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  1. didn't see this thread before, but I must say I agree 100% with Basilisk here, sometimes I see posts here that seem little more that ill-disguised attempts at ventilating frustration. I really wonder why it can be so hard for some people to express themselves with some decency and respect, and tone down the hostility?
  2. agree I would argue that psytrance has lost some it "original advantages" though in the 2000-2005 period... instead of focusing on it's main function/advantage - induction of a dreamy trancelike state - it somehow already assumes this state is there and comes in all guns blazing (like most full-on or darkpsy). In a sense, it preaches exclusively to the converted, while alienating unintiated listeners.
  3. By trying to get people into psytrance quite a lot in my day, I guess I have some theories as to why people dislike psy as a genre: 1> It's much more intense than most music, it really demands your attention. 2> It's quite pompous and sometimes (melo)dramatic about itself (spiritual awakening, journeys to different worlds, etc). 3> It has a different function than most music (i.e. the music is also intended to take you on a journey, not simply to cheer you up or soothe your sadness) in other words, it's doesn't conform to what many people want music to do to them. but it does try to force home its message rather ostensiously (with samples talking about those other worlds etc - when to an uninitiated listener just sounds like a bunch of VERY loud and relentless beats with some zapping sounds stuck on top)
  4. perhaps you could try Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala (on Boom records)
  5. No one mentioned infected mushroom? IMHO they BROUGHT aggression into psytrance! (or at least put it in front of everything else on their first album) so I would say infected mushroom - overload
  6. great stuff mentioned so far... but I missed: Mike Ink - Dadajack (profan records, 1993) drier than your grandmother's anus yet extremely rockin'
  7. I also vote Deedrah - Reload... other major candidate for me: (slightly older than reload even) 1200 mics - 1200 mics http://www.discogs.com/release/78924
  8. Nice album, a kind of "easy listening goa", not really psychedelic as such. Beautiful and immaculate sounds and production, an album made to soothe your brain, not to wind you up our freak you out. I like that the title has a dual meaning : was it about time (for a new doof album)? or is it about time (as in that some of the tracks on the album have a time-related theme)?
  9. Perhaps it's a good idea to ask a small fee per track on the site (10-15 cents) and donate that money to charity? That way the site won't be commercial, but artists and labels might be more willing to "donate" the rights to these tracks? and some good cause wins as well.
  10. I have a load of old goa/psy vinyls in my collection, including some rare stuff (old nephimim, polytox, etc) back from the time I worked at a 2nd hand record store. Wouldn't mind ripping/sharing.
  11. Hi stalker, the idea behind reason is that if you want to make a new sound, you make a new subtractor, make a new matrix and make the pad with that. when making pads it is usually useful to make long notes, to do that you should press the small "tie" button on the matrix. (left bottom) you can actually hook up more matrixes to one synth, but perhaps that's too advanced for now. oh, and I think xiphiaz forgot to mention in his otherwise great tutorial that when you have copied the kick drum pattern to the sequencer, you should press the button "enable pattern section" on the redrum drum computer and switch it off (it is on as a default) otherwise reason will play both the kickdrum from the pattern AND the sequencer, making it twice as loud. (and often distorted) if you don't understand, let me know and I will (try to) explain in more detail good luck Auryn
  12. auryn


    PSY Double Dragon - Continuum Shpongle - Are you... (cliche, but it really is one of the greatest) Tristan - Audiodrome Deedrah - Reload Shiva Chandra - Positive Return to the Source - Sacred Sites 2xCD Non psy - but mostly quite psychedelic or mind-bending anyway Gas - Zauberberg All - alltag 1-4 Studio 1 - the whole series Thomas Fehlmann - Visions of Blah
  13. if you fancy something different you might also consider looking at this: Superpitcher - Today (mix cd) on the german label Kompakt records. it's kind of like progressive, but also quite psychedelic in places. No crazy blasting though.
