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  1. completely agree! all this emphasis on "blasting", and "killargh production" bwerk, useless power-wanking. if everything sounds crystal clear, there is no room for your own imagination to work with the sounds. imagination is what psy is all about. away with this useless emphasis on crystal clear production.
  2. ummm, shouldn't the last option be "NEVARGH!!!", just to keep things in style?
  3. Best: System 7 (1997) Medicine Drum (1998) Eat Static Green Nuns Koxbox Worst: don't remember
  4. hmmm, snaap, let's see. Cydonia has a very poppy feel, but has some very worthwhile tracks though. It depends a bit on how well you tolerate vocals. I guess if you can digest susumu yokota's more saccharine work, you can get into this. The last track "Terminus" will appeal to all orb fans though, it harks back to the Orbus Terrarum daze. Bicycles and Tricycles is a strange mixed bag. It has a lot of radically different tracks, some kompakt style tech-house, some beatless ambient, some slow dub beats, a hip hop track. Can't really call it a coherent album, but most of the individual tracks are worthwhile. Okie Dokie it's the Orb on Kompakt is just what it advertises, an orb album in the style of the german techno label Kompakt: warm atmospheres, chugging thick techno beats. I feel a sense of improvisation and lushness missing here though, as though the minimalistic techno aesthetic of Kompakt is a mismatch with the characteristic extravagance of orb productions.
  5. good idea... you do that, and I'll reply in sub bass anyway, back on topic. For me, Pomme Fritz is the ultimate Orb album. It's completely out there, especially track 3. That is just some of the weirdest sound ever recorded in a musical context. The Orb in general: the greatest ever electronic dub, period. Triumphs over everything else by sheer strength of imagination. Production-wise the quality is sometimes a bit iffy, but that just adds to the experience. The sound has a hazy dreamlike quality; if everything were to sound crystal clear in an orb track, your imagination would have nothing to do. Now it fills in the details. oh, and, although I noticed most of the votes go to the early albums, that is not to say that the later albums are useless. Cydonia, Bicycles & Tricycles and Okie Dokie are all well worth checking out as well.
  6. shhh, be quiet you people, this is supposed to be a place of worship!
  7. I'm not sure any artist can actually make such a claim about his own music!
  8. Lots of classics already mentioned, but... double dragon - continuum and on the non psy front I can heartily reccomend: Tim "Love" Lee - Just call me "lone" lee (tummy touch) for a trippy time in these hot summer months
  9. humate - love stimulation (pure trance) and mike ink - dadajack (pure acid) for a cool album, check burger/ink - las vegas (somewhere between dubby techno, deep trance, and pure heaven) :-)
  10. no album, but Wasserman is one of the projects of Wolfgang Voigt, aka Mike Ink, Studio 1, Gas, Grungerman, Profan records etc etc etc so check that stuff out
  11. Wasserman - Ende der Schonzeit (auftrieb records) Thomas Gwosdz - Keiler (kompakt extra) maybe check the latest Whignomy Brothers 12"? (moppal kiff or something)
  12. dude, maybe you should check out michael mayer's two "Speicher" mix cd's? anything from the Kompakt Extra "speicher" series of 12"es should suit your taste.
  13. Hmmm, maybe you should check this article most full on stuff is waaaay too compressed and that makes it tiring to listen to, compared to older, less compressed stuff. some quotes: "Hence, perhaps, the perpetual merry-go-round of seeking the newest flavour-of-the-month; over-compressed music sounds great for a couple of listens, but there is little desire to replay the music because your brain recognises that there is something fundamentally unmusical about the sound." "Music is about tension and release. With very "hot," un-dynamic music there is no release because the sensory assault simply doesn’t let-up. By the time you've listened closely (or tried to) to a whole album that's heavily compressed, you end up feeling like Alex at the end of A Clockwork Orange—battered, fatigued by, and disgusted with the music you love."
  14. no unfortunately the subtractor doesn't have a line-in. about the cv routing: I haven't used that a lot yet, I should try some more, but these days I use a lot of cubase, there's some great free FX plugins out there. There's also a lot more stuff you can do; you can also pimp your malstrom patches by running them out of the malstrom pre-shaper/filter, putting them through some effect of choice and wiring them back in again via the audio input. Soft Clipping from the M-class Maximizer is also a Good Thing for analogue vibes by the way. I'm not sure about the analog mixing desk, no first hand experience yet, but a friend of mine studies at the School of Audio Engineering here in Amsterdam and he swears that quality analogue mixing desks really pull the audio you generate digitally to a new plane. They use some very expenise TL-audio tube mixer over there though, no Behringer or something like that. But that's some wisdom straight from the source I guess. Might be fun to do some collaboration in Reason, though, if you're interested PM me. Jikkenteki: I still have some hope that if more people are aware of the way their sound is being affected by this compression, that it will be greatly reduced. You already made a first step, and no complaints!
