happened to like neverending story when he was little. Still stand by my original post btw, so I'm glad we agree. (edit: while re-reading your post I have to say that I'm not sure exactly how we agree... you kinda lost me when you started distinguishing between goa and psy)
  9. A couple of points to add to Lemmi's review: the album as a whole really emphasizes trance, as in hypnosis. Just check the gradually evolving arrangement on the first track, which takes forever to unfold yet manages to sound completely organic and improvised all the way through. The album is mixed, and even though the styles on the different tracks are quite varied, there are no jarring changes, and the whole thing manages to sound coherent as it moves from classic trance to chill and then to hard futuristic tech-trance. MMM's albums (cell division, creation myth) have often been a bit random and directionless, but they surprisingly manage to avoid that problem completely here, delivering an album that has a focused narrative. All the tracks are consistent as well in terms of quality, there are no fillers or failed experiments, although your mileage may vary according to whether you like the style. Altogether, probably their best album yet. Oh btw, if you like the vibe of the first tracks Lemmi, be sure to check the out MMM's first album Lovetechnology, which has a remarkably similar progressive/chill opening salvo (1920/1941/won't belong), even though the production is not as good.
  10. Maybe it's Sensient you're looking for? The album is called Antifluoro. Others you might like: MOS - Drive, or Neoris - The Dissidents.
  11. Have been listening to this album recently (dl'ed it a couple of weeks ago from MMM's site). This is indeed excellent stuff, very diverse yet consistent in quality. Probably their best album yet. Nice of Basilisk to grant this album some more exposure by giving it a release on his netlabel.
  12. I used to think the same way, but when I considered it some more I realized that the rock/(psy)trance comparison is flawed. Rock as you use it is a much broader genre than (psy)trance, it contains everything from Elvis through Hendrix through Genesis through Sex Pistols through Van Halen, U2, Nirvana... well you get the picture. A better comparison would be rock vs electronic (dance) music. When you put it in that context, psytrance unfortunately becomes a tiny footnote compared to the "classics" (i.e. Kraftwerk, Giorgo Moroder, Eurithmics, Depeche Mode, Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, Underworld, Leftfield, Massive Attack etc etc etc). I also agree with fluffymushi, all the "new" approaches are already present in the first gen of psytrance (say 94-98), sometimes only as a handful of tracks or a single album, but it's all there. This isn't unique to psytrance though... same thing goes for drum&bass, dubstep is heading the same way, mnml techno too. The whole segregation of dance music into miniscule subgenres that do not cross-pollinate is just messed up.
  13. well... many of the "gods" you mention are in fact originators who helped invent and define goatrance. Everything that came after that basically built on the theme/template with relatively minute variations - variations that may seem large to genre purists, but are actually negligible in a broader musical context. This is then said to be a "new genre" - i.e. progressive psy or darkspy or what have you - but what's actually happening is that the artists in these genres paint themselves into smaller and smaller corners/niches, until they basically don't have any maneuvering space left at all in which they can be original or musically innovative. The result is a lot of boring music (with some exceptions of course). The new generation of producers imho should try letting go of all genre conventions/limitations. Re-invent psy. Or invent something better!
  14. Well, the "new oldschool" has the problem that it's very derivative and formulaic, clinging to an idea of what goa should sound like (i.e. certain type of melodies, certain synths, etc etc). It's a copy of a copy of a copy. Although this seems the logical approach to take when you want recapture the feelings that an old track you love evokes, music just doesn't work like that. The resulting copy always seems to regress towards the mean, so the result is less memorable and distinctive than the original was. The best and most memorable music imho comes when a more spontaneous approach is taken.
  15. try any one of the first three albums by Pole, simply called 1, 2, and 3, or yellow, red and blue also, the first album by Kit Clayton is worth checking out, and Burnt Friedman and the New Dub Players. These last albums come from the label ~scape, owned by Pole (the first guy I mentioned) which often deals in dub/IDM crossovers.
  16. I'm not sure... I share the feeling of wanting to have something tangible when I pay for it (preferably with some nice artwork). For the sake of the environment though, I think it might be better if we try to leave that attitude (and all the hard plastics that come with it) behind.
  17. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime (kompakt) Dominik Eulberg - Heimische Gefilde (Traum) anything by Jesse Somfay seconded
  18. Kaito album that Oopie suggested seconded. Other than that, try some older System 7 albums (like Point 3 Fire album, and The Power of 7) This one is also quite good: http://www.discogs.com/release/221179 edit: I almost forgot: Humate - Love Stimulation is also an excellent track in that vein.
  19. auryn


    two more years till I get there for me here... :-/ just wanna say thanks for the great site, congratulations with yr b-day, and keep rocking.
  20. try some Susumu Yokota (albums: Over Head, Laputa) Thomas Fehlmann is good too Pop Ambient series on Kompakt
  21. Green Nuns were IMHO the funniest with their "Afterburner EP" A Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee (7:33) AA Ring Of Fire (8:02) :-) Double Dragon is king of the twisted, titles like: "Encrusted Filth" "Hairy Liquid" but overall, Fractal Cowboys get my vote for their track "Mega Jesus of Evil"
  22. auryn


    in the chillout you can play a lot of very different stuff, without having to be worried about: 1 mixing 2 dissapointing people by playing stuff that is "out of style" the only real demand IMHO is that you use your imagination/creativity. Make the set something unique! there's so much different cool stuff out there... many have been mentioned before. Psy-chill, Ninja Tune grooves, ethereal Beatless Ambience, tribal stuff from africa (congotronics!!!) strange IDM experimentations, compositions in abstract sound like thomas brinkmann or fennesz, evocative japanese music like Susumu Yokoto, classic "ambient house" like The Orb or Future Sound of London. The list is endless. Good luck!
  23. Klimek - Milk & Honey Markus Guentner - In Moll both beatless and very melancholic
  24. don't agree with this... good dj's don't pay attention to subgenre's, just to quality music.
  25. btw, it's pretty easy to do a remix of JBID if you have the original vinyl, it has one bonus track with all the (protracker) samples recorded seperately. anyway ofcourse the original is a lot better, this remix just further exemplifies how super crystal clear modern production methods don't add anything, they just kill the original vibe (raw in your face industrial braincore)
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