  14. The shortest definition of psychedelic music I can come up with is: "music that triggers your imagination" i.e. music that suggests an entire world, but leaves you to fill in the details with your own imagination. that's why I would say the first shpongle album is more psychedelic than the second or third, because they don't just suggest a world of shpongolia, they really spell it out for ya, and that leaves me little room to imagine things in. Disclaimer: just an example, no sphongle bashing intended, love the 1st lp, the 2nd and third are nice but not quite as magical IMHO.
  15. I agree completely Mr Nemo! one of the things I don't like about most modern psy/full on as compared to old school psy is that super crystal clear production... it doesn't leave anything to the imagination let's face it, if you have a good imagination (especially while tripping, but doesnt have to be), it can fill in the gaps much better than any producer ever could in most modern stuff it's like it's all spelled out right there for you, instead of merely suggesting something this is why I also mourn the dissapearance of "minimal" psy like the first iboga LP and the first son kite LP, but also the first album by Tristan. All of these were mostly suggesting and teasing instead of going all out. Don't get me wrong, full on blasting tracks are great as a peak of a night, but you just can't have all peaks, then the whole thing of tension/release becomes pointless. So for start let's just go back to having all genre's in one evening, all this segregation in the psy scene is pointless. And ditch that overcompressed crystal clear sound... give me some room to breathe in, to imagine...
  16. top tip for reason is to wire the output of a cool subtractor patch through the shaper unit of the malstrom (there's an audio input on the back), then add some shape, use the malstrom's filter (perhaps linking the two envelopes) and finally compress (short attack, relatively long release). have fun tweaking
  17. Hi guys, it's the first time i've actually started a topic but it just occurred to me that you can see the history of rock 'n roll mirrored in the history of the psy trance scene: For example, you could say that 94-97 - > 60ies like the original inspired period that spawned the greatest rock type music 97-00 - > 70ies lots of diversification and a general tendecy to try too hard and be hip with it. Infected mushroom's impact mirrors the punk upheaval, and the rise of progressive mirrors disco. 00-now - > 80ies, just lots of powerballads (most israeli full-on), hair metal (skazi). Not much alternative, just some that is either cool but too weird to be full-impact like the talking heads (squaremeat) or depeche mode (talpa). Advent of darkpsy mirrors goth music in the 80ies. we have already reached the beginning of the 90ies with labels starting to advertise themselves as the "alternative" to the psy mainstream which ofcourse mirrors the rise of grunge/alternative stuff in the early 90'ies as we are close to coming full circle with 94/95 and the original psy explosion, you may wander what will happen. according to my calculations, we are approaching a virtual supernova of quality new music, but due to time slowing down as we near the singularity this will happen no sooner than... (wait for it...) 2012.
  18. I think the problem might be that when starting a new track, a lot of (new) psy producers think "I want to produce fat psy trance" and that becomes the outset of the track (i.e. fat psytrance implies big kicks, big basslines, and screechy delayed sounds arrangend in a typical psy style) thus the music becomes a parody of itself. I think the outset of a track should always be an emotion or experience that you try to express through sound and rhythm. And if what comes out sounds like psy, fine. If it doesn't really sound like psy at all, even better, cause you've then invented a new style/sound.
  19. they sell it on the Kompakt label's own website www.kompakt-net.de, you can also pre-listen there it would probably also be available in a real-world shop that specializes in electronic music (though probably not in psy-related shops, since Kompakt is essentially a techno label)
  20. try the "Pop Ambient" series from Kompakt records. Every year around xmas they release a new one. Very warm and soothing, not to much going on, just nice sounds and melodies.
  21. no no, you've got it the wrong way round... he has to have a lot of records because he doesn't have the biggest dick!
  22. Son Kite - Back Beyond Rotation (from the first album Minilogue)
  23. check whether the input on the midi channel you want to play is set to "in USB keystation" You can see this information when you select a midi channel on the left of the screen.
  24. I really loved that Mikkel Metal album on Thinner (Cassini Pieces), It is heartily recommended to all you psy-heads. Nice warm dubby electronics.
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