  15. I really know what you mean by the winging it on the first production, I have the same feeling about some of my earliest tracks! I gather your still using reason stand-alone. In that case I might be a little further ahead in my experimentations... and I might have some advice for you - try wiring your sounds through the malstrom synth (there's an audio input on the back) and adding a little saturation from the shaper section. Before the malstrom insert an M-class EQ and low-cut the sound slightly, try to find the frequency where it starts resonating niceley. A bit of high-end reverb before saturation might also help. Maybe you figured this out already though, took me some time. Also you might consider rewiring into Cubase in the future as the reason mixing engine isn't that good/clear. Another interesting investment might be a good analogue mixing desk (which is what I'm getting pretty soon) and a soundcard with multiple outputs.
  16. I think I know what you mean by organic; the sonourous and harmonic sounds of old electronica records have it, and most old goa/psy classics have it too. I always thought it came from the use of analogue equipment, because I have a hell of a time recreating some of those organic sounds in cubase and reason, and I tweak and fidget endlessly with sounds sometimes. So I guess I also know what you mean when you say finding the right balance is hard. Right now to get some warmth/organic sounds I tend to use a lot of small reverbs and soft clipping (like the t-racks clipper tuned to -12 on the master) but any tips would be more than welcome... I don't know schlabbaduerst that well, but I know I like the BOTFB demonoizer LP I have here. Because I'm a bit of a vinyl freak I'm out of touch with most of the current Psy releases. When I download MP3's of new releases I find 95% just seems to relentless and unforgiving to listen to, but after reading this article I wonder whether it's the music or the mastering that's causing that.
  17. A guy at stylus wrote a really insightful and heartfelt piece about the influence of over-compression on music - something that in my view is also quite damaging to psytrance as a genre. Hopefully posting it here will help turn the tide in this volume war the guy is describing. stylus article
  18. off the top of my head the track "Hill of Shining Beings" by Manmademan is a shuffle. One of my fav mmm tracks too.
  19. Hey let's hear it for Kompakt! I have the album, and it's great, really nice smooth melodic trance/house. Not suitable for blasting though. If you like the softer more hypnotic side of goa/psy it's definitely reccomended.
  20. oh FFS, a lot of post-1999 (mainly israeli) "psy" is more like some kind of Neo-Rave, ever since the "trance" or hypnotizing aspect of psytrance was dumped in favour of countless short breaks with wooshy sounds and inane samples we were essentially listening to a form of childish rave music. Why else would terms like "blasting" and "killer/killargh" be deemed applicable to what once was essentially deep and trippy music? I'm talking about stuff like Psysex, post BPempire Infected, 1200 mics, gms, you name it. It's all a kind of neo-rave IMHO.
  21. thanks for that info (+ link), it explains a lot!
  22. I remember this guy called "captain unplugged" released a really cool 12" on koyote records before dissapearing completely... same goes for a guy called "O*men" who released a 12"called "lion mosquito" on nephilim, which was very trippy IMHO. and a final mention to "psychonaut" - although I never really dug his albums his track voodoo child on MASH records is very cool, with what sounds like disembodied alien howling voices and such... that's just what comes to mind while reading this topic, and yeah, encens is pretty cool too - I still enjoy the space funk/vakealien 12"
  23. oh and don't forget to cut off all low frequencies from the pad sound (<100-200hz) before putting it into the limiter/sof clipper. Otherwise the pad will get in the way of kick, bass, and other synths and percussion.
  24. ahhh yes, Reason can be quite hard for such soft sounds, since the reasons synths have a rather dry sound and most psy-style synths use copious amounts of reverb and delay. Try the following: wire a basic malstrom sound through to a RV7000 reverb using the oscillator outputs on the back (not the main out!), use a nice sounding reverb and then wire back into the malstrom (audio in). Switch the shaper to "saturate" and add a tiny amount of saturation. This will soften up the sound considerably. For added effect place a master limiter (reason 3 only) behind the whole thing, and use a lot of soft clipping. Then maybe use another RV7000 or delay, if needed. Furthermore: goa and psy pad sounds often rely on lots of resonant frequencies and harmonics for their trancy effect, so try to cranck up the resonance on the device you're using and find that magic frequency where the whole thing starts floating... if you know what I mean. Good luck
  25. when did The Orb ever become shabby? consistent innovation IMHO!
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